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Climate Prediction Experiment

19-02-2006 19:59

The BBC have teamed up with Oxford University to conduct the world's most ambitious climate modelling experiment. We want to do better than the world's supercomputers, using a technique known as distributed computing. Join in the largest climate prediction experiment ever, developed by climate scientists for the BBC using the Met Office climate model.

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19-02-2006 19:27

Live Streaming Video coverage begins at 8pm Pacific Standard Time,
Feb 20 Monday
Tune in to
for full coverage. Windows media Player required.

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The war on smoke.

19-02-2006 18:47

Full employment.

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Flyer in solidarity of squatters and anarchists recently arrested in Barcelona

19-02-2006 18:00

Flyer in English. Please download, copy and distribute. Internatonal solidarity is needed to defend our compañeros from the latest repressive wave in Barcelona.

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19-02-2006 15:57

Time for change. We have been swindled. Our Parliament is not representing us. We must use non-violent methods to bring reform. Find your GREAT REFORM ACTS in 2006. Start with EDM 1088 today. If your MP hasn't signed it, give them the pen.

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Mayday and Anti-War Demonstrations

19-02-2006 15:07


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Let’s radicalise and extend our fights

19-02-2006 14:56

This flyer will be an short reflection about our struggles and the necessary extension and radicalisation of them.

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Belfast postal wildcats win!

19-02-2006 14:15

At a packed meeting at lunchtime on Friday 17th February, in Transport House, Belfast, striking postal workers decided to end their wildcat strike and return to work having won their dispute.

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Appeal to Kofi Annan

19-02-2006 14:05

A moratorium and a UN mediation commission are vital to prevent escalation in the Iran nuclear conflict.. Since 1968, the nuclear weapon states and their allies have refused to conduct negotiations on total nuclear disarmament.

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film @ london social centre, russell square 20-21

19-02-2006 12:21

The cinema collective of the new social centre at russell square organizes film screenings every wednesday at 7pm
at the social centre

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Glorification of Blair

19-02-2006 12:07

from an anon comment on Indycymru. & good Orwell URL.

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anti-muslim cartoons: an act of racism

19-02-2006 12:04

The escalating controversy over provocative politically a motivated racist
cartoon of the Prophet of Islam published in European newspapers has exposed
secular pretensions and racism of Christian dominated so-called “Western” media
elite. These cartoons reveal adopts double standards and hypocrisy of the West. The protests against these cartoons are equally politically motivated and reveal sense of alienation and frustration among Muslim masses the world over and exclusivist mind-set of Muslims. It also exposes the impotence of Muslim regimes before “Christian West” in possession of WMD.

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Emergency demo/lobby against 150% rise in C/Care Service charges

19-02-2006 11:54

Sheffield City Council is planning to increase service charges(the amounts it charges disabled people towards their care packages) by over 150%.It will be challenged(see below)

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More photos from Shell Occupation in Islington

19-02-2006 11:06

On the roof
Photos from the Occupation of the Shell garage on Upper Street, Saturday February 18, 2006.

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Biopirates: Bayer earns $379m from diabetes drug

19-02-2006 09:48

Bacteria harvested from Kenya are being used by a global pharmaceutical company to manufacture a multi-million dollar diabetes drug, although the country is not making a shilling from the entire enterprise, a dossier prepared by a respectable American think-tank says.

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Jeb Bush linked to Florida's 911 Terrorist Flght School

19-02-2006 00:21

At the same time their planes were flying back and forth from Venezuela with illegal cargo Hilliard's charter service was also, unbelievably, being utilized at virtually no cost––despite the fact that rentals for Lear jets can run as high as $1,800 an hour––by Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

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18-02-2006 23:16

Have you ever written to a AR prisoner? If not , why not?? Start today.....

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next Camp for Climate Action organising weekend, 11th & 12th March, Oxford

18-02-2006 22:48

next meetings announced & leaflet text - get more leaflets from networking AT

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London Shell Petrol Station Blockaded

18-02-2006 21:59

Shell Petrol Station Blockade
Today 40 activists fom Rising Tide, Rhythms of Resistance and other groups shut down a Shell petrol station in Islington, London in solidarity with the International Day of Action against Shell's onshore pipeline in County Mayo, Ireland.

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The failure of representative democracy – a case study

18-02-2006 20:39

This is a sorry tale of the government’s ID card Bill, a misquote in the local press and an MP who doesn’t answer questions.