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Leeds Nazi Tony White Arrested Yet Again

03-10-2008 10:33

White poses outside 'The Common Place' with another moron 'Wigan Mike'
As the British People's Party's Kate McDermody sucks up to the cops to protect her anti Hip Hop demo in Leeds on October 18th, her 'racial comrade' Tony White has his collar felt.

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New process against Italian anarchists - Desert the Fear

03-10-2008 09:31

Anarchists in Lecce, Southern Italy, face a new trial by a vengeful state after their efforts helped lead to nearby San Foca immigration detention centre being closed down.

Revolutionary Solidarity against the Italian State - Burn all Prisons

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Will Bailout Minimize FBI Investigation Who Might Have Sold Fraudulent Loans?

03-10-2008 09:23

Will U.S. Bailout Minimize FBI Investigation Who Might Have Sold Fraudulent Loans & Securities?
Some U.S. lenders might have lowered their “own mortgage borrowers’ home values” by continuing to make sup-prime loans to unqualified borrowers in their community—after having “knowledge” the community had high numbers of mortgage defaults and foreclosures

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Money Karma Comes Home to Roost

03-10-2008 02:44

Why should humanity struggle and suffer any longer to repay massive debts and endure great debacles? Be patient and read what I have been saying for insights into another way to manage this civilization, without money and without evil cabals running this world.

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Titan prisons: "consultation" ends, construction set to begin

02-10-2008 20:47

With the required political processes out of the way, the building of the 2,500 capacity jails is set to begin.

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rolls royce raynesway protesers in court same day as the next prottest

02-10-2008 20:23

protest anti nuclear rolls royce raynesway derby 20/10/08
on 20/10/08 anti nucclear demonstrators arear in court ,.but from 7 am there will be a demo outside rolls royce raynesway derby . support the cause

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230 Sheffield steel workers to lose jobs

02-10-2008 20:22

Finnish metals group Outokumpu Oyj said Friday it will close a stainless steel plant in Sheffield, England - laying off all 230 workers - because of oversupply. Its stock surged 14 percent.

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Foie Gras Demo Kidderminster.

02-10-2008 20:14

Foie gras being sold at Brockencote Hall.

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UCU members vote for industrial action at Nottingham Trent University

02-10-2008 19:23

University and College Union (UCU) members at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) have voted in favour of strike action on Tuesday 21 October following attacks on campus unions.

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Life Despite Capitalism - Building Radical Economies SEMINAR

02-10-2008 18:49

In the beginning of November 2008, the Escanda collective along with others will be hosting a four-day radical economics gathering. We will analyse why the current economic system has failed and we will learn from the possibilities and experiences of those working despite capitalism to build autonomous networks of production and circulation from a basis of sustainability, self organization, solidarity, respect and solcial/environmental justice.

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Polish anarchist centre under threat

02-10-2008 17:58

call for solidarity
Rozbrat squat in Poznan facing eviction

The lawyer of Rozbrat squat has obtained information that the bailiff/debt collector has sent the records and complete documentation to the court in order to set the date of the auction. This date may appear soon.

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Equalities and Human Rights Commission Investigation

02-10-2008 17:54

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission are inquiring into the use of the terrorist act and are interested in hearing from anyone where the Terrorist Act was used or threatened and are interested in the experience of Climate Camp activists (amongst others).

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Palestine Today 100208

02-10-2008 16:58

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Thursday October 2, 2008.

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Ian Blair is gone - thank fuck.

02-10-2008 15:26

Ian Blair
Ian Blair is now gone. He has resigned today, and not a year too soon.

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SHAC Global Day of Action - Hampshire

02-10-2008 14:47

For the global day of action, SHAC were busy down in Hampshire naming and shaming those who help keep Huntingdon open, to maim and mutilate 500 animals every single day, especially those on the NYSE. You would think with the current financial crisis the last thing that the NYSE would want is shac on their back, but they haven't dropped HLS yet, so maybe they like our protests?

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Direct Action; UK, Mexico & Sweden

02-10-2008 14:41

27th September - 1st October


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Primate Liberation Week: 11th - 19th October 2008

02-10-2008 14:08

Primate Liberation Week is a week of action against the primate research industry being staged in the USA from the 11th to the 19th of October.......but we say why should the yanks have all the fun???

This is a European call to action against the Primate Research industry that kills over 12,000 primates each year in the most disgusting and sordid manner to produce scientifically pointless research!

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The Carbon Trust: State Sponsored Greenwashing (With Help From Greenpeace)

02-10-2008 14:01

I have a confession to make: about 18 months ago, when I was still part of the economic machine, I spent some time calculating the carbon footprint of the company I worked for. To help me, I used the guides provided by the Carbon Trust a, what I thought then, fairly reliable and objective agency of the UK Government working for, I thought at the time, reducing the overall carbon emissions of the UK.

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A Call to Climate Action- Copenhagen 2009

02-10-2008 12:54

We stand at a crossroads. The facts are clear. Global climate change, caused
by human activities, is happening, threatening the lives and livelihoods of
billions of people and the existence of millions of species. Social movements,
environmental groups, and scientists from all over the world are calling for
urgent and radical action on climate change.

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Bradford Uni test on animals

02-10-2008 11:16

University of Bradford has had an active animal testing lab for years and years-why is this not better known and acted upon?

Postgraduates and staff in the School of Life Sciences (and others) are actively testing on animals. The whereabouts of the Animal House is kept highly secret and the university does all it can to conceal the fact that they own and operate an animal torture facility.