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What If...It Wasn't Our Fault

19-05-2007 21:46

Imagine a world where humans were not to blame for climate change.

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Rod Poole RIP 1962-2007

19-05-2007 21:22

Oxford expat Rod Poole brutally murdered in Hollywood.

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London 15 June: Muslim Demo against British Oppression

19-05-2007 21:08

Attached is the flyer for a protest planned for 15th June 2007, 2:30pm - 5pm at 10 Downing Street.

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massive police operation to stop art exhibition

19-05-2007 21:06

Has London gone anti-arts and culture?
The Metropolitan Police launch major operation against an art exhibition.

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This Sunday 20th May - All day of Films and Remembrance in Camberwell

19-05-2007 20:42

This Sunday 20th May from 2pm till late
All day of Films and Remembrance ... come along !

TALK and short dicussion at about 8:30 pm

Them (the police) throw me in ah van and tek me dow ah station, them insult me intelligence when them question me, ah treat me like ah animal ah call me monkey, them want me sign statement which wasn't written by me, but me nuh rob people fi get my money, so hey officer address me properly, cau me nuh born big me nuh drop out ah tree, I am more intelligent than you'll ever be, cos ah street life educate me, ah hard life educate me.

( Lezlee Lyrix, Put Back You Truncheon, 1985 )

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John Pilger: The Imposition Of Great Power On Powerless People

19-05-2007 20:25


Attached is an audio interview with John Pilger that was conducted by Flashpoints and broadcast on 17th May 2007.

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The Guardian whitewash of Mr Blair

19-05-2007 19:40

The cloying nostalgia, mild rebuke and genuine sense of loss that pervades much of the commentary by Britain’s Guardian newspaper on the imminent departure of Prime Minister Tony Blair are hard to stomach.

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Brown crowned as Blair’s successor after no contest

19-05-2007 19:27

Gordon Brown was crowned Britain’s prime minister elect yesterday, after his only potential challenger in the Labour leadership contest conceded defeat.

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Olympic Training for Builders at Cock Tavern, Chalton Street, Euston

19-05-2007 19:12

There willl be spies and a Blacklist. Prepare a proper response.. Careful on the phone.

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National Day of Action for Asylum Seekers in Nottingham

19-05-2007 17:40

No Borders Nottingham held up its end of a National Day of Action for Refugees with a stall in the Market Square accompanied by the No Borders banner, today sharing the Square with the Farmers’ Market and a City Council awareness day for Fostering of children.

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Virgin spoil-sports - TAA exhibition obstructed

19-05-2007 17:37

The Temporary Autonomous Art event taking place in a squatted venue once used by Reuters was today obstructed by a private security firm apparentlty employed by the Virgin Media Group who allegedly own the building which has been left empty for several years until occupied by the TAA earlier in the week.

(Photos copyright and licensed for use under Creative Commons, non-commerical, share-alike.)

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Report: National Day of Action for Refugees

19-05-2007 17:00

Today, around 150 people marched for asylum seekers' rights and against deportations.

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Presidential Candidate: Immigrants Beaten Coast to Coast

19-05-2007 14:34

On a day when Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton spent the evening in rallies with thousands of immigrants, to make amends for the terrible beatings that hundreds of immigrants and reporters received at the Los Angeles May Day rallies, President Bush, along with key Democrats and Republicans, took their tern beating up 12 million immigrants coast to coast.

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Against War. Against the Arms Trade. Two Day: Many Actions. 29-30 July 2007

19-05-2007 14:32

Blockade? Party? Destroy? March? Smash? Infiltrate? Invade? Picket? Harass? Clown? Dance? Light candles? Fight? Lock on? Vigil? Disrupt?
You Decide!
In the run up to DSEi 2007, DISARM DSEi is calling for two days of autonomous actions against the arms trade.

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Working Without Coercion

19-05-2007 14:31

Basic income is not a plant-closing bonus. Labor productivity would continue growing if the tax burden on the factor labor is reduced.. The belief that full employment could return through economic growth is wishful thinking. Ecologically it could prove a horror.

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Is Irun part of the axis of evil?

19-05-2007 12:10

The ongoing 'war on terror' - in reality the 'great game speeded up' as John Pilger puts it could be extended to Iran next. Where is Iran? Could it be confused with Irun in Spain? A certain not too intelligent US President might well do so.

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Mark Lynas and Kate Evans at Swindon Festival of Literature, 13 may 2007

19-05-2007 11:16

The Swindon Festival of Literature this year ran from the 7th to the 20th May, and the 13th May was a dedicated climate change day, held in association with Swindon Climate Action Network. Attached are video clips of Mark Lynas and Kate Evans talking about their new books, “Six Degrees”, and “Funny Weather”.

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All Engineers working for arms manufacturers are in breach of code of ethics

19-05-2007 10:20

All Engineers who make weapons are automatically in breach of professional code of conduct guidelines and should be expelled and have chartered status removed.

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Food not Bombs benefit gig tonight

19-05-2007 10:06

See flyer below for details of tonight's benefit gig for Brum Food not Bombs. Apologies for the short notice.

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Where is the Panchem Lama

19-05-2007 09:34

Where is the Panchen Lama
The Panchen Lama is the worlds youngest political prisoner. He was kidnapped at the age of 6 by the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1995 and has never been seen or heard since. He is now 18 years old.

On 17th May 2007 a candel lit vigil was held for the release of The Panchen Lama in Mc Leod Ganj, Dharamsala, the home of the Dali Lama and Tibetan community in exile.