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Nazi Boxing Fundraiser at the Circus Tavern Essex!

21-08-2010 08:22

Following their planned "Fumble For The Fatherland" bout in February at the Caesars Nightclub venue at Streatham in South London, the neo-Nazis of the EDL are planning a boxing fundraiser on Saturday the 4th of September at 7PM at the "world famous" Circus Tavern in Purfleet, Essex. 

The sport of proud Muslim legends Muhammad Ali and Amir Khan is being hijacked by EDL's Essex organisers to raise the profile of the violent fascist organisation, and will happen just days after they destroy Bradford with their self-styled "World War III" in Bradford the previous weekend. 

Advertised by EDL Facebook admins as an official EDL Fight Night, starting at 7pm, a EDL's boxing poster-boy from Luton will be tainting the non-racist sport of boxing with vitreolic violent Ismamophobia, the crowd to include some of the countries most objectionabe racist football hooligans including convicted knife thug Jeff Marsh who stabbed Manchester United fans for fun (who runs the Casuals United blog), and they have already sold 100 tickets, and expect to have several hundred far right thugs in the audience. 

Like most fascist organisations, the EDL is run as a business, and tickets are retailing at £32 each, with the EDL taking a sizeable cut of ticket sales:

Hosted by the hard man, former drug dealer and notorious East End criminal (and born again Christian) who calls himself Boxing's Pirate Promoter Alan Mortlock, a regular at hosting unlicenced fights at London venues, this evening of racism and boxing will be accompanied by the EDL's version  of Skrewdriver "Alex And The Bandits", and Luton boxer will be entering the ring displaying EDL logo shorts and flags for the contest. 

From Bolton to Sheffield, Cardiff to Brixton, boxing gyms all across the country pride themselves in offering sports and fitness training to young people from under priviledged backgrounds. Go in any inner city gym, and you will see black, Asian and white kids training together with mutual respect and admiration. The ethos of equal competition is one sadly lacking in most other sports, and for that reason, boxing is part of the government's sports development strategy to coincide with the forthcoming 2012 London Olympics.

Despite the EDL's recent setbacks, organised racism and religious hatred is steadily increasing year-in, year-out with the spirit of fervent Islamophobia fostered by politicians, state institutions and the scaremongering tabloid media who worryingly have turned their attentions from hooked-handed foreign bogeymen to British Muslims (the "enemy within"), to shore-up public support for the War On Terror and silence critics of an extremely unpopular and bloody Afgan war with casualties on all sides.

It is the misguided belief fostered by the rightwing newspaper industry and black ops foreign office "leaks" (the whole of the Taliban have Brummie accents) that has created the environment for a resurgence of the British far right exploited by violent neo-Nazi groups such as the EDL.

Egotist and publicity whore of the EDL Trevor Kelway sees mileage in turning media attentions from race riots to ringside aggression, himself, Jeff Marsh and the rest of the EDL leadership viewing openly-fascist boxing matches as a both a moneymaking opportunity and a cynical PR exercise, a chance to appeal to a wider fan base who might not otherwise warm to their hardcore Hitler loving British Freedom Fighters or the EDL's violently destructive racial football hooliganism.

Whilst potential boxing starlets of tomorrow fritter away hopes of fame and fortune through mutual association with English fascism, sweating tears of endurance as lackeys for an Islamophobic masterplan, spare a thought for Alan Lake and the EDL's other weathly far right backers who will be sipping extravagantly on champage on ice, playing millionairre war games with people's minds while the cancer of organised racism takes a foothold within the grassroots sporting world.

Since the defeat in the rematch of Max Schmeling by Joe Louis (Schmeling himself refusing to join the Nazi party or sack his American Jewish manager, and hiding two Jewish boys in his apartment during the Kristallnacht pogrom), with the rise of Jewish, black and Asian ring fighters, boxing has had an estranged relationship with fascism, and may seem like an unlikely target for the EDL.

Since the New Millenium, the Lonsdale boxing brand became momentarily popular with the European far right in the Netherlands, Belgium, northern France and Germany, especially because a carefully placed outer jacket leaves the letters NSDA showing; an acronym of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter (National Socialist German Worker), and one letter short of NSDAP, the German acronym for the Nazi Party, however the boxing world has generally embraced non-white people and immigrants (including Muslims) into its gymnasiums, alongside the white working class.

One thing's for sure, the undeniable patriotism and steadfast patriotism of Amir Khan who dedicated his victories after 7/7 to the victims of Islamic terror, will be affronted by the poisonous bile and misdeeds of the EDL, who, despite claims of being "only against religious extremism", regularly create disorder, race hatred and chaos in the city centres of England, Wales and Scotland with straight-armed Hitler salutes, banners calling for the banning of mosques, incessant racist chanting, and behind the scenes, plotting deadly large-scale race riots.

During recent invasions into British cities masked paramilitary followers of this violent anti-Islamic far right gang have physically and verbally attacked innocent (non-extremist) Muslims in the street, vandalised Islamic gravestones, and threatened Muslim taxi drivers with death, (hardly the behaviour of a genuine anti-religious extremist group).

Whatever are one's personal thoughts regarding boxing, with the Olympics approaching, it is important that anti-fascists everywhere show our massed opposition to hate-peddling British fascist bootboys infiltrating the underground sporting world.

Prize Ring Boxing can be located at

The Circus Tavern, Purfleet, Essex: Address: Mead Corner, London Road, Purfleet, Essex, RM19 1TS
Phone: 01708 864 001

(Please be polite at all times)

The Circus Tavern was revealed earlier this year as employing Combat 18 bouncers Big Jacko and Wilf the beast Browning. 

Please contact the venue, the Circus Tavern, and Prize Ring Boxing, to stop this shameful fascist boxing fundraiser from going ahead. 

No Pasaran! 

London Antifascists

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Caribbean Forum

21-08-2010 02:46

Saturday, 09:00 to 11:00 (2010-08-21) 9amEST
Host: Ron Bobb-Semple

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While Palestinians die! The BBC Lies!

21-08-2010 02:34

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. On 17th August the BBC programme ‘Panorama' aired 'Death on the Med' a documentary about the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in May 2010. Since shooting nine peace activists dead on the Freedom Flotilla, the Israeli state has led a concerted attempt to rewrite history - making their commandos the victims of an assault by "terrorists". BBC news coverage of the attack and Panarama's recent programme clearly show that the BBC is following suit and aligning itself with the Zionist state of Israel.

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While Palestinians die! The BBC Lies!

21-08-2010 01:11

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear. On 17th August the BBC programme ‘Panorama’ aired 'Death on the Med' a documentary about the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in May 2010.Since shooting nine peace activists dead on the Freedom Flotilla, the Israeli state has led a concerted attempt to rewrite history - making their commandos the victims of an assault by “terrorists”. BBC news coverage of the attack and Panarama’s recent programme clearly show that the BBC is following suit and aligning itself with the Zionist state of Israel.

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Growing Resistance: Support communities against new open cast, Saturday 21st

21-08-2010 00:24

Growing Resistance is an event organised by Coal Action Scotland, in solidarity with Communities Against Airfield Open Cast, taking place during the Camp For Climate Action, which this year is in Edinburgh.

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No Border Camp Brussels Infonight

20-08-2010 23:22

Films, information & discussion for anyone interested in finding out more about the upcoming Brussels No Border camp.
@ The Factory
2-8 Cave St
St Pauls
Seven days of action, information, movies, debates... on migration and migration policy.

The No Border Camp is a meeting of people and movements fighting against the borders that divide us.

For over 10 years already the european union is closing its frontiers for migrants: Fortress Europe is a reality. Europe tightens up the repression that Belgium and other member states are implementing. These countries force people into clandestinity, frequently doing raids, locking up and deporting undocumented migrants.

The No Border Camp calls out to join the actions against this anti-migration policy keeping a diversity in tactics and to develop a long term strategy.

It is happening in Brussels September 25 - October 3

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Oppose the EDL at the Al Quds annual march in London on Sept 4th 2010

20-08-2010 22:53

The English Defence League are a racist, Islamophobic & Zionist organisation who have recruited Nazis to start a race war against all Muslims. They have rioted in Stoke, Luton, Dudley, Bolton, Newcastle, Aylesbury... and now want to disrupt the annual Al Quds Day demonstration and march in London march in London on September the 4th 2010..because Muslims will be there. That's the reason really.

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100 Cities agains Stoning women under islamic law

20-08-2010 20:10

Stop stoning Sakina

100 Cities against Stoning – 28 August 2010: How to plan an action day to save Sakineh’s life

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Cuts and our community

20-08-2010 18:09

The savage cuts being implemented will have an incredible effect on the way we live our lives.

Oxford Save Our Services are holding an event called Mapping Oxford's Cuts to share what we all know, and to think of ways together we can defend precious public services we all rely on.

We ask you to join us on 13 September, from 6.30-9pm, food and cresh provided.

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This Week in Palestine- Week 33 2010

20-08-2010 17:11

Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for August 14th, toAugust 20th, 2010.

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English Defence League, LGBT, Anarchists, Iran, Israel and Palestine analysis

20-08-2010 16:44

The English Defence League are a Zionist backed & funded street army who have recruited hardcore racists groups in their plans to start a race war against Muslims. They use the excuse "Islamic extremism" as a ruse for their anti Muslim thuggery but their Israeli flags and "Stop Iran's support for Hamas" banners say it all. Orlando Montfort of the EDL LGBT Divs will be leading EDL Anarchist Divs.

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20-08-2010 15:47

Super Protest boy

Images of solidarity and strength in Palestine

Tadamon means solidarity in Arabic and these images show moments of strength witnessed in the Palestinian struggle for survival.

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New social group in Yorkshire for lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women

20-08-2010 14:58

News about a new social group in Yorkshire for lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women, and women who are questioning their sexuality. Partners, friends and children are welcome too!

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Local coverage of Smash EDO's Hammertime already...

20-08-2010 13:58

Smash EDO Mass Demo - Wednesday 13th October, 10am. Venue to be announced .

To receive updates email or text 07538093930 . Be
part of the final push!

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Children's Revolution Proposed at the Camp for Climate Action in Edinburgh

20-08-2010 13:48

Some of the original road protesters from the 1990s are issuing a call-out to parents to bring their children to the Camp for Climate Action in Edinburgh to lend their support to a giant kids' march Children's Revolution on the day of mass action on Monday 23 August 2010.
It is being proposed that the climate campers should unite and join forces with the teenagers and students at the Edinburgh Festival to help create a new global youth movement to fight against global warming and climate change and to show the evil cowards who have threatened to burn down the climate camp that the eco-warriors will not tolerate this attempt to intimidate and terrorise them.

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Blood Money

20-08-2010 09:56

Cartoon of Blair's blood money

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Climate Camp location

20-08-2010 07:19

The site is on outskirts of Edinburgh towards the Airport.

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Palestine Today 08 19 2010

20-08-2010 07:18

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, August 19th, 2010.

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“Death on the Med” Protest at the BBC

20-08-2010 00:22

“Death on the Med” Protest at the BBC

1.00pm Saturday 21st August
Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 2LR

Bring placards, musical instruments, banners, whistles, etc.

Event will include the now-famous "Murder on the Mavi Marmara" street theatre
see YouTube movie at
Last Monday 16th August, the BBC broadcast a Panorama programme entitled ‘Death on the Med’. It claimed to reveal ‘what really happened’ when Israeli commandoes boarded the Mavi Marmara on 31 May 2010.
The programme was extremely biased, portraying the activists on board as violent terrorists who set out to kill Israeli soldiers.

• Why was Israel’s ‘right’ to board the ship presumed throughout the programme?
• Why didn’t the programme mention Israel’s siege of Gaza has been declared illegal by the UN? It assumed Israel has the right to blockade Gaza, but the motives of those attempting to break the illegal blockade were questioned.
• The program mentioned the ‘thousands of rockets’ fired from Gaza into Israel but didn’t mention the bombs, rockets and white phosphorus dropped on Gaza by Israel during Operation Cast Lead in 2008/9, killing 1,400 people.
• Why was the Israeli evidence of how and when they killed the activists not questioned? Activists on the top deck of the ship say the first person killed was shot from a helicopter – before any Israeli had even landed on the deck. However, none of these activists were interviewed.
• Activists shot footage of the Israeli attack, but their cameras, laptops and other recording equipment was taken by the Israelis and has not been returned. Why was this point not raised during the programme, or put to the Israeli spokespeople?
• Why were the autopsy reports – which reveal that each victim was shot several times at close range, in a way that can’t constitute self-defence – not mentioned?
• Why was there no footage of the Israeli assaults on the activists?
• Jane Corbin, the presenter, never questioned the use of the word ‘terrorists’ to describe the activists, or their alleged willingness to attack the commandoes. Why did she fail to examine why there were no fatalities or serious injuries among the Israeli commandoes, when these ‘terrorists’ were so willing to attack?
• Why were there no interviews with any of the British activists or journalists on board the ship?
• Why wasn’t it pointed out that Israel doctored the video footage in the program?

Watch the program here:

Complain to the BBC:-

Online: BBC complaints link: Follow the link and fill out the online form:
Ring: BBC complaint line number: 03700 100 212
Write: BBC Panorama, MC4A1, Media Centre, Media Village, 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TQ.

REMEMBER we have the eye-witness reports of the two Bristolians on-board the Mavi Marmara.

National Palestine Solidarity Campaign see

Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign see
Join our monthly meetings on last Tuesday of every month 7.30pm at Hamilton House (opposite Jamaica Street), Stokes Croft, BRISTOL BS1 3QY
Related Link:

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ZOUNDS live @ bookfair benefit

19-08-2010 23:22

a riotous night of 80's style anarcho-punk
The Bastard Squad presents the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2010 fundraiser volume II, featuring a rare performance from the near-legendary Zounds.

At The Croft, 117-119 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RW, on Saturday 4th September - 8pm, £6 on the door

Full live lineup:

ZOUNDS (unique '80s anarcho-punk, full line-up pumping out the favourites alongside new material)

VIOLENT ARREST (grizzled U.K hardcore veterans out in force - ex-RIPCORD)

VIRUS (more vintage anarcho-punk back from the '80s)

Plus stalls and info.

These FUNdraisers help the bookfair collective raise enough cash to keep the annual bookfair free to you, and at a central Bristol location. Full bookfair info going up at