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our tools collective: call for radical how-tos, skill shares and instruction

11-06-2003 22:24

A proposition: a compilation of activist how-tos, a living document that
is created by activists and is shaped by the entries submitted.

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Prestige Oill Spill: We Need Your Help!

11-06-2003 19:36

This is an international calling for helping us to say 'Nunca Mais' (Never Again) promoting and joining our pacific demonstration next saturday 14 in Brussels, Belgium

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Massive strikes in France

11-06-2003 17:56

France has yet again (tuesday ) had a day of massive strikes demos and occupations..

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Amazonian Indigenous Communities Face Violent Military Opposition

11-06-2003 15:12

ECUADORIAN INDIGENOUS RIGHTS VS USA OIL CORPORATION . Amazonian Indigenous Communities Face Violent Military Opposition.

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trollyd soundsystem against the g8

11-06-2003 13:18

34 meg .rm file

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Refugee Week in Birmingham

11-06-2003 11:49

Celebrating Sanctuary in Birmingham announces two events in Birmingham this weekend to help raise funds to support destitute asylum seekers.

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sheffield bus strike 10/06/03

11-06-2003 11:00

Audio sheffield bus strike 10/06/03
pix and audio report from picketline (article 1)

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Labo 04 squatted / Initiative House evicted

11-06-2003 10:51

An eviction, another occpation: Labo 04 squatted
Labo 04 squatted / Initiative House evicted
La lucha continua!

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Incomplete information from British medias sometimes ?

11-06-2003 10:50

With 2 examples, however if you know these information from British medias, then the report is invalid.

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Fairford Gatecrashers' Stroll 4th July 2003

11-06-2003 10:29

Fairford Peacewatchers and friends
Cordially invite you to


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Barbary from the west

11-06-2003 10:24

I have found some disturbing though fantastic information that I wish to share. Please do take your time and read this.

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Star of Bethlehem

11-06-2003 10:08

Very few Palestinians speak Hebrew, and very few Israelis speak Arabic. Nancy Updike has this story about Nasser Laham, a Palestinian TV journalist in Bethlehem who has a nightly TV show where he translates Israeli broadcasts into Arabic.

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11-06-2003 07:33

Manchester event to mark the start of Refugee week

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Support Cuban Musicians

11-06-2003 06:13

Help Cuban musicians escape their prison island and find freedom in American.

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The Very Best Political Photo-Essays

11-06-2003 01:43

I have just come from several wonderful hours of reading
and looking at photo-essays on this amazing amazing site.
I havent decided on a favourite photo essay yet but think
" A Visual Essay On Acronymic Meaning" [see url below] sums up my feelings about Bush and his horrible
gang of spooks and intimidators.

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Anything into Oil

11-06-2003 01:23

Technological savvy could turn 600 million tons of turkey guts and other waste into 4 billion barrels of light Texas crude each year

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evian - geniva (video)

11-06-2003 00:54

irish vid heads in geniva. video.

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UK Social Forum?

10-06-2003 23:31

Do we need a UK Social Forum?

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Just some silly satire

10-06-2003 21:50

A Proposal For The Mandatory Prescription Of Cannabis To High Ranking Politicians, Police, CEO's and Other Troublemakers