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Kissenger & Co's genocide for Papuan gold

22-02-2006 14:23

Locals equipped with bows and arrows wounded two security guards at a mine run by a unit of U.S. company Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. in Indonesia's remote Papua province on Tuesday.

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Unite Against Fascism conference reportback

22-02-2006 14:23


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Anti-Tesco Tree Camp Loses in High Court as More Campaigners Target Tescos

22-02-2006 13:58

grabs from bbc pix
Wed Feb 22nd: Campaigners have been in the high court today over a protest camp in Shepton Mallet, where around 30 people have been defending trees against Tesco's plans to build a new supermarket.

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Enabling Tyranny: On the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

22-02-2006 13:06

Don’t feel ashamed if you’ve never heard of the ‘Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill’ currently traversing the Commons. A newspaper database search reveals only 46 mentions of the Bill’s title for the past twelve months – several of which were in such popular journals as Cabinet Maker and Building Design. None of these 46 mentions, incidentally, is earlier than January of this year. The Bill was formerly known as the ‘Bill for Better Regulation’, the title under which it was announced in the Queen’s Speech of May 2005 (there are four additional mentions under this title). It is only in the last few weeks that the bill has had even scant attention in the press. This is something of a shame since, arguably, the Bill is the first step to abolishing the last remnants of parliamentary democracy in Great Britain.

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Charade of peace - Israeli historian Ilan Pappe speaks in Sheffield

22-02-2006 11:33

Pappe was invited by the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity campaign to talk about "Israel in the post-Sharon era". Around 50 people heard an eloquent speaker describing what he called the "Charade of Peace", a strategy of the Israeli political elite since beginning of the peace process in 1993 to talk peace but mean ongoing occupation and neglecting of Palestinian rights to self-determination, refugee return and state-hood.

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22-02-2006 11:02

21st February 2006

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Cyberpunk Radio

22-02-2006 08:59

Cyberpunk Radio
Carl is a subversive multimedia artsit who hosts the podcasts Cyberpunk Radio, Mental-Escher and Hack VTV as well as heading the PluriMedia Group and the Microcasting Alliance.

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Tower Hamlets Councillor identifies with Khoodeelaar! No to Xrail hole campaign

22-02-2006 08:34

Tower Hamlets Council's controlling clique of the Blairing Party has held the key positions on the inner city, 'one-of-the-most-deprived' boroughs in all of England, throughout the past 12 years following the much-touted for ouster from power of the Lib Dems in 1994. This was caused by the voters across the East End borough responding to UK-wide publicity of racist and outrageously undemocratic conduct of some key Lib Dem councillors in powerful positions on the Council in the run-up to the 1994 council elections. So where have the Lib Dems been for the past 12 years in Tower Hamlets? Nowhere much at all! Not politically at any rate. Until most recently, in the past month. Remarkably, the Lib Dems have been producing a series of motion/s and comments about the hottest political issue affecting the Borough – the Crossrail hole plan against the Brick Lane London E1 area. And affecting the Whitechapel and Mile End park parts of the borough. How come? What might underlie the community ‘presence’ of the Tower Hamlets Lib Dems this time? It is to do with the scheduled 4 May 2006 local council elections including in Tower Hamlets. But it is also to do with the abysmally anti-social and undemocratic behaviour of the controlling clique on Tower Hamlets Council that is to blame for the whole Crossrail hole mess! Given that both Group leader Janet Ludlow and a number of her Lib Dem colleagues have attended Khoodeelaar campaign events so far, its is quite possible that the voters might , just might, forgive the Lib Dems their past mistakes and lack of accountability. If the motion/s put for the scheduled Council meeting on 1 March 2006 by Tower Hamlets Lib Dem councillor Louise Alexander is anything to go by, its is quite possible that the Liberal Democrats might produce a few surprises come 5 May 2006!
And the creeps that will be heading for consignment in the hole of their own crass collusion with Crossrail hole plan might all come from the Blairing freaks-box that carries the poseurs and the abusers pretending now to have been the democratic voice of the Tower Hamlets Council!

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Haiti: Some background on LESPWA

22-02-2006 08:08

There was a media blackout on the Parliamentary elections in Haiti that took place on the same day as the Presidential election. Préval can't do much without the backing of the Parliament. The Haiti Support Group takes a look at Préval's new party coalition which is hoping for a big representation in the legislature.

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Day of action for anarchist prisoners Ruben & Ignasi - 24th FEB.

22-02-2006 03:08

Proposal for a coordinated day of action in solidarity with Ruben and Ignasi on Friday 24th February

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“Life without Fear” Campaign in UK

22-02-2006 01:06

“Life without Fear”

Campaign for the rights of Iranian asylum seekers in the UK

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iTTACK! Apple mud slinging

22-02-2006 00:02

Something strange appears to be happening, the last week has seen three stories about so-called security flaws in relation to the Mac OSX operating system. Macs have previously been immune to the kind of nonsense which Windows users have grown up with so what is going on?

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A Harsher Light Shines on Guantanamo Bay

21-02-2006 21:25

Didn't recognize you without your jumpsuit
Many of the 250 detainees released (without any clarification of their detention) have confirmed these statistics (some in a new film, The Road to Guantanamo). Still, the US government and military remained doggedly insistent that the detention is legal.

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More previously lost uploads

21-02-2006 21:22

probably junk to be deleted

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All sorts of stuff

21-02-2006 21:03

here is some photos and videos that were uploaded to indymedia but not attached to articles.

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Cheap computers for activists and community types

21-02-2006 19:20

Due to Lambeth council evicting local business's Communitty Technology are having to downsize their recycled stock.

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Dalston Theatre occupation - Update Tuesday 21st.

21-02-2006 19:13

Activists are still defending the occupation of the Dalston theatre and the two adjacent buildings from eviction.

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No Borders//Anti-Detention//Detainee Support Events @ The Square Social Centre

21-02-2006 18:15

No Borders//Anti-Detention//Detainee Support Events
@ The Square Social Centre
21 Russell Square, London WC1

A list of events, meetings, benefits and a No Borders gathering, in late February & March.

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21-02-2006 17:24

We need 100 people to donate £10 a month for 6 months in order to help Spirit until his appeal in April.

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Monsanto back track on terminator technology

21-02-2006 15:24

Monsanto May Commercialize Terminator:
Biotech Giant reverses pledge on GM Terminator Technology as global
alliance calls for a ban.