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Urgent Action Alert: Demand the Release of the Nepalese Monkeys!

03-09-2008 11:38

Nepal has banned the export of monkeys for vivisection, now it's time to demand the immediate release of all the monkeys from the breeding farms and an end to all American funded bio-medical research on primates in Nepal!

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more assault charges for manchester cops

03-09-2008 11:07

Two more GMP cops are facing charges for assault on a 43 year old man. They used CS gas and batons against him. The man suffered a broken leg, fractured right cheek bone, fractured right eye socket and subsequent loss of his right eye, while being arrested.

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Support Lewis POGSON - Imprisioned in Sweden

03-09-2008 07:28

Lewis remains in prision in Sweden almost a week after his arrest.

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AstraZeneca Meet 'N' Greet Demo in London

02-09-2008 23:24

Monday 2nd September

Once again we arrived on AstraZeneca's doorstep early on a Monday morning. Two small groups leafleted at both of AstraZeneca's entrances. AZ continue to write the death warrants for innocent animals in HLS. As staff arrived at work we were there to remind them that while they were enjoying their weekend, animals were suffering and dying in HLS because of their company.

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Barclays & Staples Demos in DC

02-09-2008 23:21

On Friday, August 29th, Activists in DC hit the streets once again, to name and shame companies that do business with Huntingdon "Death" Sciences. Defending Animal Rights Today & Tomorrow (DARTT), paid visits to Barclays office and Staples.

Barclays Demo:
Staples Demo:

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HLS Customer Sanofi-Aventis Protest in France

02-09-2008 23:16

Friday 29th of August 2008

FRANCE: The return to work of Sanofi's employees

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Mass stop and search of black youth, London - Bank Holiday: Video

02-09-2008 21:46

The video is from the police helicopter. The rest of the article is pretty much rubbish.

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CAR Foie gras update // House of cheese protests continue in Tetbury.

02-09-2008 18:04

Cirencester Animal Rights demo report from the House of Cheese Foie gras demonstration in Tetbury.

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Don’t let Unite leaders jail Gordon McNeill

02-09-2008 17:16

Senior officials of the Unite trade union are continuing in their attempt to have sacked Belfast Airport Shop Steward, Gordon McNeill jailed for the “crime” of protesting outside an empty building.

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London Critical Mass hassled by police.

02-09-2008 17:00

On last Friday's Mass several riders were ticketed or searched or threatened with arrest.

Video of one such ticketing:

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Palestine Today 090208

02-09-2008 16:21

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Tuesday September 2, 2008.

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9 Remaining Austrian AR Activists Freed!

02-09-2008 16:11

Austrian Animal Welfare/Rights Activists Finally Freed!!!

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"Amadeu says that he will exit on his own legs, or with his feet forward" (EN)

02-09-2008 16:05

per Luther Blisset 01 set 2008 01:27:23
English translation of interview with the Mother, Lawyer, and supporter of Amadeu Casellas, anarchist prisoner on his 71st day of hungerstrike. Please spread it!
"Amadeu says that he will exit on his own legs, or with his feet forward"

Josefina Ramon, Diana Reig y Roser Iborra

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Direct Action Camp in the squatted forest near Frankfurt/Germany

02-09-2008 15:25

The forest of kelsterbach near the airport of frankfurt/main is occupied now since three month. Fraport (the corporation running frankfurt airport) is planning to build a new runway on this place, cutting down every tree on 300ha of land. In total something about 100.000 trees would have to fall for the profit of an enormous international acting corporation. For the people of this region it will mean twice the flight movements per year, at least to a level of one movement every 45 sec. In the first week of september there will be an action camp on the site of occupation, from where we´re going to start countless direct activities in the forests, the streets and the terminals.

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Ilkley Moor Campaign - Update & Demo Date

02-09-2008 15:13

Ilkley Moor Campaign - Update

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New Look (National Chain) Selling Fox Fur

02-09-2008 14:47

The national fashion chain, New Look, are currently selling a line of items containing real fox fur

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Yet another fascist attack with stabbing in Rome

02-09-2008 13:52

After the commemoration for the murder of Renato, a comrade that was stabbed to death by a young fascist 2 years ago, a group of 10 fascists attacked again in the dark and stabbed another comrade in his leg. Fascist violence is growing fast in Italy, since january 2005 til now we saw 308 fascist attacks, some of them mortal, and 142 acts of vandalism singing the praises of nazifascism.

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How should Blunkett be punished for McKinnons extradition?

02-09-2008 13:50

By being a USA poodle, Blunkett becomes a traitor to Britain. No American can be extradited from the USA to Britain in the way that our gormless Courts are allowing.the USA to extradite without recipcrocity.

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Thug copper jailed

02-09-2008 13:14

Pc Daniel gaffney jailed for assault of minor in custody

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Italy. Another racist fire kills two young gypsies

02-09-2008 12:27

Legnaro (PD) arson kills two young "Sinti Giostrai" (merry-go-round operators) ::