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Berlin Antifascist Christian S. in prison again!

10-07-2007 16:01

Christian S., an autonomous antifascist from Berlin is sitting again in prison since the 14th of July.

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The State of the 'Criminal' Justice System

10-07-2007 15:38

I am 14 years old, and am being dragged through the courts on a jumped up charge, whilst the police make every attempt to make me plead guilty.

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Call For Help For Tara

10-07-2007 15:31

a call for all road-protesters and defenders of the earth who may be at a loose end to answer this earnest, bordering on desperate PLEA for help for the dozen or so protesters who are doing all they can to hold back babylon from its destruction of the Hill of Tara and the surrounding valley. the heavies have moved in with the nail-studded planks of wood, and a hundred dozers are ready for a big push any time soon, so runs the rumour. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE

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New Anarchist Media: Anarchism

10-07-2007 15:18

This Site has English and Serbocroatian language section, although my English language is not perfect. Visitors can change templates, to give comments on news, to eliminate alone their registration, to send their news and texts, to make google translation from english to other languages.

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Tara campaign critical/Demo Friday 13th

10-07-2007 14:42

Demo outside the Irish Embassy in London, at 12 noon (17 Grovesnor place london sw1 uk) Neolithic archeaology site being treashed by diggers to make new m3 motorway in Ireland, few people on ground at Tara, all numbers at demo or protest needed now.!.

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John Bowden and Guantanamo Bay

10-07-2007 13:31

I just received a lovely letter from John Bowden. He has been told in writing why he isn't allowed to hear the CD I made for him. An assistant governor at Glenochil listened to it and deemed it contained sectarian songs. When asked for an example she said it was the Seize the Day song "Club X-Ray". She wrote this clearly criticised Guantanamo Bay and such criticisms would offend prison staff.

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Hand Built Wind Turbine Course 20-22 July, Lincs/Notts

10-07-2007 13:27

Course: Hand Built Wind Turbines
Dates: 20th-22nd July
Location: Hill Holt Wood, Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border.
cost: £200, discounts available on request.

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Government aggrees to amendment of proposed changes to Highway Code

10-07-2007 11:22

Following pressure from many cyclists across the country, it appears - at least on the surface - that the government might have adopted a sensible approach and changed the original daft draft proposed changes to the Highway Code.

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No deportations to DRC/ Demostrations Friday 13th July

10-07-2007 11:09


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UK terrorism (part 5) by Latuff

10-07-2007 09:45

UK terrorism, part 5
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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On Cue, “al-Qaeda” Threatens Iran

10-07-2007 09:21

On the one hand, “al-Qaeda” supposedly declares a hankering to attack Iran, while on the other, according to NewsroomAmerica, “al-Qaeda” is “using Iran to organize and launch operations against U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq and elsewhere, western officials say…. The Financial Times reports that while the extent of al-Qaeda operations based in Iran isn’t clear, it is believed to be taking place with the direct approval of Iran’s hardline Islamic government.”

Go figure.

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Jerusalem conference

10-07-2007 08:48

to recommend withdrawl from West Bank

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Power Up! Benefit Party

10-07-2007 01:08


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Privatization as a Threat

10-07-2007 01:04

Privatization undermines the nature of the state, the state's reason to exist, and leads to the loss of identity and sovereignty. The state revenue side is weakened by privatizing profitable state expenses. Siegfried Bross is a judge on the German Constitutional Court.

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UK terrorism (part 4) by Latuff

09-07-2007 22:23

Postcard from London
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Afghan MP talks of hatred of NATO

09-07-2007 22:17

"There is a big hatred in the heart of our people against NATO already," said Haji Abdul Khaleq Mojahed, a parliament member. More civilian deaths -- 314 -- were caused by international or Afghan security forces than by insurgents, who caused 279 deaths.

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Tuesday 10th July - The Threat To Reason

09-07-2007 20:18

An evening of diverse views and discussion on the UK and US 'War on Terror'
How will you react?

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Dr House and the Human Error

09-07-2007 19:15

But crudest it is than in Chapter the patients risked their lives when leaving single Cuba to be taken care of with the Dr House. Nor I was wanted it to think when they told the synopsis me of the Chapter, I saw myself forced to see it to believe it and is thus, two Cubans leaving towards the United States in raft to be taken care of with House, as if in Cuba there were not sufficient doctors

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GM Crop Trashing in Local Press

09-07-2007 18:05

The local paper in Cambridge has run an article on the crop trashing which happened just outside the city over the weekend.

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No deportations to DRC/ Demostrations Friday 13th July

09-07-2007 18:02