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The State of Reform in the Philippines

03-08-2014 02:47

Akbayan on Aquino’s 5th State of the Nation Address

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Sheffield Protests against the Gaza Genocide

02-08-2014 16:14

On Saturday 2nd August 2014 supporters of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign gathered outside the Town Hall and had a symbolic die-in to raise awareness of the ongoing colonial genocide in Gaza.

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A Protestor's Progress in Parliament Square

02-08-2014 11:22


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Every Little Hurts.

02-08-2014 08:32

On 1st of August 2014, activists from the Solidarity Collective hold a demonstration outside Tesco's store on Kensington High Street London. The protest was calling on Tesco's to stop selling Israel goods.

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Rally for Gaza

01-08-2014 21:18

19:00 - 21:30hrs
Tuesday 5th August, Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates.
Called by Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign
and supported by Oxford Muslim Community Initiative

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Racist Van off out streets.

01-08-2014 12:45

At 12pm today a call out was made via twitter by the anti-raids network for activists to get to Old Kent Road B&Q as there was a massive anti-immigration operation underway.

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31-07-2014 23:21

July 31,2014 - Eighty years ago the world turned its back on the brutal persecution of European Jews. Today we suffer from similar global apathy -- though this time the persecutors are Jews.
Born by the conquest of the land of others the State of Israel has been guilty since 1948 of the ruthless ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their territory, either by force, by trickery or if the expropriated fought back by outright killing.

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Day of Action Against Millitarism / Diwrnod o Weithredu yn erbyn Militariaeth

31-07-2014 17:44

Actions in London and Cardiff. / Gweithredoedd yn Llundain a Chaerdydd.

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Western Summit

31-07-2014 14:19

Please see illustration

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Reclaim the Fields Summer Gathering

31-07-2014 12:12

Don't miss the Reclaim the Fields Summer Gathering!

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War to end all wars? peace event Monday 4th August Bonn Square

31-07-2014 00:37

A peace event to mark the centenary of the start of World War 1, linking that to today.

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Call-out for the Radical Bookfair Hamburg, 4-5 Oct 2014

30-07-2014 19:20

We are inviting people who are interested in having a table/stall (booksellers, publishers, zine distros, independent presses and political groups) or holding a workshop (current political issues, book talks, skill-shares, networking meetings etc.) to help create an exciting, interesting and forward-thinking event in Hamburg this autumn.

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New Evidence of hare coursing savagery

30-07-2014 18:03

Latest FOI reports from National Parks and Wildlife Service expose sickening truth about Ireland’s legal hare coursing…

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Chris Spivey has been arrested for harassment.

30-07-2014 16:20

Chris Spivey: Legend
"Just to update. Can people hold back on the phone calls to Southend police station. It is making it very difficult for Stacey to get anyone to speak to her as a consequence. She hasn't spoken to Chris but can confirm he is still being held in Southend. Lisa x"

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29-07-2014 10:27

Nick Clegg - smug liar
Wednesday 19 November, 12 noon, central London (route TBC)

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The Groucho Gate Affair

29-07-2014 09:17

The Elite and Famous the people who run our country in London's Groucho club was allowed by management to have services of a sexual natural advertised on a online forum.

Come Clean on Child Abuse Grouch Club Whistle Blowers Welcome.

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TUC day-of-action Oct 18 ****

29-07-2014 09:15

David Cameron
Next TUC day-of-action 18 Oct 2014

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Anonymous UK - Bonfire Night - 5 Nov 2014

29-07-2014 08:39

Anonymous UK - Bonfire Night - 5 Nov 2014

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The Elite of the AV Exposed as Pawns in a Mi5 Psy-Op.

28-07-2014 22:01

UK Column News
“We can confirm that we have never ever suggested anything of the sort and we have always been aware that Matt Dowel is the author and the webmaster for Reset and the CPG.”

Brian Gerrish from UK Column News.

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Social centres and 'civil' anarchists

28-07-2014 19:10

A response to an excellent collection of texts called 'Anarchy Civil or Subversive?' available as a zine via