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05-07-2003 15:25


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Kristen Ess : "Maybe you will get a state in 2005"

05-07-2003 14:46

Each week Kristen Ess files reports and gives voice to Palestinians, providing a necessary forum for understanding and ending the human rights disaster in Occupied Palestine. Please distribute widely. Includes 35s announcement & LATEST report filed on July 4th, 2003. Length: 10:13

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3 pics from Independence from America day at US spy base Menwith Hill

05-07-2003 13:17

DJ Pandamondium on a unicycle.
3 more pics from Menwith Hill on Independence from America day.

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Blood spangled banner

05-07-2003 13:06

Picture of the blood stained Stars and Stripes at Independence from America day at the US illegal spy base Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire.

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Solidarity to the prisoners of the EU summit

05-07-2003 13:01

Solidarity to the Prisoners of the EU Summit. You can contribute money needed for legal help at this account number: Pireos Bank (, 5209-0164-58-443. You can also check out the site of the legal team assembled for this cause:

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Menwith Hill - bogus liberal politics

05-07-2003 12:59

UK Police defending US government property from UK citizens
Analysis and photo of Independence from America day and the mixed up society we live in.

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Penny Rimbaud at Menwith Hill

05-07-2003 12:53

Penny Rimbaud at Menwith Hill
Pic and article about Penny Rimbauds performance at Menwith Hill on Indpendence from America day.

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Independence from America day

05-07-2003 12:49

Independence from America day
A great day out at Menwith Hill of July 4th.

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RAF Waitrose.

05-07-2003 12:28

Waitrose claims AirShow helps RAF families.

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London Menwith Demo

05-07-2003 12:17

London Menwith demo flops.

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Protest, in Gaborone, Botswana

05-07-2003 11:45

A small anti-war protest in Gaborone, Botswana

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israels secret terrorism

05-07-2003 04:11

by livia rokach

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A Light at the End of the Congo Tunnel

05-07-2003 00:37

A short-mandate force of international troops, led by France, is in the process of installing itself in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (Background Report), a nation just coming off a five year civil war which saw more deaths than any conflict since World War II

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menwith hill 04/07/03 sheffield samba band

04-07-2003 23:58

menwith hill gatecrashers ball
sheffield samba band

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More on Menwith Hill Independence

04-07-2003 22:33

Menwith Hill is redefining demonstrations with the superimposition of good energy on the bad
This way we srand a chance of winning
Somebody please supply some more accurate detail
Death to the new world order

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Fairford Independence from America Day

04-07-2003 21:22

First pictures from Fairford of the Gatecrashers' Stroll and Declaration of Independence from America.

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NYC sued over 'non-vegetarian' prison policy

04-07-2003 20:39

Lawyers for the three inmates, serving sentences ranging from one year to two to six years on criminal mischief charges for their activities during a protest against animal testing, said they believe this is the first suit of its type against the New York City Department of Corrections (DOC).

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Scott Ritter Speaks In Galway

04-07-2003 19:56

Scott Ritter Galway July 03
Scott Ritter former UN Weapons Inspector spoke last night in Galway
in support of Mary Kelly's actions in Shannon airport where she attempted to disarm
a US Military Warplane. Scott was in Ireland to testify at her trial.

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Climate change here - official

04-07-2003 19:28

The Independent today broke the news that a respected and impartial UN body is warning that climate change has arrived in a big way this year.