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Letter to Bush

24-08-2005 16:53

A letter by Thomas Hansen to Bush

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Latest Corporate Watch news update now out

24-08-2005 16:18

Corporate Watch is a small independent research co-op, based on Oxford. We publish news updates every two weeks, as well as newsletters every two months and longer reports on issues such as the G8 summit, and 'What's wring with supermarkets.'

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Acts of hate: full list of 'deportation' acts

24-08-2005 14:17

The Home Office today published a list of "unacceptable behaviours" which will lead to the deportation or exclusion of any foreign national who commits them from the UK.

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The Market is Unjust

24-08-2005 13:15

"New networks arise that support people without locking them in a cage.. We need positive freedom, the freedom to something.. For that we must create new institutions. We may not return to the old.." Richard Sennett is the author of "The Flexible Person."

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Christian serial killer on video

24-08-2005 11:42

Update: Robertson, host of the US 'Christian' Broadcasting Network's, The 700 Club, and founder of the 'Christian Coalition of America', called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. - What happened to the Bible's: 'Thou shalt not Kill' ?

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24-08-2005 10:35

What has happened to those arrested?

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Newchurch National Demo will go ahead as planned

24-08-2005 10:29

After 6 years of relentless campaigning, Newchurch Farm(breeders of guinea pigs for vivisection) have finally accepted defeat!! But the National Demonstration on Saturday 3rd September will go ahead as planned.

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How the G8 Lied To The World On Aid

24-08-2005 09:34

World leaders are now preparing for the millennium summit to be held in New York next month, described by the UN as a "once-in-a-generation opportunity to take bold decisions". Yet the current draft outcome simply repeats what was agreed on aid and debt last month in Gleneagles. The reality of that G8 deal has recently emerged - and is likely to condemn the New York summit to be an expensive failure.

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Repeatitive Beat(ing)s: This wouldn't happen to the Osmonds!

24-08-2005 07:52

Utah sherrifs accused of violently busting a rave; promoters say the event was 100% legal.

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Preacher Pat Robertson Suggests Assassination of Venezuela's President

24-08-2005 06:35

Certain American’s Can Defy Social and FFC Standards Without Consequence.

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The ABC for good or evil?

24-08-2005 01:58

Seemingly great attainment?
The real scenario is likely to be someone like Dr Milne takes the stand and swears that microscopic traces of pollen on the suspect's shirt matches that produced by one or two flowers near the murder scene - the judge and jury nod their head and the defence lawyer, who failed high school science, looks worried and mounts an ineffective cross examination.

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Turning Chavez Into Noriega.

24-08-2005 00:04

In a recent series of articles in The New York Times a disturbing strategy seems to be emerging out of the White House and the U.S. press.

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CFP Immaterial Labour, Multitudes and New Social Subjects: Class Composition in

23-08-2005 23:22

CFP Immaterial Labour, Multitudes and New Social Subjects: Class Composition in Cognitive Capitalism
Papers are invited for a conference:

Venue: University of Cambridge, UK: Location: to be announced.

Date: Saturday 29 – Sunday 30 April 2006

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Video:Reportage from Bristol rally held by supporters of sacked RollRoyce worker

23-08-2005 23:16

Video Videostill: Jerry Hicks after speaking
A short video reportage from last wednesdays rally, organised by supporters of the sacked Rolls Royce worker Jerry Hicks held on 17.08.05 in Bristol Council House. Speakers at the rally included Bob Crow, Jerry Hicks and Tony Benn.

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Indefinite Strike at Rolls Royce Patchwood

23-08-2005 22:54

96 Workers from Rolls Royce’s engine test facility at Patchwood in England went on idefinite official stike today. They are supporting sacked Amicus Trades Union official Jerry Hicks. This strike could mark a reversal by workers and Unions of 25 years worth of defeats under new-liberalim.

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Scabs at Gate Gourmet

23-08-2005 18:57

Scab workers queue up at Uxbridge Blue Arrow office to take others jobs.

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Government attacks General Aviation

23-08-2005 18:56

Many private pilots in the UK fly aircraft registered with the United States Federal Aviation Authority. This is not to cut corners on maintenance but because the FAA Instrument Rating qualification is easier to obtain and more relevant to the needs of General Aviation pilots. The government proposes to require that aircraft based in the UK are registered only with the Civil Aviation Authority. This will affect the availablilty of IR qualifications and have an adverse effect on the safety of all who fly. HELP TO FIGHT THESE CHANGES. WRITE TO THE CAA AND YOUR MP.

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Police knew Brazilian was 'not bomb risk', CCTV System Was Working

23-08-2005 17:42

This begs the question, then, who shot this man seven times in the head, and why? Since it would appear that the 7/21 devices were planted in order to provide investigators with "evidence" intended to frame someone, and distract from the Bliar Government's complete inability to prove its Conspiracy Theory regarding 7/7, was this man silenced for something he saw? I think it's about time for an independent investigation of all aspects of 7/7/21, to find out what really took place, and who was truly responsible.

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23-08-2005 17:36

Then prosecute him as the law allows, so that he is unable to take the post that's apparently his payoff for his loyalty to the Neo-Fascists who created the Iraq war, becoming a full board member of the Carlyle Group.

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Vigil and Demo for Jean Charles. Pics and report.

23-08-2005 17:20

Whats the point of being at Downing st. when Tony is on holiday?
Yesterday (22nd Aug) hundreds of people gathered at Downing Street to remember Jean Charles de Menezes and demand Justice for him. Members of his family initially showed up but left quickly after being mobbed by the press. The vigil became a spontaneous march which went to Scotland yard for more speeches condemning the murder.