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Boatyard In Court

13-10-2005 11:03

We have finally recieved a date for the courtcase for the eviction hearing. On the 26th of October at the Oxford county court we will be defending the legal case for the boatyard.

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Happy Ever After...

13-10-2005 10:28

A conspiracy nutter rant!

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anti mcdonalds WEEKEND (not just day!) and next critical mas

13-10-2005 09:57

14th- 16th october is mc d-day!!!

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Terrifying Terror Laws

13-10-2005 08:24

'He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression.' - Thomas Paine (1795)

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Community spaces in Nottingham spread like wildfire

13-10-2005 08:08

Here an update on some new community initiatives in Nottingham:

Radford - Last night the new community cafe in the Blueprint, Radford, opened its doors for the first time. The fairtrade cafe has been set up by people who put on the famous ethical clubnight Demo, at Blueprint every last Saturday of the month. Trying to create a chilled space for people to meet and hang out, while enjoying organic cake, and eclectic DJ's. Every Tuesday, 509-511 Alfreton Road, Radford.

Links: Blueprint | Demo

Arboretum - Saturday will see the grand opening of the ASBO Community Centre on Burns Street, Radford. The occupied community space is opening its doors on Saturday at 2pm. There will be 'Broad Bean' internet access all afternoon, 'Kranks' Bike maintenance workshop from 3-6pm, 'Free Shop' open from 3pm and the People's Kitchen will be serving food from 5.30pm till 7pm. These events will be running every Saturday, 33-35 Burns Street, 1 Wildman Street, Arboretum.

Links: Download: poster / A5 flyer | Contact ASBO via email | Previous feature article on the project

Photos: Gallery | Tidy Up | Workday

Sneinton - Rumours go that a new collective has also been set up in Sneinton, to start a community cafe/open arts space there. More information to follow... (or contact

Print resources - A call out was issued this week as help is needed to set up a print workshop and resource centre for Nottingham's campaign community. In July 2004 Veggies catering campaign funded the acquisition of the resources of the now defunct Nottingham Community Resource Centre. The intention was to find premises, such as a portable office in the yard of the Sumac Centre, to set up a well equiped print workshop for community use. However a year has rolled by and it has proved impossible to find suitable premises. The situation is now desparate - the equipment must be removed from its temporary storage in two weeks. Are you involved in a project that could make use of printing equipment, in return for making it available to others? Do you have any storage space to offer? If you can help email:

Links: Call out for help | Article Nottingham Alternative News | Veggies catering campaign

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Norfolk USA seeking TransAtlantic TownHall Meeting on Peace

13-10-2005 06:30

Peace and Justice Activisits in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia are sister cities in UK for Town Hall meeting on war, to be conducted live via satelite hook-up

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America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed -- Parts 1 - 4

13-10-2005 05:28

A great analysis of one of the most perplexing areas of this recent Madness.

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Ford Day of Action - Nov. 12th

13-10-2005 04:08

Day of Intervention : November 12, 2005
Tell Ford to Get Serious About Breaking North America 's Addiction to Oil

If you are planning to participate in the day of action contact Mike Hudema at itstimetoriseup (at) or 1-800-497-1994.

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Anti-terrorism laws draw rights watchdog's ire

12-10-2005 23:19

Detention without charge
"This is a shocking departure from Australia's proud tradition of protecting individuals from an overly powerful state."

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Arms Trade in Cambridge

12-10-2005 22:34

There was an interesting meeting in Cambridge tonight on the topic of the Arms Trade and how many public bodies - universities and local authorities for example - invest in it via pension funds and the like.

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Mistakes will be made

12-10-2005 21:59

Terrifying New Terror Laws!

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Public Meeting: Indigenous Resistance - Chiapas & West Papua, Wed 19th October!

12-10-2005 21:56

Speakers include:

Exiled tribal leader Benny Wenda and author of 'One No, Many Yeses' Paul Kingsnorth from the 'Free West Papua' campaign and activists from the Zapatista solidarity group 'Kiptik', who do direct solidarity work in Chiapas, Southeast Mexico.

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bliar finally unites the nation - vive the resistance!

12-10-2005 21:56

a wonderful public meeting tonight in westminster...

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Chop the Monarchy Action Notice

12-10-2005 21:51

Marking a day of activities the Queen & Philip have been guaranteed a welcome from Northeast anti-monarchists at the brunt of a Northeast Class War Action.

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ISIS Press Release 12/10/05

12-10-2005 19:56

ISIS Press Release 12/10/05

UN Cautions Over GM trees

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Symbolic "walk to work" from the Zimbabwe Embassy to 10 Downing Street

12-10-2005 19:09

Symbolic "walk to work" from the Zimbabwe Embassy to 10 Downing Street to present the Zimbabwe Vigil Petition - Thursday, 13th October.

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WMD weapons of mass deception showing in London!

12-10-2005 18:35

Danny Schehcter's new film `WMD weapons of mass deception` will be showing this weekend in London. Here is some information along with a review and photographs.

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Privatization and the World Trade Organization

12-10-2005 16:49

Competence, efficiency and user-friendliness are in no way "natural" domains of private service providers. When the social consequences are considered, the private comes off as anything but good. Why should private investors be interested in maintaining the long-term infrastructure?

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12-10-2005 16:25

The TSSSSS, The Topless Society of Sociopathic Sexually Selacious Sirens which is a very serious campaign organisation proclaiming the right for women to be topless in everyday situations in the same way that men are able to, we believe in self love, naturalness, topless organic gardening and the power of the breast to bring about radical social change, for the best. Last night in Borders Bookshop, Oxford we received Louis Theroux's seal of approval as he signed out breasts.

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Critical Mass flyer for 28 October

12-10-2005 16:01

Print yer own - please download and distribute!