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Brum Anti-Academies Public Meeting

05-11-2008 13:21

7pm Tuesday 25 November
The Council House,
Victoria Square,
Birmingham City Centre.

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police arrest edo activist at home

05-11-2008 12:58

Hampshire police have taken one of the activists arrested at the first edo demo on june 4th into custody for further questioning they arrived at the house on behalf of sussex police and arrested the activist for violent disorder, the activist was arrested at the first edo demo and has been on bail since for conspiracy to commit criminal damage, conspiracy to commit aggrevated tresspass and breach of s14.

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IWW Punk Benefit Gig - London - Friday 7 Nov

05-11-2008 12:53

A benefit gig for the IWW - the militant, radical grassroots union for all workers - is being held on Friday 7th November. All proceeds go to IWW workplace organising.

Bands include
>>PJ & Gabi
>>Apologies I Have None
>>Beginning of the End
>> with more TBC.

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Remember, remember Parihaka: Non-violent resistance invented

05-11-2008 12:37

Tony Fomison, Untitled (Te Whiti) (circa 1962)
Forget Guy Fawkes, on this day in 1881 Maori dissidents were attacked by British led troops at the culmination of possibly the first campaign of non-violent resistance.

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Activists protest in support of asylum seekers

05-11-2008 12:37

On 4 November activists from No Borders, Southall Black Sisters and the Coalitions to Stop Deportations to Iraq joined Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!’s monthly demonstration outside Communications House Immigration Reporting Centre, Old Street, London in protest against immigration Minister Phil Woolas’s new offensive against immigrants and in support of all those faced with detention and deportation.

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Media Alert: Children in the crosshairs

05-11-2008 11:49

media indifference to killing of children in the occupied territories

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Raytheon in Bristol Blockaded

05-11-2008 11:31

hi honey we're home!
Work Disrupted For The Third Time In Three Weeks At Raytheon Systems, Bristol.

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Price Reduction Campaign

05-11-2008 11:25

pissing on the poor
Whats being planned?

After a successful first meeting, the group that has now met as the Price Reduction Campaign is planning to go ahead to organise an event for DECEMBER 13th at TESCO, morning lane, Hackney (the heart of the universe!). The event will consist of a public rally/launch in the car park of Tesco’s with the view of communicating to the shoppers about the need/posibilities of Price Reduction considering the increase of prices and why they should support it and get involved.

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Why not disrupt Santa's little murderers Clarion in London this week?

05-11-2008 10:35

Clarion are the organisers of several international arms fairs, including Europe's biggest, DSEi which is held in London every two years. They are also the organisers of the recent Baby Show at Earls Court and this week's Spirit of Christmas fair at Olympia. What better opportunity to congratulate Clarion on its diverse product portfolio by getting along to Olympia and indulging in some creative campaigning? Saturday might be a particularly good day to put in an appearance, possibly in costume.

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Bolivia Kicks Out Regime-Changers Posing as Drug Cops

05-11-2008 09:57

The Americans are more interested in destabilizing the Bolivian government than in suppressing the cocaine trade. President Morales shuts down the DEA and expels the U.S. ambassador.

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Raytheon in Bristol Blockaded

05-11-2008 09:50

yes, with only two rooftop occupations, a noise demo and about twenty arrests in the last 3 weeks, it was time they pulled their finger out!

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Obama also shows horns!

05-11-2008 00:47

Showing the devils symbol of the horns has a very special and long tradition among US politicians. When bush made the sign, everybody said its bekause of a texas baseball team. Now also Obama shows horns... Texas baseball fan too?

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BNP plan demo in Birmingham

04-11-2008 22:20

The BNP are planning to hold a demonstration in Birmingham city centre on Monday 17th November, if they get away with holding a demonstration here they can get away with holding demonstration anywhere in the country, if you can make it into Birmingham on the day or if you live in Birmingham please come out on the streets to oppose the rise of these fascist wankers.

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Reel News Nov 9 Film Show: Argentina in Revolt re-released

04-11-2008 22:07


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The Destroyed Reputation of The United States Federal Government

04-11-2008 21:48

The United States Federal Government started destroying it’s reputation decades ago. Property confiscation and forced development because of taxes is "the norm" in the United States. It does not matter how long the property has been owned or who owns it, if you do not pay the government for it’s "new" taxable value, you will have it confiscated. I have watched as many people who have lived on their property for decades and even generations, have it stolen by the United States Federal Government.

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Direction of a “Civilian National Security Force” under Obama?

04-11-2008 21:34

Could Americans control the direction a civilian national security force might take under Obama? How would local police interact with a "civilian national security force” that is just as powerful as the U.S. Military?

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School strikes decision this week

04-11-2008 21:27

The NUT will reveal this week whether it will stage a series of one-day strikes which would trigger widespread school closures in the run-up to Christmas.

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Oaxaca prisoners benefit on Bonfire night.

04-11-2008 20:57

Its a benefit for these folks-

With 3 bands for 3 quid + ska/dub tunes + visuals by REEL NEWS see:

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Subvertising: DWP ads.

04-11-2008 20:19

Subvertising phoneboxes on Stockwell road.

These ads are horrible and everywhere.
Let's do them all!

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NETCU WATCH are terrorists (Soon) thoughts on s58a of the Counter Terrorism Bill

04-11-2008 19:38

Section 58A Counter Terrorism Bill 2008

This is yet another piece of legislation spewed out by the government and at a glance it appears to make the police get an even tighter stranglehold over us. This is in committee at present and it is astonishing how there has not been a public outcry or any discussion about the implications of this part of the Bill.