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Radical Social Centre Opened In Colchester

16-08-2002 08:18

The Colchester Radical Collective have opened a social centre at 87 East Hill in Colchester to provide a space for the whole community in what was once a derelict building. Everyone is welcome to a meeting at 8pm tonight in the building to decide on the direction of the project.

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Report on April 2002 Libertarian Gathering in Bogota

16-08-2002 06:19

Report on the Third Libertarian (ie anarchist)Gathering in Bogota, Colombia, held on the 9-12 April 2002. By Coordinadora Libertaria Banderas Negras.

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Israeli forces brutalizing peace activists, charge Greens

16-08-2002 04:40

Greens demand an end to brutality against
nonviolent activists in the occupied territories
and a reversal of Bush's support for the Sharon

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Zionist army using children as human shields

16-08-2002 01:36

Zionist army using children as human shields
The controversial death of a Palestinian teenager on Wednesday in the West Bank has prompted a human rights group in Israel to accuse soldiers of using human shields

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Former NF Leader Found Guilty Of Attempted Murder

16-08-2002 00:29

A former leading member of the UK National Front Party has been found guilty of the attempted murder of A leading Australian Fascist.

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Live Exports - latest shipment from Dover

15-08-2002 23:53

Live Exports - latest shipment from Dover
Another 2000 sheep head out from Dover as exports of live animals continue. Protesters prepare for massive demo in Dover on the 17th August.

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GM trials cancelled!

15-08-2002 23:13

The governments GM trials have been abandoned after major GM contamination was revealed. Parties to celebrate will be held on existing trial sites around the country.

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50 grand to deport a family.

15-08-2002 21:55

Reprinted from Brum Evening Mail, 14.8

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UN weapons inspectors in Iraq WERE spies

15-08-2002 21:47

UN Weapons Inspectors in Iraq in the 1990s were spies. Why should Iraq now allow in people whose real task will be to define targets for the B52s to obliterate (who cares how many civilians are around)

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Urgent-- Honduran coffee growers attacked

15-08-2002 21:01

offer your support to Honduran coffee growers who were attacked for requesting aid

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nursery festival of resistance

15-08-2002 20:03

Parents and children at St John's nursery in cnetral hackney will holda Festival of Resistance at he nursery on Saturday 31 August from 2pm. It will contest the closure of the nursery and focus opposiiotn ot the council's cuts policy.

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Trade justice not enough

15-08-2002 19:30

The Swaziland Solidarity Campaign (SSC) became a member of
the Trade Justice Movement (TJM) this week, but warned that
market access on its own is not enough to alleviate poverty
in Swaziland.

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Open Statement: Not in Our Name

15-08-2002 16:12

We are told a war on Iraq is needed to pre-empt a threat to the region and to free the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussain's tyranny. We, as Iraqis already free from that tyranny, living outside Iraq and in the western democracies, say that both these claims are false.

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Footage of a house demolition. (translation & adaptation)

15-08-2002 14:24

A cameraman arrives to the family house where I am staying. He’s going to show us some footage of a house demolition, which happened the night before to my arrival.

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15-08-2002 13:12

re-printed from all newspapers:

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Media lies about flooding in Europe

15-08-2002 12:43

Media coverage falsely presents a "natural disater" - in reality it is a political issue.

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The Strasbourg Incident

15-08-2002 12:38

During a demonstration in the course of the "No Border Camp" in Strasbourg, France (July 19-28), an incident occured at the local synagogue which has become the primal interest in most left-wing media coverage of the camp.

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Netanyahu's nephew refuses to serve in army

15-08-2002 12:18

Its a bit long, but its a good look into the mind of a concientous objector, and the fact that his uncle is Bibi Netanyahu just makes it more interesting.

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Brand names bring special brain buzz

15-08-2002 11:22

It is what every advertiser would have dreamed of - brand names have a unique impact on our brains.

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15-08-2002 11:07

How Exxon/Esso has already sabotaged the upcomming Earth summit.