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Vodafone Shutdown

08-11-2010 19:22

This saturday activists picketed and shutdown the vodafone shop in central Bristol in protest against coporate tax evasion and government cuts.
After a very successful demo last week, which closed vodafone for the day ( activists decided a repeat performance was in order!

This time a public callout was sent out in advance and announced at the meeting of the Bristol & District Anti Cuts Alliance, in the hope that different people would be attracted to the demonstration. This did, of course, result in further police attention with two mounted officers following us from the castle park meetup to the vodafone store and 3 officers on foot keeping watch. However they kept their distance and didn't interfere.

When the first of us arrived at the vodafone store we found it was already shut in anticipation of our arrival! This raised the spirits of the five of us that had turned up, but not as much as the arrival of another dozen or so activists over the next twenty minutes. A guadian journalist interviewed a couple of the people present (Article:, and a BBC cameraman attended, but with no BBC journalist due to the strike, not that we would've spoken to a scab anyway!

A wide variety of people, including anarchists, trade unionists, students and members of the anti cuts alliance kept the shop shut for a total of two hours. Several hundred leaflets were handed out, which explained vodafones tax evasion, government complicity and the fact that we are definately not "in this together", since whilst we pay with our services (and tax) the rich pay as little as possible.

Vodafone opened up again around 3pm, and we were 'ordered' by them to move our picket from the front of the shop to the side, which we refused to do. After a brief disscussion it became clear that a number of people present were not up for the level of confrontation involved in blockading the shops doors, so a peaceful picket was kept up instead. We continued to engage with members of the public and some potential customers were turned away (and others encouraged to demand a free phone).

Austerity measures and capitalist greed arn't just going to go away - but neither are we.

Keep your eyes pealed and your ears to the ground for more up coming anticuts demonstrations and direct actions around Bristol, we're just getting started.

While your at it, why not show solidarity with our friends & comrades down the road in bath and attend the anticuts demonstration their on tuesday the 16th:

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Santa and his elves protest against DSEi owners

08-11-2010 18:22

London Campaign Against Arms Trade protest at Spirit of Christmas Fair


Santa and his elves turned up at Kensington Olympia on Sunday to protest about the spirit of Christmas being corrupted by the owners of the DSEi arms fair. The Spirit of Christmas Fair was taking place and the organisers of this event, Clarion Events, saw no contradiction between holding this fair and organising the world largest arms fair. In total, ten protesters were very vocal in informing the public of the links between Clarion and DSEi. Hundreds of leaflets were distributed and placards with slogans such as Bells not Bombs were displayed. A number of people were concerned by Clarion's links to the arms trade. At one stage an unofficial attempt was made to get an A to Z of chants in the vein of Holly not Howitzers and Tinsel not Tanks.

The demonstration was organised by London Campaign Against Arms Trade (London CAAT) and is a continuation of their campaign to get Clarion to sell their portfolio of arms fairs. London CAAT member Ian Pocock, 35, said "I find it disgusting that Clarion Events see no problem in running such family friendly events as the Spirit of Christmas Fair while also organising the destructive, harmful DSEi arms fair".

Weapons manufacturers come to DSEi to promote their products to representatives from regimes in conflict, those with terrible human rights records, and with human development needs. This arms fair receives major financial, logistical and political support from the UK government. London CAAT will continue their campaign against Clarion in 2011, particularly as the next DSEi arms fair rolls into town in September, so please get in touch if you want to get involved.



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What happened at Chernobyl?

08-11-2010 18:22

Documentary Film 9th Nov at the Factory Cave St St Pauls 8.30p
26 April 1986 The Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor in the Northern Ukraine explodes... this documentary gives an insight into the days and months that followed....
the Chernobyl nuclear power station was the most significant reactor failure in the history of nuclear power.

As the Uk government is pushing it's Nuclear Agenda, the first Nuclear New Build Power station is planned for Hinkley in Bridgewater, next to 2 others one decommissioned and one about to be decommissioned. This is the first of 8 New Build Nuclear power stations that the government is willing to contract out to EDF (Electricite De France).

There will be a public CONsultation on the UK's Energy programme in Bristol on the 29th of November from 2-4pm. All we know is that it will take place somewhere within 15 minute walk of Temple Meads. If you want to go to the consultation you can only apply by email

There is only 100 places, so much for democracy!

EDF, the contractors provide 60% of Bristol with Electricity.
The Stop Hinkley Campaign has asked people to BOYCOTT EDF, check your Leccy bill!

The film is being shown at The Factory, cave street, on Tuesday 9th of November from 20:30, food being served from 8pm for a donation

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Palestinian film night in Nottingham - Thursday 18th November

08-11-2010 17:59

A public showing of the film “Occupation 101” followed by a discussion of the plight of Palestinians living under the ongoing Israeli military occupation.

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Newsflash re Tesco in Keyworth

08-11-2010 17:25

News has just been recieved that Rushcliffe Borough Council have REFUSED Tesco's planning application for a new store in Keyworth.


We willl have to wait to see if Tesco decide to appeal this descision.

More deatils to follow.

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Palestine Today 11 08 2010

08-11-2010 17:23

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, November 8th 2010.

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'Afghanistan – Time To Go' – National Demonstration – Saturday November 20th [2]

08-11-2010 17:22

This demonstration in London is timed to coincide with the Lisbon NATO conference at which Afghanistan will be the main talking point. For all the talk of diplomacy and troop drawdown, there are more NATO troops in the country than at any time since 2001.

Coaches from Bristol leave Anchor Road (opposite @Bristol) at 8.15am on 20th November. Tickets £15 waged, £8 unwaged.

For tickets either email or phone 07502 121077. Tickets can also be bought online at

If you aren’t able to come on 8th October but want to show your support by making a donation towards the cost of the coaches please make out a cheque to ‘Bristol Stop The War Coalition’ and post it to BSTWC, 23 Monmouth Road, Bristol, BS7 8LF.
This year has seen the highest number of casualties amongst Afghan civilians and NATO troops since the invasion, and there is widespread recognition that the war is a disaster.

The demonstration, called by Stop The War, CND & the British Muslim Initiative, assembles in Hyde Park at 12 noon and marches to Trafalgar Square for a rally, when speakers will include Tony Benn, Eric Joyce MP, Guardian journalist Seumas Milne and Lowkey (more to be announced soon).

The war in Afghanistan has entered its tenth year, making it longer than World War I and World War II combined. Both prime minister David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband support continuing the war, at least till 2015. Thousands more Afghan civilians and Nato soldiers will be killed in a pointless and unwinnable war, when over 70 per cent of the British public want all British troops withdrawn now. Join this crucial demonstration which will give voice to the anti-war majority in the country and tell the politicians the time to go is now.

For further information email

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Nice little earner, how Brighton and Hove City Council screw the poor.

08-11-2010 16:13

The Tories in Brighton and Hove City Council are seeking to increase their income by targetting the poor. They create unlawful overpayments of Housing and Council tax Benefits to raise extra cash. They then seek to recover these amounts by unlawful, often criminal means.

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Santa and his elves express their dissatisfaction with DSEi arms fair owners

08-11-2010 14:26

London Campaign Against Arms Trade protest at Spirit of Christmas Fair

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Justice for Jimmy Mubenga Protest

08-11-2010 13:59

RIP Jimmy Mubenga

RIP Jimmy Mubenga

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Massive anti-Afghan war demonstration

08-11-2010 13:02

There will be a massive anti-Afghan war demonstration in central London on Saturday the 20th of November. The demonstration will assemble at Hyde Park near Marble Arch at 12noon and at 1pm will set off for Trafalgar Square. This demonstration is to demand the immediate return of all UK troops from Afghanistan. The government is currently spending 5 billion a year on that war while cutting services at home.

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Heterosexual equality bid backed by OutRage!

08-11-2010 11:02

Heterosexual equality bid backed by OutRage!

Straight couple defy civil partnership ban

Exclusion of opposite-sex couples challenged

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Reg: Plastic plod used police dbase to find dates

08-11-2010 10:24

Northern PCSO used Police National Computer to check out potential boyfriends, got caught, naughty naughty officer.

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National Student DEMOlition

08-11-2010 10:22

Abolish fees now!
National student demo against fees increases and education cuts. Thousands of students from Bristol and around the country will descend on London for an angry protest.

Higher ED students, college students, high school students, teaching/admin/support staff - join the demo.
Defend education, defend jobs, defend our futures!

Join the Free Education feeder march from ULU at 10am.
Main demo starts 11.30am at Horse Guards Ave, central London.
Demo route:
NUS info:
Demo publicity etc:

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Christmas Art Market

08-11-2010 10:22

The Trinity Centre will be playing host to all things creative, providing opportunities for local artists to exhibit and sell their work to the public.
Christmas Art Market at Trinity Centre
Saturday 27th November

Situated in our iconic main hall, only 10 minutes walk from the city centre, Trinity will be playing host to all things creative, providing opportunities for local artists to exhibit and sell their work to the public.

Find unusual gifts such as limited edition prints, photographs, paintings, ornaments for your Christmas tree made from recycled material and unique hand-crafted jewellery and ceramics at affordable prices.

With a range of festive activities including live acoustic music, mulled wine and cider as well as mince pies to get everyone in the Christmas Spirit!

Entry is FREE to the public.

The Trinity Centre. Trinity Road. Bristol. BS2 0NW

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Tesco still can't open - 8 Dec next Council mtg

08-11-2010 09:22

Tesco still can't open - 8 Dec next Council mtg
It's exactly one year that we have kept Tesco out of Stokes Croft! That's incredible ...

Despite the rumours, they didn't get planning permission at the meeting on 22 September. There will be another Council meeting to decide on Wed 8 Dec at 2pm.

Last month we managed to stop Tesco from being granted an alcohol license - with full support from the police!

Hundreds of you played witness the the incredibly corrupt Council meeting on 22 September. But Tesco were denied planning permission and must now go back to another meeting to decide.

1. Visit; to find out how to email the Council to object to permission being given on 8 December.

2. Put Wed 8 December, 2pm in your diary - Stokes Croft will continue to stand united.

3. Help us with the website - we are desperate! We really need someone to take on putting info up on the website once a week. Basic stuff, but really essential. Pleeeeasse?!

ONE YEAR of keeping this corporate giant out of our community, that is no mean feat ... please do keep up the good work ... we need everyone to continue to write letters and come to these Council meetings to continue to hold these 'leaders' to account.

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CASTOR train in Germany heavily delayed

08-11-2010 09:06

After inspiring resistance the train of nuclear waste has made it to the end of the railway. They now have to get the waste onto trucks and to the dump.

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‘So this is what we have come to?

08-11-2010 08:34

Workfare will arrive in the U.K soon according to the Observer, an idea that even Thatcher rejected at the time. it is reporting that Duncan Smith is to launch a White Paper which will state unemployed people will have to do thirty hours of 'voluntary' work a week or lose benefits. This will include gardening, park maintainance, clearing paths, collecting rubbish etc, even sweeping streets. This is already happening in that Land of the Free, the US, where in N/Y a City Gardener can be made unemployed and in a few months be doing the same job for nothing!

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Prisoner support list November 2010

08-11-2010 01:27

Bristol ABC's monthly updated list of UK and international political & radicalised prisoners who welcome support.