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Billboards Subverted + Vehicles Trashed at Oxford Uni Supplier

26-01-2008 15:23

New Heart Attack Combo!
January 24, 2008 - Canada

January 25, 2008 - UK

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Helping the Palestinian Cause: Norman Finkelstein

26-01-2008 14:45


On Wednesday 23rd January, The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) hosted a workshop entitled "How can UK Residents Help the Palestinian Cause?" The guest speaker was Norman Finkelstein, and this audio is a record of the event. The first part consists of Finkelstein's Introductory remarks, and Part 2 is a recording of the workshop, and a short Q&A session.

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REMEMBER HOLOCAUSTS, with new enquiries, new passion, rage, love . . . .

26-01-2008 14:05

This sunday is holocaust memorial day.
There is a "holocaust memorial day trust" www site,
there is also "" . . . . but there are also other things to remember,
as with the "remember each eleventh" campaign, the key is to both remember the actual people involved - ALL types - as whole people who were going to have entirely different breathing existences, of laughs, of wry sideways smiles, of mistakes, of gifts left for the worlds future in little ways or large . . . . but also to keep enquiries open to avert the stupidities recurrence. . . .

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London Critical Mass January ride.

26-01-2008 09:34

A subdued start to a good ride, held up by a massive traffic jam in the Strand, but it livened up later with a bike high in Piccadilly Circus and taunts to impatient car horns. Joyful chants of 'More bikes less cars' and 'Whose streets? Our streets'.

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The Free Voice of Labour: the Jewish Anarchists Mon 28th January

26-01-2008 09:17

The latest film being shown by Manchester Projectile Films, Monday 28th January. Starts 7.30pm

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The True Miracle of Israel

26-01-2008 00:26

What is remarkable is not Israel's creation, but rather the perpetuation of the lies and the injustice upon which it survives

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New Sequani campaign building momentum + new job openings for security staff!

26-01-2008 00:09

Demos every day at Sequani torture labs, workers shamed in and out of work! Now up to five security guards for five protesters as new campaign builds up momentum!

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ALF Target McDonalds & Hunters Cars

25-01-2008 23:50

'MEAT IS MURDER' was spray painted on the front and back windows of a McDonalds in the west, Countryside allaince signs were smashed, the side of a landrover was scratched, another hunt car had both sides and bonnet scraped and messages such as "ALF" and "HUNT SCUM" were left on the side of one hunt supporters car - spotted conveniently with Pro-Hunt stickers.

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This Week In Palestine – week 4 2008

25-01-2008 23:35

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for January 13th through to January 25th, 2008.

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Fit Watch Delay Start of Police March

25-01-2008 23:29

Okay – maybe for only five minutes – but at least we got to obstruct 20,000 cops, which might be a record.

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Chiswick protest against Total Oil support for Burma dictatorship

25-01-2008 22:30

Twelve protesters held a demonstration at the West Four Total Oil petrol station at 137 Chiswick High Road on January 24th, calling on the company to stop giving the brutal military junta hundreds of millions of dollars a year, as the largest western supporter of the military regime.

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Escape from Gaza or Voluntary Transfer?

25-01-2008 19:34

Forget everything you've read about the “Great Escape” from Gaza. It's thoroughly misleading, most probably cooked up in an Israeli think tank as way to rid Palestine of its indigenous people.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 24th January 2008

25-01-2008 18:47

NCADC News Service

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US Passport Cards to contain RFID chips

25-01-2008 17:25

The US will begin issuing Passport cards for frequent travel between the US and Mexico, Canada, the Carribbean, and Bermuda. These cards will contain Radio Frequenqy Identification Chips linked to government databases.

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Harassment at CDG continues

25-01-2008 16:22

CDG, Careers Development Group, run New Deal 'boot camps' on behalf of Job Centres.

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Justice For Atenco!!!

25-01-2008 15:37


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Gordon Goebbels Brown's head in a SOCPA 2005 noose please

25-01-2008 14:54

Good for the goose is good for the gander.

What is the punishment for high treason in England or in Iraq, as the case may be? Where have they been committing their crimes? Where should they be tried?

What should the punishment be for any war criminal?

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++ Brad Will Film at rampART ++ WED 30TH ++ 8pm

25-01-2008 13:56

Popular Uprising in Oaxaca
When Mexican paramilitary forces shot Brad Will in the chest, killing
him, his camera fell from his hands. But it didn't stop recording. It
continued moving from hand to hand.
Brad's camera paints us a picture of what his life was about, and what
so many of his friends continue to struggle for.

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US election,help consensus, vote like CNT did in pre-revolutionary spain

25-01-2008 13:34

Bans on heirarchical political parties makes sense, we had problems with Marxist "proletarian" dictators, but green party founded in the UK uses consensus & delegation.Its being slaughtered by corporate media in US elections.This article is not from the "heirachy", its from an individual member with anarchist views

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Teenager arrested after tying herself to Japananese Embassy

25-01-2008 12:54

A British teenager has been arrested after tying herself to a staircase at the Japanese Embassy in London in a protest over whaling, she said. Sophie said last night: "I honestly think that me having a criminal record is not a big price to pay when what the whales are going through is so much worse."