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Wind Farm Planned at Hinkley Pint

20-11-2003 00:09

Stop Hinkley campaigners welcome early plans for a twelve turbine wind-farm to be built alongside Hinkley Point nuclear power station. It should provede enough domestic electricity for all of West Somerset by 2005.

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Thank you UK protesters!

20-11-2003 00:02

Just want to say thanks fromt the other side of the Atlantic.

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Government crushes school student dissent?

19-11-2003 23:53

Few people around at 11.50am
The school students rally appeared to be crushed by scare tactics through the media.

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19-11-2003 23:52

Details of Todays Stop Bu$h protest in Canterbury

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Democratic Privilidge

19-11-2003 23:49

bush will potect us from the corrupt and wealthy
just too smug

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Pics from wed anti-bush demos

19-11-2003 23:48

Go home Dubya
Some pics from the Tea party demo at Buckingham palace on wednesday.

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How we can oust Bush

19-11-2003 23:48

The biggest protest in the history of the world is coming: November 8th, 2004, when more than 50 million protesters will descend on polling stations and vote Bush and all Repubicans out of power. Even those who cannot vote can still be part of the protest:

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Parade from ULU to Trafalgar sq

19-11-2003 23:41

Pics from parade

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The new tradition of Bush-toppling

19-11-2003 23:28

1000-2000 protesters rally in town to express disquiet over Bush's untimely visit to England.

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mobile phones against bush

19-11-2003 23:27

Stuff Bush with this logo for your mobile
Enlist your mobile phone in the fight against Dubya visiting London to boost his chances of being re-elected and show your support by downloading a free "Stop Bush" logo for your mobile phone.

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Protests Against Bush in Edinburgh - Police Lines Broken

19-11-2003 23:11

Around a thousand protesters - mainly students - marched through Edinburgh against the visit of George Bush this afternoon, while an estimated 5000 or so also marched against the visit in the evening.

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Oxford Protest Against Bush

19-11-2003 23:06

Around 2000 people turned out to give Dubya the two-fingered salute in Oxford city centre tonight. Loads of photos follow...

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O-I-L women's peace action - trafalger square 1pm

19-11-2003 23:05

OIL banner
A couple of pics from the women's picnic from this afternoon

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Part of Bush Demo in Manchester - Video

19-11-2003 23:04

Video clip of part of the 10,000 strong demo in Manchester on 19th Novemeber 2003.

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Central London Sambanistas give Mall cops the runaround.

19-11-2003 23:02

Marchers got a little ahead of themselves this afternoon, breaking free of a police go-slow briefly, whilst en route to Buckingham Palace.

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couple of critical mass pics from parliament

19-11-2003 22:51

giving it a go getting to number 10
pix from this mornings critical mass, which just kept on and on all day, forming, reforming, splitting and re-appearing - well done people!

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A picture for our Yank friends

19-11-2003 22:50


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Edinburgh Demo

19-11-2003 22:47

edinburgh demo at least times more than media say, very peaceful, determined demo.