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Bush's Oil War Strategy is Dumb

27-09-2002 08:31

Bush's strategy is to wage war on the Gulf, and replacing those regimes which do not do his bidding in OPEC with more "democratic" ones. But this war for oil strategy is flawed, since oil prices can best be controlled by the rapid introduction of hydrogen powered vehicles.

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Speak out against war on iraq

27-09-2002 07:36

An American war against Iraq grows more likely with each passing day.
But there is still something important you can do to help stop it.

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Planned war date - 25th October

26-09-2002 23:33

A well-connected journalist friend of mine has been given a Foreign Office briefing to "stay away from Baghdad on the 25th October!

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26-09-2002 22:55


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Gimme an f...F...gimme a u...U...gimme a c....C....

26-09-2002 22:18

“Iraqi War Song” Gives Protesters Musical Boost:
Country Joe McDonald’s Woodstock Anthem Updated
Sandpoint, ID — The famous Vietnam War protest anthem written and performed by Country Joe McDonald at the historic Woodstock concert in 1969, has been re-released with updated lyrics to serve the rapidly growing anti-globalization and War protest movement.

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Anti-War Protest in Hereford

26-09-2002 19:54

Anti-war demo in Hereford

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Problems of Perspective

26-09-2002 19:39

Stop the War Coalition

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Who IS the enemy here? A call for action.

26-09-2002 18:23

Trent Lott unwittingly put his finger right on it.

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More about Lancaster University expansion

26-09-2002 17:41

After the council decision to go ahead with the Jarvis PFI expansion, with new student accommodation on greenfields south of campus, the university now has deposited plans for a new 'Infolab' complex, expanding out into a greenfield site east of the first development.

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Saturday evening event

26-09-2002 17:01

Youth & Student Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament 'NUKES OUT NOW!' Campaign Launch

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Prosecute Sharon for war crimes, Israeli women say

26-09-2002 16:58

By Robert Fisk in Beirut

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Audio RTS Dublin Car Free Day

26-09-2002 15:53

Audio 5min
Reclaim the streets dublin Ireland S22 (article 1)

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Papuan independance leader on trial

26-09-2002 15:51

Papuan independance leader on trial
On Tuseday, Benny Wenda's trial began and was immediately haulted due to the prosecution failing to hand the interrogation files to the defence. (article 1)

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Farnborough Airport

26-09-2002 15:46

Commenst have been updated.

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Friday: PRE-ACTION SPOKESCOUNCIL for anti-capitalist bloc

26-09-2002 15:45

Various activists have called a pre-action spokescouncil for the anti-capitalist bloc on saturday's demo.

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VIDEO Reclaim The Streets DUBLIN S22

26-09-2002 15:42

VIDEO windows media player 2min 4sec
Reclaim the streets Ireland Video

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The American Century

26-09-2002 15:33

The American Century has only just begun, and we're fixing to make it last a thousand years. - satire reposted from CounterPunch

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US bombs civialian airport

26-09-2002 15:13

Americans bomb civilian airport.

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Evidence that anti-war coverage is aleady being censored

26-09-2002 14:51

Independent website article on Stop the War march removed

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The Tanks Go Into Whitehall!!!

26-09-2002 14:08

The Tanks Go Into Whitehall!!!
Tank Puppet Action on 26th September 2002, Whitehall, London. (article 1)