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BTL:UN Security Council Approves Resolution Renewing Iraq Weapons Inspections

14-11-2002 10:33

U.S. interpets wording of document as authority to wage war against Baghdad for any future violations. Interview with James Paul, executive director of the Global Policy Forum conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris.

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Demo: Against Fascist Spain Saturday 16th Nov

14-11-2002 10:25

Demo: Against Fascist Spain Saturday 16th Nov 2002,
Against Fascist Spain
Demo outside the Spanish Embassy in London (39 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8SB)

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News From Brum

14-11-2002 10:18

An off beat piece of news relevent to the origins of the TWO Stop The War groups in brum.

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Westbank cities under harsh attack

14-11-2002 09:28

Yesterday, Qalqilya was under total curfew as soldiers hit a number of schools with tear gas. Jenin has been under total re-occupation for 18 days, Nablus is being attacked (again) and the Israeli Army is carrying out almost daily “operations” (arresting, killing, demolishing) in Tulkarem. Meanwhile, Israeli-contracted bulldozers continue to work on uprooting Palestinian farmers’ trees and destroying and isolating from its owners, the most fertile land in Palestine.

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ACLU & SOA Watch Challenge in Court Plan to Search Protest Participants

14-11-2002 06:06

Thousands Expected to Arrive in Columbus, GA This Weekend to Expose Double Standard in the War on Terrorism

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Thousands of students protest in Tehran, Isfahan, Aghajari, Oroumiyeh and Kerman

14-11-2002 03:21

For more than 5 days thousands of Iranian students have demonstrated calling for the release of all political prisoners and against a death sentence passed on a reformist Islamist academic, Aghajari. He is alleged to have committed blasphemy during a speech this summer.

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my first visit to a tree-sit

14-11-2002 02:51

this piece is about a july visit to the horehound tree-sit in the solo timber sale in mt. hood national forest (near portland, oregon, u.s.a.). it is divided into 6 parts because it contains many high-resolution photographs that would choke bandwidth if it was all in one piece. logging season in that part of the forest ended in october, so horehound and her family are safe for the time being, but the struggle to save our public lands from corporate rape is ongoing, and we will need to work over the winter to prevent dangerous legislation from passing, and to prepare for active resistance again in the spring.

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New Plans for Cyprus

14-11-2002 01:29

New Plans for Cyprus
The new plan for Cyprous

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Prior Warning

14-11-2002 01:09

Shall I spell it out for you?


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Firefighters strike - day one

14-11-2002 00:03

Firefighters strike - day one
A small selection of photos taken on the picket line of the main fire station in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (article 1)

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Money for deadly nuclear industry - none for firefighters

13-11-2002 21:13

Last week HMS Trafalgar, a cruise missile armed nuclear powered submarine, ran aground near the island of Skye. This week, 20 workers were irradiated in a nuclear leak at Dounreay. Are we hearing calls from government for this doomed and deadly industry to be finished off before it finishes US off?

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Cambridge Firefighter Solidarity!

13-11-2002 21:10

Cambridge Firefighter Solidarity!
Cambridge University students turned out today to support the firefighter walkout.

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British Aerospace tube ad subvertising

13-11-2002 20:30

saw some excellent subverts on the tube tonight

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woodside eviction news video

13-11-2002 20:17

text intro and link to real media stream

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US Embassy London protest tonight: report

13-11-2002 20:03

a small but noisy demo tonight outside the US embassy

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John Moore - poet and primitivist is dead

13-11-2002 19:42

John Moore, the poet, author and anarcho-primitivist, has died.

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No to Anti-Seminism, No to Israel!

13-11-2002 18:38

The Zionists deflect criticism from Israel by portraying it as a small country-a lamb amongst lions-whose very existence is threatened by hostile Arab armies.

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Scots say no to GMO

13-11-2002 18:18

Bayer CropScience introduce Frankenstein food tests to the delicate eco-balance of the pristine Black Isle.

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thoughts after the ESF; after a big meeting on the ferry home

13-11-2002 17:43

On the cross-channel ferry coming back from Florence, a coachload of people who had attended the
European Social Forum held a short impromptu meeting on what we made of it and where to go
now. A report from a participant.

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UK govt gives backing to Star Wars

13-11-2002 17:35

Hoon, defence secretary, has said new labour supports NMD. This will effectively start a new star wars, demolish our chance of a nuclear free world and will waste billions. See and for details.