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NATO continues slaughter of civilians in Afghanistan

20-10-2006 08:02

The extent of civilian deaths is usually concealed
Such is the strength of the opposition that a senior British officer who has just returned from Afghanistan, Brigadier Ed Butler, warned this week that the insurgency could last another “20 years”. Butler declared: “I think some may have underestimated the tenacity and ferocity of the Taliban.”

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Class War's Ian Bone 'Guardian' interview

20-10-2006 07:36

In the G2 section (pages 10 and 11) of today's Guardian, there is an interview with Ian Bone of Class War fame.

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Gross Incompetence

20-10-2006 07:15

A principal failure if not the major failure of the U.S. administration is its failure to comprehend the nature of post-modern reality, especially post-modern warfare. The U.S. war ‘machine’ is an antiquated beast run by the mentally impaired. Dangerous and angry old men (past failures) do not good leaders/advisers make!

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Bush Assassinated

20-10-2006 07:05

It's true, I saw it in the movie on Channel 4

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Bent Returns to London for First Major Theatre Production in 16 Years

20-10-2006 05:57

It’s difficult, as a gay man, to sit through a performance of Martin Sherman’s ground-breaking play, Bent, and retain even the slightest modicum of critical detachment.

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Stonewall E-Bulletin - October 2006

20-10-2006 05:32

Stonewall, Stonewall in Scotland and Stonewall Cymru campaign for Equality and Justice for Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals.

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Olmert In Moscow: Sowing Seeds Of Aggression

20-10-2006 03:38

Not only do the Russians have sizeable economic interests in Iran, but they know Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, nor did Iran's president say what the Olmert Regime alleges.

Note who the people are who are actually trying to make war on other nations ...

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Palestine/Israel week at Sussex Uni

20-10-2006 02:32

The Co-Existence Society Present...

Four days of talks, films, music and food promoting peace in the Middle East, at Sussex University

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SOCPA - more police harassment

19-10-2006 23:24

the harassment of peaceful protestors associated with brian haw continues. allegations of psychiatric problems, unlawful stops and searches, intimidatory surveillance, dodgy court hearings. on and on it goes. the police still haven't tried barbara tucker in open court for any of her alleged 60+ socpa offences, instead relying on constant intimidation to try and wear her down and remove her by other means.

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19-10-2006 23:11

The Koran calls for modesty in women.

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Indymedia Offline newsheet - issue 20

19-10-2006 22:51

The latest Offline form Indymedia available as a pdf for you to download - print out - and distribute.

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John Callcutt CBE ‘Shameless’ Dad Delivers Fresh Appeal English Partnerships

19-10-2006 22:49

John Callcutt CBE CEO English Partnerships Shameless?
On 18th October, English Partnerships' (EP) ‘Annual Open Meeting’ took place at the British Museum in London. For ‘educational purposes’, Mr. Vince Shalom, Family Campaigner for ‘Social Justice’ (re-Crest Nicholson Plc), attended the meeting, but he was not permitted to ask questions during official question time, despite invitations from EP Chair, Baroness Margaret Ford of Cunninghame.

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Manchester Faslane 365 Training Event

19-10-2006 21:58

10am-4pm, Saturday 21st October 2006
Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street, Ancoats, Manchester M4 7HR

A day to pick up new skills and find out more about this unique and inspiring event. Learn simple blockading techniques and find out more about how people from Manchester can contribute to a future free from nuclear weapons.

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Companies Bill - movement towards corporate responsibility?

19-10-2006 21:50

The Trade Justice Movement - the coalition that campaigns for fundamental changes to the unjust rules and institutions governing international trade - has been mobilising the public on a massive scale to right corporate wrongs. Its focus on the Companies Bill as an opportunity to make laws that stop big business profiting at the expense of people and the environment has resulted in some social justice gains despite the opposition of big business lobbies.

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The Yorkshire Ripper cover up continues to haunt us

19-10-2006 21:47

Nobody wants to see it, least of all the people of Yorkshire. But the Yorkshire Ripper case will continue to haunt the people of England until they face up to it.

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19-10-2006 20:34

Free to rebroadcast
A review of news, opinion and photography recorded from the Indymedia Newswire. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

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Class War Bonfire Night Party 2006

19-10-2006 20:07

7.30pm Sunday 5th November 2006

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Excellent New Women-led Theatre Production This Weekend

19-10-2006 18:30

Theatre Workshop

- Buried Pasts -

We are all asylum seekers

with internationally acclaimed playwright Kay Adshead

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Why did the Israelis kill me?

19-10-2006 17:58

Why did
What kind of scum drop 900,000 cluster bombs to kill children when they know the war is over?