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Bush and Blair are real victims...

18-01-2004 14:10

The Real Victims Let's be honest. The Bush and Blair are the real victims of this war. They were lied to by their intelligence services, maligned by the press, scorned by the public. All for trying to overthrow a rancorous dictator who GASSED HIS OWN PEOPLE, YES HIS OWN PEOPLE.

Let's be a little bit more honest than that...

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The Question That Has Troubled Mankind For Years - Which Is The Best Pie?

18-01-2004 13:42

This is Where Beef Comes From
Humanity since its existence has struggled to answer some of the most difficult questions known. Such As Is Their Life Beyond Earth? Is Their Life After Death? Where Do Babies Come From? Such difficult questions have plagued mankind for centuries, but the one that has failed to be attempted to be answered by anyone due to its controversy – Which Is The Best Pie? (Cheers)

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Putin's KGB against Russian Anarchists

18-01-2004 11:59

The Federal Security Service is about to imprison the members of "The Autonomus Action".

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Martin Luther King, Love and terrorism

18-01-2004 09:51

There is a universal love throughout humankind that we must not ignore or forget. This year, more than the past 51, reminds me that the ultimate gifts will not be under a tree with fancy bows; it will be the love that makes the world. And a particular love is unique to those people that have special meaning in our lives: family, friends, and those of you reading this e-mail.

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With love to Guevara02 (by Latuff)

18-01-2004 09:14

Free Palestine
Keep strong, my brother. Keep the faith. You are not alone. Good wishes and vibrations are coming from all corners of the world, including Brazil. There is not an everlasting oppression. Palestine will be free.

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18-01-2004 06:56

Peace in Iraq
Peace in Iraq 2004

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RAT billboard action

18-01-2004 03:07

Short reportage from subvertising action in north Poland

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esf 2004: abandon or contaminate?

17-01-2004 23:38

Many grassroots organisations in the UK are at the moment considering whether to participate in the ESF 2004 or not. The same question was discussed in Italy with regard to the ESF 2002.

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17-01-2004 22:55

Seattle Police at June 2, 2003 LEIU Protests...
In a time when Seattle is in deep need of money for its schools, affordable housing, etc., we are paying $250,000, and rightly so, to protesters who were grotesquely violated at the WTO protests in 1999. And Seattle did not learn from that riot, as it produced two more unnecessary police riots in 2003, which still need to be addressed properly by officials, and perhaps the courts.

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Saboteur ridden down at hunt - huntsman arrested

17-01-2004 18:52

Press release regarding attack on hunt saboteur and criticism of police attitude to hunt sabs.

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Community radio streaming from World Social Forum 2004 in Mumbai

17-01-2004 17:43

Another communication is possible! / Une autre communication est possible! / ¡Otra Comunicación es posible!

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Hunger strike protest in Seven Sisters

17-01-2004 17:19

This is a press release on the 27th day of a hunger strike in Seven Sisters, Haringey, London. It is one of a number of similar protests in Europe against prison repression in Turkey. It is to continue for 45 days, and a rally is planned outside the hunger strike tent on Saturday the 24th.

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Four more U.S. soldiers die in Iraq yesterday and today

17-01-2004 17:17

TIKRIT, Iraq - The number of American service members who have died in the Iraq conflict since war started last March reached 500 Saturday after a roadside bomb exploded near Baghdad, killing three U.S. soldiers and two Iraqi civil defense troopers.

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Afghanistan: elections in the North...

17-01-2004 15:26

Atta walks in
A few photos and report from the North of Afghanistan, where a citizen of Oxford is now a UN volunteer.

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Europol document on "anarchist terrorism"

17-01-2004 15:16

Terrorist activity in the European Union - situation & trends report. Europol document that discusses terrorism in the EU, particularly the threat of anarchist groups moving towards terrorism. Its a great read!

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American dead in Iraq officially passes the 500 mark

17-01-2004 15:06

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq
The latest deaths inside the "Sunni triangle" - which has seen the fiercest resistance to US-led forces - takes the total of US soldiers killed in Iraq since the war began to 500.
That's the official figures, so it's probably quite a bit more, but still an embarassment for GW and the nazi hordes. I wonder if it might not be time for a 911 sequel , one thing is 4 sure if the NWO possee is on the ropes and needs an election booster Bin Liner and Al Qaeda all stars will give them a 5 star performance .

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The World Votes - let america know who the world want to rule them

17-01-2004 12:47

You get to vote in a global poll to elect the world government of the United States.
(your vote may not affect the actual poll - but if enough people vote it could be pretty powerful)

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17-01-2004 11:21

There were THREE Glicks killed on 911.

Not one ,not two ,but three Glicks.

A mindboggling amazing tragic coincidence.

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Cambridge talk on GATS and global trade inequalities

17-01-2004 11:16

People and Planet talk upcoming:

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council tax olympics

17-01-2004 00:11

Barbara Cassani wants our council tax to pay for Olympics!