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08-08-2005 20:21

Please show your support outside Newbury Magistrates Court.

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Treason & Terror

08-08-2005 18:56

This is much like the White House interfering to stop the FBI from investigating the Arabs the CIA was training, who were later blamed for the 911 attacks. Interesting ...

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Pictures of Open Boat Day 2005

08-08-2005 18:38

The (rather lush) interior of one of the boats.
Yesterday Afternoon (Sunday, August 7th, 2005), the Camboaters Association held their second Open Boat Day on the Jesus Green end of the River Cam.

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7/7 London Tube Atrocity - Some questions that need to be answered.

08-08-2005 18:16

It was the enclosed article that led to the media frenzy in trying to get the chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque in the UK to step down or be fired. He has however received the full backing of his community.

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Second Parliament Square protest halted under anti-terror laws

08-08-2005 18:11

UK London Metropolitan Police continued to gag peaceful protest using laws designed to tackle organised crime and terrorism on Sunday 7 August.

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An American Muslim Outlook on Britain

08-08-2005 17:13

When fears sets in though people stop thinking. That is why in Islam one of the definitions of worship lies in the question of whom one fears and for a Muslim to fear another human being is detrimental to the soul of the believer. Today the British people are living in fear because people do not know what is going to happen next and outlets like Sky News are trying to use fear as a marketing tool just as their counterpart Fox News has done in the US.

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Euromayday Arrests Update

08-08-2005 16:02

Two people arrested and charged during London Mayday 2005 action in court today (Monday August 8th)

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Student left conference at University of East London, September 3

08-08-2005 15:48

University of East London SU, Students Against Sweatshops and the Education Not for Sale network are co-hosting a conference on "Putting political activism back in the student movement" to bring together left activists and campaigners.

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Akha wife of American Activist Persecuted By US Immigration

08-08-2005 14:59

Akha-US Family Stranded in South East Asia
An Akha woman from Thailand who together with her American husband Matthew McDaniel fought to protect Akha human rights in Thailand has repeatedly seen her visa to the US delayed. The family sees this as direct retaliation for their human rights work.

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Parliament Square protest video

08-08-2005 13:37

7min video of Parliament Square protests 7/8/2005

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Grow your own GM crop

08-08-2005 13:26

Guardian - GM crops can be grown in the UK without farmers having to notify the authorities or their neighbours, the Guardian has discovered after testing a loophole which allows enthusiasts to grow their own GM maize.

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Pledging to Contact Kate Hoey

08-08-2005 13:24

"I will contact Kate Hoey, MP for Vauxhall, asking why she has time to become chairman of the Countryside Alliance when she only attended 55% of votes as our Member of Parliament. but only if 10 other Lambeth residents will too."

11 signers so far...

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No-go zone to encircle arms fair

08-08-2005 13:06

London's over-stretched police officers will impose an exclusion zone on parts of the Docklands, in east London, up to 48 hours before the start of Europe's largest arms fair.
Routes leading to the Docklands ExCeL centre will be closed to demonstrators amid growing concern about the implications of policing the three-day event at the same time as maintaining the current high terrorist alert throughout the capital.

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USA antiwar movement

08-08-2005 12:29

Resistance grows to war in USA

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Craig Murray on the death of Robin Cook

08-08-2005 12:07

Blair arranged Robin Cook’s defeat at Cabinet when Cook wanted to stop the export of British Aerospace Hawk jets to the Suharto regime of Indonesia, which has a strong history of vicious repression of its disparate peoples. I was told by a Cabinet Minister who sided with Cook, that Blair managed Cook’s cabinet defeat in as confrontational and humiliating a manner as possible.

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08-08-2005 12:05

Appeal for info and witnesses for those arrested at the G8

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No2ID campaign meeting in Oxford

08-08-2005 10:30

The local No2ID group for Oxfordshire, based in Oxford, is meeting this week to discuss opposing the introduction of ID Cards and the Database State, and are part of the national No2ID Card campaign (

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Even BP publicly call for action on Peak Oil!!!

08-08-2005 09:29

Australian BP boss calls for action on peak oil and climate change

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Repeating border conflicts between Russia

08-08-2005 06:57

Russia’s has been testing their watertight air defence and Finnish border control by committing several border violations in Finland and Russia border zone. Russia Air Force has been insulting Finland’s air space frequently, 11 times between
Sebtember 2004 and May 2005. Last border violation took place last Friday, August 5 2005 in front of Porvoo.

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Remembering the ESF

08-08-2005 00:39

Good article from a person who's eyes were opened to the dark side of left/reformism social change.