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Public Services; Vultures Closing In

18-06-2001 15:58

The Sunday Times has published a list of companies whose share price is likely to rise as a result of farming out public services to the private capitalists.

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Barcelona 2001, Information in English

18-06-2001 15:23 now carries up to date information on the forthcoming events in Barcelona, in English. Loads of useful stuff, it even tells you how to say "fuck the police" in Spanish.

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Travelling Circus

18-06-2001 14:30

Tony Blair's idea of a travelling sounds cool

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Human Rights not Human Wrongs

18-06-2001 13:38

Rrefugees at 'The Landmark' and 'The Inn on the Park' have called a picket of NASS, to demand decent homes and justice for all refugees and all those seeking asylum.

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More aggression = more repression. New Targets by Michael Albert

18-06-2001 13:32

Post Gothenberg - this needs repeating ad inf...
'Against profit and competition, we advocate equity and cooperation.
Against exclusion and authority, we advocate participation and self-management.
Against lies and manipulation, we advocate truth and honest exchange.'
Michael Albert - New Targets.

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DEMO at Swedish Embassy today!!!!

18-06-2001 13:30

Swedish embassy, Montagu Place, off Baker Street

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Countryside Alliance accused of 'covert censorship'

18-06-2001 13:29

The pro-hunt Countryside Alliance has been accused of attempting to gag the campaign material of anti-hunt group as part of a programme of 'covert censorship'...

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Anti-capitalism: The state we're in

18-06-2001 10:47

Great article on the current anti-capitalist movement and the role of the state under capitalism from the new issue of Direct Action, the magazine of the Solidarity Federation (UK anarcho-syndicalists).

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How about an active international response to Gothenburg?

18-06-2001 10:29

Shouldn't we be responding to the armed wing of the state with actions elswhere?

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Preparations for Genoa G8

18-06-2001 05:40

In the aftermath of Gothenburg attention now turns to G8 and Genoa. Key activists Christophe Aguiton from, Russ Davis, Jobs with Justice (U.S.) and Leila are interviewed about the issues and the preparations. The story goes out on FSRN in the U.S. other english speaking radios etc feel free to use. (Donation to odyssee 2001 ?)

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Indymedia's weekly PDF #10

18-06-2001 00:23

Indymedia's weekly PDF #10: Europe rises up against Bush.

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17-06-2001 21:21

What is the proper way to use violence in our struggle for emancipation?

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Letter to the swedish embassy II

17-06-2001 17:15

Print, sign and send to your local embassy

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Colombia Action Network (CAN) Events

17-06-2001 15:28

[Colombia Action Network (CAN) Events] International Encounter in Soldarity Thu, 14 Jun 2001 15:18:44 -0600

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Public to lose voice in major planning rows

17-06-2001 15:13

Ministers are urgently drawing up plans to prevent opposition through public inquiries to the building of nuclear dumps and power stations, motorways, airports and other controversial developments.

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FARC to Narco News on Repressive Logic of Drug War.

17-06-2001 14:44

COLOMBIA | Jun 16 2001
I am a guerrilla soldier in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - Popular Army, FARC-EP. In my country we are victims, perhaps like no one else in the world, of the arbitrary policies of the government of the United States, particularly in recent times, with the implementation of Plan Colombia.

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Fortress Genoa

17-06-2001 14:07

Observer: "The government of the new Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is to shut down Genoa for four days in an unprecedented security crackdown on anti-globalisation protesters. The airport, main train stations and key motorway junctions will all be closed from 18 to 22 July in an attempt to restrict access to tens of thousands of demonstrators who plan to converge on the city. "

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Defending the Democracy of the Dollar

17-06-2001 12:04

remarks in the wake of the use of live ammo in Gothenburg

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Video Report from London Cannabis March & Festival

17-06-2001 10:42

Danceing on the grave of Cannabis Prohibition.

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Urgent: Let Korean Voices Be Heard at War Crimes Tribunal

17-06-2001 02:23

Join former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark and hundreds of others from the U.S., Europe, Canada, Japan, China and elsewhere on June 23 in NYC for the International War Crimes Tribunal and the 'International Peace March' on June 24 and 25, 2001.