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Olympic City Corruption

26-09-2000 19:00

Is it true that the Sydney Taxi Industry is run by the Mafia? Is it also true that the State Government has no power to stop them or at least are lacking political will to stop them?

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Conference Centre goes into 'lock down'

26-09-2000 17:57

Official confirmation has been received from an official inside the building that nobody is permitted to leave at present.

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Civil Rights Caravan on the Road!

26-09-2000 14:58

Refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and supporters are travelling throughout England in support of victims of racial violence and all those who are affected by the border regime.

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Situation at the Nuselsky bridge:

26-09-2000 14:20

At least 10,000-15,000 protestors have converged onto the city of Prague!!! Police have barricaded the main bridge leading over to the congress center...

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Undercurrents Audio protest Report Fluffy Blockade

26-09-2000 14:07

Paul tells us how protesters where he is - the Pink brigade - are disrupting the protest in a non-violent way. A Blockade with Samba band right next the building where the IMF meeting is being held.

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Interview with Jessica Woodroffe author of a World Development Movement report

26-09-2000 13:23

Interview with Jessica Woodroffe author of a World Devolopment Movement report which says since the anti-globalisation protests in seattle, last year there have been at least 50 seperate cases of civil unrest in 13 poor countries

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interest in Independent Media from the secret Police

26-09-2000 13:06

Paul from Undercurrents tells of interest in Independent Media from the secret Police and how to turn the tables the Undercurrents way.

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Frontline report from the Orange line of protesters.

26-09-2000 13:01

Frontline report from the Orange line of protesters.
Focus on LaBasta and heavily armed Police lines. "We're talking tanks mate"

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5 personas se quedan en la frontera (spanish and english)

25-09-2000 23:31

Los 5 autocares procedentes de Catalunya que iban dirección a Praga han estado algunas horas parados en la frontera de la Repœblica Checa.

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25.9.00 - Waterloo Station, London: NoBorder demands free movement for people

25-09-2000 23:14

As world bank and IMF are pushing free movement for money in Prague,
NoBorders activists claimed free movement for people in Waterloo Station,

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Those Cheek E- Monkeys

25-09-2000 22:29

Electronic Protest On-Line : FRA produce revolutionary software
A new trend is being seen in the fight against irresponsible global economics is the use of Cyber protests or Electronic Sit-ins.

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Prague: Banner hangers reportedly assaulted, detained.

25-09-2000 17:41

After reaching land following the hanging of a banner near the congress center an unkown number of activists were reportedly assulted and detained by unmarked police, according to Samantha at the INPEG press center.

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Czech border situation (INPEG press conference)

25-09-2000 15:59

INPEG press conference 25-09-2000 11am

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Legal observers negotiate with police to stop illegal passport checking

25-09-2000 15:30

Legal observers have entered into negotiations with the police to stop unlawful identy checks throughout Prague.

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Ya Basta! train has arrived

25-09-2000 14:33

About 1200 mainly Italian protesters have arrived in Prague after 19-hour border dispute with Czech authorities. Reports of riot police intimdation and "black list" arrest sheets.

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S24: Brighton Counter-conference and demo

25-09-2000 13:59

Over 1000 activists met in Brighton yesterday to discuss how to fight globalisation of capital and to offer an alternative to the corporate festival organised by the Labour Party.

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Prague Police outside IMC Prague

25-09-2000 11:07

Prague Police outside IMC Prague
25.9.2000 12:08pm GMT +1 The police are out front of the main Independent Media Center (IMC) on Legrovoa Street in Prague. The Czech police are checking and recording indymedia journalists passport numbers and ID's as they enter and leave the IMC. It doesn't appear that the cops are attempting to enter the center.

Police are also performing spot checks in the area and on public transport, increasing the tension ahead of tomorrows main protests.

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Capitalism vs. The Environment

25-09-2000 02:34

The Global Resource Bank resolves the dilemma of capitalism versus the environment. We ask anticapitalist and environmentalists to join together with all other people in support of the Global Resource Bank. The Bank is the "creative solution" President Havel of the Czech Republic has asked us for. Now we ask him to lead the United Nations in its endorsement of the Global Resource Bank.

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Financial Crimes distribution (film/mpg)

25-09-2000 02:03

Activists giving out the Financial Crimes spoof newspaper in the City of London as part of a London wide distribution. Read the report at

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London U'wa solidarity actions - Fidelity and Columbian Embassy (film/mpg)

25-09-2000 01:48

As the U'wa people of Colombia are facing the final showdown in their eight year campaign to prevent Occidental petroleum from drilling in their ancestral lands, on Friday the 22 activists were picketing Fidelity Investments, one of Oxy's largest shareholders, and the Columbian Embassy in London. Read the report at