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MPS case against FITWATCH collapses

02-10-2009 13:56

Prominent FITWATCHERS were today acquitted of public order and assault charges after Police evidence was discredited.

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What kind of government do we need? Socialists debate the Greens and Labour

02-10-2009 13:17

As the next election looms, we debate what kind of government working-class people need.

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Iranian mother and daughter facing imminent deportation

02-10-2009 13:00

A campaign is underway to prevent the deportation of a 16 year old Iranian girl and her mother. They are currently being held 150 miles outside of their home in Salford at the notorious Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, where they have been for over three weeks.

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Vestas Management promote Community Control

02-10-2009 12:14

Leafing through company reports is usually a thankless and dull task. No so with Vestas - all sorts of fascinating opinion. Here's to a community buy out of the St. Corss Business Park, Dodnor Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight factory by ex-workers, locals, Climate Campers, Bicycologists, Climate Rushers, Workers Liberty, SWP & SP, Green Party, with financial support from Ecotricity and others shall we?

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Lambeth UNISON Pledges Support for Viva Palestina

02-10-2009 11:59

The Lambeth Branch of UNISON - the second largest trade union in the UK - has voted to reaffirm its solidarity with Palestinians living under Israeli Military Occupation at its Branch Committee meeting on 17th September 2009 and support the Viva Palestina convoy taking place in December.

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Honduras coup and Brazilian mainstream media (by Latuff)

02-10-2009 11:43

Honduras coup, Brazilian media
Editorial cartoon, to be published in the bulletin of Associacao dos Servidores do PRODERJ (ASCPDERJ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Vestas Workers Solidarity Camp - Photos

02-10-2009 09:17

Since the removal of the 'Marine Gate' 'Blade Blockade', and the Turbine Blades that remained in the Vestas Blades UK factory on St. Cross Business Park, Dodnor Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, campaigners have been sorting out the original 'Magic Roundabout' Camp, and considering strategy. A Marquee has been erected and a fair amount of furniture skipped / built to make the area comfortable and well-resourced in terms of power (80-odd watts of solar power for phone and laptop charging), a solar shower, and spare tents for visitors.

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Appeal for Philippines Flood Victims

02-10-2009 02:11

Citizens’ Action is Best Response for Disaster.

Saying that the country needs to unite in order to confront and address the calamities brought about by typhoon Ondoy, Akbayan Party-list Rep. Walden Bello on Monday asked every Filipino here in the Philippines and those overseas to summon their Bayanihan spirit and help the victims in any way possible.

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Vestas Update - socialcentre (of sorts) opens on Magic Roundabout

02-10-2009 00:58

They came, They stared at a balcony, They got evicted,They set up a blockade, They got evicted, They put up a marque and built a dining table out of scrap wood.

They got evic... get down there and enjoy the sunshine and join in a really inspiring campaign for £45,000 of redundancy money (minimum), 600 job, the isle of wight, and the world!@

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Calais hunger strike suspended

01-10-2009 23:09

Thursday 1st OCTOBER - 10PM

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PROTEST against mandatory Swine Flu vaccination Sat 3rd October 2009

01-10-2009 22:40

There is a protest on Saturday 3rd October 12 noon at the Houses of Parliament against mandatory Swine flu vaccinations.

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Venezuela: murderers can not make justice. On the exhumations of the Caracazo

01-10-2009 22:05

Caracas, Feb. 29 1989
* Different organizations and individuals from Venezuela with tradition in the social struggles linked to different anti-authoritarian and critical leftist approaches, with whom we have converged at the space called INSURGENTES, set position before the exhumations of the Caracazo.

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Palestine Today 100109

01-10-2009 21:11


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday October 1st, 2009.

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Edinburgh 5 accused of `aggravated racism`

01-10-2009 20:56

Here is a short account with 4 photos of the hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff Court of the 5 members of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign accused of `aggravated racism`

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Anarchist freesheet The Leveller #2

01-10-2009 19:33

The second issue of anarchist free-sheet The Leveller has been published.

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Fish sold at mop fair

01-10-2009 18:27

Merstow Green Evesham Today

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Interview about the No Borders camp this summer in Calais

01-10-2009 18:05

This interview was made shortly after the No Borders camp in Calais and published in Shift Magazine. We make it available online now to inform ongoing action in the region after the first mass raids on the jungles.

read the formatted version here:

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Focus On Next One Leather - It's Time for Action

01-10-2009 17:16

FOCUS ON NEXT ONE LEATHER - It's time for action!

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Interview with Calais migrant on hunger strike

01-10-2009 16:41

2pm, Wednesday 30th August 2009. Parc Saint Pierre, Calais

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Eviction of Eritrean Squat, Calais, France

01-10-2009 16:35

Today No Borders activists demonstrated outside the Eritrean house, which was evicted yesterday.