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Burying Jenin

06-05-2002 13:07

Burying Jenin
A plump woman with white hair and a sun-wizened face sits cross-legged in the entrance to her home. “My name is Maali Wahdan and I live here,” she says stoutly. Her figure is framed by jagged concrete. Red spray paint in the rear of the room indicates that the caved-in structure is now slated for demolition

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World Organization Against Torture Rebukes Israel

06-05-2002 12:52

World Organization Against Torture Rebukes Israel
GENEVA:In a press release issued on May 3, the World Organization Against Torture expressed outrage and great concern regarding Israel’s negative attitude regarding decisions made by the United Nations Security Council concerning the prevailing situation in the Middle East.

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06-05-2002 12:06

More than 200 people were touched by the personal accounts of 5 Cambridge students who recently spent two weeks in the Palestinian Occupied Territories as independent international observers. They spoke at a public meeting in the Emmanuel United Reformed Church in Cambridge, 8-11pm 5th May, following a lunchtime vigil in Cambridge Market Square.

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british sanctions breakers head for iraq

06-05-2002 10:34

four members of voices uk risk 5 years in a british prison by taking essential medical supplies and children's toys to iraq

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Stockholm: Confrontations between police and activists at mayday-street party

06-05-2002 10:29

Stockholm: Confrontations between police and activists at mayday-street party
After a mayday street party in Stockholm which gathered some 3000 people, police surrounded and blocked in a couple of hundred youths for hours after some windows had been destroyed. Police have been critized for using unnecessary force and several of them did not have the mandatory helmet-markings which allows for identifaction of police guilty of misconduct.

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Looney Left Mayday Cup

06-05-2002 10:04

Report on Mayday Cup, 5-5-2002

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06-05-2002 09:50

UK media judge and jury

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music scream 3.05 min.

06-05-2002 09:27

music scream 3.05 min.

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Pro Israel Demonstration London Today

06-05-2002 08:56

Pro Israel rally to take place in Trafalgar Sq today.

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police watch site is go!

06-05-2002 08:26

police watch site for brutality watch

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Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction: a Threat to Peace

06-05-2002 08:22

Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction: a Threat to Peace
With between 200 and 500 thermonuclear weapons and a sophisticated delivery system, Israel has quietly supplanted Britain as the World's 5th Largest nuclear power,

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Welsh Green Gathering Shock

06-05-2002 08:12

Welsh Green Gathering cacncelled

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Antifascist mayday in Czech Republic

06-05-2002 06:35

Here's an article about the antifascist mayday in Brno, Czech republic, and some links.

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05-05-2002 23:26

The freedom to choose who looks after your employment rights

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Another small victory against sharon

05-05-2002 22:42

Just as our group have been let loose in
Ramallah, 10 of our activists from ISM and a
journalist from the LA Times, entered the
nativity church in Bethlehem, laden with bags
of food for the starving people inside.

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petition for gothenburg protesters

05-05-2002 22:24

Call for Justice after the Occurrences in Gothenburg

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Que Se Vayan Todos

05-05-2002 21:39

An eyewitness account of the financial meltdown and ongoing grassroots rebellion

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Chirac wins by a landslide

05-05-2002 20:35

Chirac: "France has reaffirmed republican values"
Jacques Chirac has won a landslide victory in the French
presidential election after voters surged to the polls to
keep out far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen.

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Pink castle occupation continues

05-05-2002 19:45

11 days into the occupation of a proposed GM field in Dorset and the pink castle is still going strong. Photos and video available.