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Sat April 17 demonstration called by Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition

12-04-2004 09:01

Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition expresses its disgust and horror at the latest massacres perpetrated by the US invaders of Iraq against the population of Falluja and elsewhere.

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Iraqi troops refuse to fight

12-04-2004 07:44

iraqi troops refuse to fight

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GlaxoSmithKline embroiled in scandal

12-04-2004 01:22

GlaxoSmithKline embroiled in scandal in which babies and children were allegedly used as 'laboratory animals'

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We need to organise a protest against the Falluga massacre in manchester.

12-04-2004 00:28

A protest against the Falluga massacre in Manchester?

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Senior British commanders compare US troops to Nazis

11-04-2004 20:24

Senior British commanders have condemned American military tactics in Iraq as heavy-handed and disproportionate.

One senior officer said that America's aggressive methods were causing friction among allied commanders and that there was a growing sense of "unease and frustration" among the British high command.

The officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, said part of the problem was that American troops viewed Iraqis as untermenschen - the Nazi expression for "sub-humans".

Speaking from his base in southern Iraq, the officer said: "My view and the view of the British chain of command is that the Americans' use of violence is not proportionate and is over-responsive to the threat they are facing. They don't see the Iraqi people the way we see them. They view them as untermenschen. They are not concerned about the Iraqi loss of life in the way the British are."

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pics form anti-occupation demo outside downing street this afternoon

11-04-2004 19:43

some 50/60 people gathered
around 50/60 people gathered outside downing street in a show of solidarity with the people of falluja in iraq

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Women and children shot while praying

11-04-2004 15:50

Attack by gunmen on those at prayer

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Bliar Views The World Through A Mirror

11-04-2004 15:33

A contributor at the Vancouver site posted this comment, and I thought it should be viewed here.

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Liverpool IMC postcard

11-04-2004 15:29

wish you were here..?

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Army At Breaking Point - Blair Vows Resolve

11-04-2004 15:12

Good. Here's your rifle, Tony. Couple bullets. Baggy green suit (we ran out of the tan ones), some water, sorry the body armor didn't get delivered, travel docs, and don't forget to take a deep breath of all that depleted uranium dust while you are over there.

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11-04-2004 14:21

NOAH Enterprise plans to open a multi-use project in High Town, Luton but you’d think that they were planning to house mass murderers in it going by the amount of hate generated in High Town against it.

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Rising Tide Banner Drop - Oil Festival Hall

11-04-2004 14:10

London Rising Tide Drops a Banner At The Royal Festival Hall

Today, in preparation for BP's AGM this coming Thursday, London Rising Tide (LRT) activists re-named the Royal Festival Hall.

London Rising Tide hunged a 15 by 18 foot banner from the front of the
building announcing the venue's new name - the Oil
Festival Hall (OFH).

BP's AGM begins at 10am on Thursday April 15th. LRT will be in attendence, taking
action, partly against BP, but also as part of its ongoing campaign to persuade the OFH, sometimes known as the People's Palace, not to shut its doors to the public for the day in exchange for BP's hefty fee, and to protect its reputation by cancelling next year's BP booking.

Come along on the day (and help us spread the word far and wide).

Contact LRT for more information -

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Latest Whistle Blower Newsletter in word format

11-04-2004 13:53

There is no end to the undemocratic behaviour of Large Housing Associations. They have to keep tenants in the dark as to what they are up to or there would be a public outcry.

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Intifada, Iraqi Style: Reports from Baghdad

11-04-2004 13:12

Journalist Naomi Klein and Photographer Andy Stern report from Baghdad: "April 9, 2003 was the day Baghdad fell to U.S. forces. One year later, it is rising up against them. Donald Rumsfeld claims that the resistance is just a few “thugs, gangs and terrorists.” This is dangerous, wishful thinking. The war against the occupation is now being fought out in the open, by regular people defending their homes and neighbourhoods - an Iraqi intifada."
Full Report || Past reports: April 6 | March 19 | PDF Zine format

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Help we need a field!!

11-04-2004 12:55

Help!! Nice person with land needed urgently (pref in an area reachable by the majority of people ie.not too far north or south. and it would be nice if not too far from manchester!!).

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indymedia uk hacked

11-04-2004 12:01

indymedia hacked!!!
hacked first page advertises anti software patent protest!!

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special ops in Iraq

11-04-2004 09:10

what if?

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Vote for None of the Above

11-04-2004 08:48

A Political Strategy for the Politically Apathetic

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A wake-up call to all B52 liberals and M16 democrats

11-04-2004 08:25

This was published in yesterday's (10/4/4) Guardian. Adequate response to all those bedwetters and spooks out there who think good 'ol Uncle Sam is doing a fine job of bringing freedom and democracy to the folks down in eye-rak.

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Vietnam All Over Again

11-04-2004 06:44

Like so much of humankind, our government will send the poor to kill the poor.