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Stopping support for war by Velvet Revolution

06-08-2006 14:19

The role of mass protest in bringing positive change

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Ceasefire now! London demo 5th Aug 2006 – report, pics, audio, video

06-08-2006 14:18

Video Video
For a demo called with only a week’s notice, it was huge. Protestors vented their rage at the ongoing slaughter in Lebanon (and Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan) by marching from Hyde Park, past the US embassy, leaving childrens’ shoes outside Downing Street, and ending up in Parliament Square for a rally. There was a die-in and sit-down protest outside Downing Street at which a number of arrests were reported. Two protestors loudly congratulated the police outside Downing Street for their bravery in protecting the public from Tony Blair, and were not arrested. Photos, audio clips of speeches, and some video footage are attached.

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5 Aug Lebanon Demo: Another Arrest at Downing St

06-08-2006 12:39

The placard
It's a good thing these guys don't carry firearms...

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Bold Proclamations of Lebensraum

06-08-2006 12:17

Tony Blair and Condoleeza Rice have recently made statements that suggest a view that is, essentially, genocidal in nature. In so doing, they have stripped away their saccrine masks of democracy and apple pie, exposing themselves for the lizards they are.

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Refusenik jailed

06-08-2006 12:16

First israeli refusinik jailed - many others refuse to fight

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Expediting the Resurrection

06-08-2006 11:17

A GM leap forward in Europe.

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CIA Soros attacks Lebanese resistance

06-08-2006 11:10

The Lebanese RESISTANCE must immediately stop firing rockets into civilian areas in Israel, Soros' New York-based fake 'Human Rights Watch' says, calling the attacks ''a war crime''.The victims are blamed for defending themselves? 'Human Rights Watch' is a sham.

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Anti-War Film Screening

06-08-2006 11:01

Video flyer
An evening of films on Monday 14th August as part of this years Portobello Film Festival in West London curated by Filmmakers Against War, includes the feature film 'Sir! No Sir!'

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Brutal Arrests on Pro-Lebanon Protest (05.08.06)

06-08-2006 10:43

Outside the American Emassy
Brutal Arrests on Pro-Lebanon Protest yesterday (05.08.06) outside the American Embassy and then (not so brutal) later on at Dowing Street.

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More pictures of 5 August London protest

06-08-2006 10:36

In addition to the loads of pictures already published, here are a few more.

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M&S Pickets - 29th July and 5 August

06-08-2006 10:19

Saturday 29th July
Marks and Spencer are Britain's biggest corporate sponsor of Israel and Zionism. So on the 29th July and 5th August, pickets of Marks and Spencers in Manchester were held, in support of the Palestinians and Lebanese who are being murdered by the racist Israeli state.

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Donate to Camp Titnore online!

06-08-2006 07:50

Donations can now be made online to Camp Titnore, thanks to a friendly website.

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Peace Camp Now At Prestwick

06-08-2006 05:57

A Peace Camp has been established outside Prestwick Airport.

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Talk Tank - weekly news com. mp3

06-08-2006 04:14

This week [again] political and environmentally focussed items. length: 59 mins. mono 32 kb/s 14 MB

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Lebanon London peace demo pics

06-08-2006 02:58

huge crowds at start
With the psychopathic Israeli regime carrying out ethnic cleansing and mass civilian murder in Lebanon on an industrial scale, another A to B march would never seem enough. However the turnout was fantastic for such a short notice demo - must have been 100,000 but predictably the now blatantly pro-israel bbc is claiming a downright insulting 20,000.

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heavy-handed policing at stop the war demo in london (pics)

06-08-2006 00:49

bush and bliar
between 8,000 and 150,000 people (depending on who you believe) marched in london on saturday afternoon, calling for a ceasefire now. police seemed often heavy-handed and out of control, and there were at least a dozen arrests.

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Parliament Street Die In protest about Israeli Aggression

06-08-2006 00:40

Death outside the gates of Downing Street
Protestors took part in a sit down, and dead, protest outside Downing Street. With a group of demonstrators lying down as dead, with many stopping to sit and join them. The protest ended with members of the last groups of activists being arrested.

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London demonstration against Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Palestine - Pics

06-08-2006 00:31

Tony greets protestors as they head to Parliament
A very large turn out especially for something called at such short notice. The protest saw a diverse group of people trying to make the common opinion heard.

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Photos: Pro-Lebanon Protest in London. (05.08.06)

06-08-2006 00:30

Photos of the Pro-Lebanon Protest in London today. (05.08.06)

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Sacked Liverpool Dockers Call For Sanctions Against Israel

05-08-2006 22:22

On behalf of Merseyside trade unionists the Sacked Liverpool
Dockworkers have been asked to circulate, coordinate and collate all
responses to this message.