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Is Venezuela A Threat To US Security?

11-09-2006 14:03

A brief analysis of United States' influence and interference in the domestic affairs of Venezuela since the coming to power of President Hugo Chavez Frias in 1998, in light of recent allegations that Venezuela is harbouring terrorists.

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This Wednesdays demo at EDO MBM needs to be a big one

11-09-2006 13:22

This Wednesdays demo at EDO MBM needs to be a big one

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11-09-2006 13:10

Police does not take any risks and they arrested over 136 people out of 200, who were having a peacefull demonstaration. All participating into demonstration were taken on photo and their identies were put on a security police’s black list.

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Boycott of the China olympic games in 2008

11-09-2006 11:48

Ten Reasons Why the Free World with The Leadership of America Must Boycott the 2008 Olympic Games in Communist China
By Demetrius Klitou

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Film showing in Brixton

11-09-2006 11:45

You've heard the politicians and the media lies, now see the film and get the true story.

"Behind The Mask" is a unique documentary focusing on those individuals who take direct action to save animals. It is a film the government doesn't want you to see!

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Leeds Palestine Film Night: "Goal Dreams"

11-09-2006 11:26

Map to the Common Place
Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign Presents:
Film Nights at the Common Place Cinema
Join us for a fortnightly film and discussion night
At the Common Place, Wharf Street (off Kirkgate) Leeds City Centre
Wednesday 13th September 7 pm:

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11-09-2006 09:13

Art must serve as a mirror of society.
This old cliché was confirmed once again this month during the 63rd Venice Film Festival when the coveted Golden Lion was won by a Chinese film carrying a political message about the destructive social and environmental effects of building huge dams, in this case China’s monstrous Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River.

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Australia: Channel 10 may get Wakely-Award over 9/11 'truth' film

11-09-2006 08:44

Are there no standards we can expect from other channels? Have they no sense of shame for trying to cover up killers against the memory of those cruelly murdered five years ago by maniacs in the White House?

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Inquests into 3 deaths in Immigration Detention

11-09-2006 05:23

Manuel Pereira Bravo, from Angola - found dead at Yarl's Wood, 15th September 20
There have been 10 deaths in Immigration Removal centres in the last six years.

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This Sat: London to Brighton for EDO March

10-09-2006 23:39

Londoners will be meeting at London Victoria ticket office at 10am on Sat 16th to head down to Brighton for the EDO march together.

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The Smoking Bums!

10-09-2006 21:35

I'm going under
It's wrong but I want it to be right!

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Mind Control In America

10-09-2006 20:49

This video explores the history and impact of Mind Control in contemporary America

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Police Thug Identified

10-09-2006 19:56

Collar No:QV 402
This policeman, QV 402 of the met was seen to repeatedly assault women on the childrens march to drax power station.

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9/11 Truth Demonstration - London - TOMORROW

10-09-2006 19:29

9/11 Truth Demonstration
9/11 Truth Demonstration
US Embassy
Grosvenor Square
London W1

11th September 2006

12.30pm - 2.30pm

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Merseyside FBU March Announced

10-09-2006 19:25

Solidarity with Merseyside members of FBU

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SchNEWS on 9/11

10-09-2006 19:20

M6 Northbound Junction 32-33 (7-9-06)
Following is SchNEWS from Friday 8th September 2006, Issue 559 and it's article on 9/11 and after that a reply from David Shalyer who is attacked in the article.

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York IMC Launch // 12 September // Space 109, Walmgate

10-09-2006 17:21

New Independent Media Centre to be launched in York, 12 September

A new Independent Media Centre (IMC) is to be launched at Space 109 (community centre), Walmgate, York, 19:30.