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Faslane 365 builds

09-01-2007 16:52

students lock on the road as academics give seminars
Following on from yesterdays protest by academics from across the world and students from Oxford, Cambridge, Sussex and Edinburgh Universities, today seen elected representatives from across the political spectrum converge on Faslane in protest against nuclear weapons.

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No threat, No attack - but US opens fire in Somalia

09-01-2007 16:35

What in reality happens is the US junta usurping the national resources of Somalia - including oil. Again using the by themselves made 'false flag' waving bogeyman "al Qaeda" as the usual and worn out pretext to cover their crimes against humanity. Don't they know what revenge is? Or do they think everybody else is stupid? Well: most people are not...

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Conspiracy Their Arses! Ricky Tomlinson (and Non-Celebrities) Fight Injustice

09-01-2007 16:16

Of course you know Ricky Tomlinson from his roles in the Royle Family and Brookside. But you may not know he was one of the Shrewsbury pickets imprisoned in the 1970s for 'conspiracy to intimidate' during a building workers dispute. Well now Ricky has donated £1,000 to a campaign for a public inquiry into the blatantly dodgy arrests, trial, and imprisonments. He will also be presenting a TV documentary later this year in a bid to raise awareness.

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Cardiff Anti-War Update 9/1/2007

09-01-2007 15:31

2 - AGM

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Local Shorts Screening of Malcolm X in Smethwick

09-01-2007 14:53

Malcolm X walks down Marshall Street in February 1965
The next Local Shorts event is on Wednesday 10th January 2007, and is an Arts and Politics special, following the great success of the previous Arts & Politics event.

There will be a showing of Steve Page's Malcolm X: the story of when Malcolm X came to Smethwick, as well as a Smorgasbord of other short films.

Our special guest this month is Louis Campbell, musician, performance poet and film maker.

Local Shorts Film Club, Library Theatre Birmingham
6.00 networking/drinking
7.00 ish films

The event is FREE!

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A new wave of protest at Wales gas pipeline

09-01-2007 14:41

New camp set up on route of National Grid’s monster gas pipeline in Wales. People will be needed to take part and support the protest. Last time the camp folded because there were not enough fresh people coming through to replace people when they wanted a rest.

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The American ‘Think Tank'

09-01-2007 14:18

The world can hardly wait to hear Bush’s new plans for the continued occupation of Iraq. With an official Iraqi death toll exceeding 655,000, social anarchy and failed state status fast approaching, the Bush regime has NOTHING to skite about and no where to go but HOME. The whole disastrous intervention in Iraq is living proof that myopic criminal endeavours always end in tragedy for the people. We recall that U.S. invading forces were under strict orders to secure one site only, the OIL MINISTRY in Baghdad – how telling! From the first day analysts were under no illusions as to the real intentions of the invaders – PLUNDER – the appropriation of Iraq’s most valuable resource.

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M1 widening contract announced

09-01-2007 12:51

The contract to widen the M1 from J23-28, around Nottingham, has been announced. We will resist this!

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09-01-2007 10:51

eco-activists stop work in trebanos on the controversial 120mile long gas pipe line

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Latin American NGOS: We Want Food Sovereignty Not Biofuels

09-01-2007 10:45

Last week, hundreds of Latin American NGOs (members of five different coalitions) submitted this open letter to the European Commission and to politicians and citizens in Europe. They hope people will publish this as widely as possible. Thanks!

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United States bombing of Somali village

09-01-2007 09:59

A US air strike on a Somali village, thought to be the hideout of an al-Qaida cell, has left "many dead", reports said today.
The attack yesterday, by a heavily armed gunship, allegedly targeted Islamic radicals wanted for the 1998 bombings of US embassies in other African countries.

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Federalism: A Solution More for Israel than for Iraq

09-01-2007 09:39

Revealing both the double standards of U.S. policies and the propaganda-oriented Israeli advocacy of “minority rights” in the Arab world, the U.S.-allied Iraqi Kurdish and sectarian leaders reacted angrily to James Baker-Lee Hamilton report because it recommended what they perceived as a possible American retract from federalism in Iraq and the Israeli Jews condemned as a catastrophic declaration of war an Israeli Arabs’ “future visions” because those visions could lead to a “federal” Israel.

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Publication French: Third Wave Feminism.

08-01-2007 22:38

"Féminismes. Théories, mouvements, conflits" - L'homme te la société, number 158

(info & abstracts)

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Climate News that YOU NEED TO KNOW!

08-01-2007 22:28

Here are some recent reports that you may
have missed because of the Holidays or the
corporate media's censoring of this information.

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What Blair knows???

08-01-2007 19:01

The Sunday Times picture1
about the reported nuclear attack on Iran

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Safinah Nalumu

08-01-2007 17:54

Safinah Nalumu is a thirty year old woman from Uganda who arrived in the UK in early November. When she attended the Home Office in Brand Street for her screening interview she was detained and put on the ‘Fast Track’ system. She is due to be deported tomorrow

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USA: Funding the civil war in Palestine

08-01-2007 15:33

US Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams - whom Newsweek recently described as "the last neo-con standing" - has had it about for some months now that the United States is not only not interested in dealing with Hamas, it is working to ensure its failure.

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08-01-2007 15:10




The Valentines Day period is one of Agrexco UK's busiest times as the company deals with large amounts of fresh flowers from Israel and the settlements. Join our mass picket of the Carmel-Agrexco depot on the 10th February 2007 in opposition to the sale of Israeli Apartheid goods and in support of Palestinian farmers.


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08-01-2007 14:26

these were spotted on google, not in the main newspapers, no one as of yet can confirm whether this information is true, ..