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Pix of 'Free Palestine' demonstration, Sat 22 May 05 - Set 2 of 2

23-05-2005 13:16

Video Passing by Westminster tube
Stills and a movie clip from Saturday's lively and colourful demonstration for a Palestine free from Zionist oppression and occupation.

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For a link to the other set of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

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Donate against the G8!

23-05-2005 12:14

Donations can now be made via the Dissent! webpage!
or visit

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Meeting to prepare for G8 London Convergence Space

23-05-2005 11:57

Meeting to be held to prepare for the establishment of London Convergence Centre for those travelling to Scotland via London. Lots of help needed !

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Protest against Coca-Cola sponsored Football match

23-05-2005 10:55

Colombia Solidarity Campaign (South Wales Branch) and Cardiff Stop the War Coalition have called a protest against a football match sponsored by Coca-Cola being held at Cardiff Millenium Stadium

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Groups come together for democracy and freedom

23-05-2005 10:54

Last Thursday many previously disparate groups came to together to work for democracy and freedom

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Event: Commission for Africa - Thursday 26th May, 7.45, Quaker mtg hse

23-05-2005 10:52

MAKE POVERTY HISTORY and World Development Movement in Sheffield invites you to a public meeting:

Commission for Africa Can EU policies contribute?

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“Freedom for ALL Palestinians”, urges OutRage!

23-05-2005 10:30

“Gay Palestinians are being beaten, tortured and murdered by factions of the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority,” according to Peter Tatchell of the queer rights group OutRage!

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Anarchist's Love Song

23-05-2005 03:18

Anarchist's Love Song

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Bristol G8 Dissent events update

22-05-2005 22:16

Here's an update of anti-G8 related events in Bristol for the next few weeks. If you are in bristol (or nearby ie Bath etc) feel free to come along, or organise your own!

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ART NOT OIL 2005: London, June 9-18th, visiting Nat Petroleum Gallery, June 13th

22-05-2005 21:29


* online at
* Institute for Autonomy, 76-78 Gower Street, London WC1, June 9-18th. Send us your work!
* June 9th launch night includes exhibition, films, food, talks & DIY anti-oil art.
* Monday 13th June, 6pm: mobile gallery outside the National Petroleum Gallery on the evening of the BP Portrait Award presentation ceremony.
- For postcards with this info (& a portrait of a BP-branded Saddam Hussein), email

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Paris Demo against EU constitution.

22-05-2005 20:16

Oh la la!
In Britain being anti Europe has always been associated with reactionary Torys or even more rightwing entities like UKIP and Veritas. Even openly nazi scum like the BNP have used it as a platform for their vileness. Meanwhile across the channel tradeunionists, lefties and anarcho-sydicalists have realised that far from being a progressive move the EU constitution is yet another move towards a neoliberal agenda. In fact it's little more than a rubber stamp to stitch up workers on a continental scale. On Saturady the NON! campaign had their main rally.

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Support the BBC strike! - Monday 23rd May

22-05-2005 18:18

BBC strike - Monday 23rd May in protest at politically motivated job cuts.

Mass picket outside Radio Oxford, Banbury Road at 1pm.

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America's First 9-11-Utah Mormons, Polygamy and USA's dirty little secret

22-05-2005 17:06

When: Thursday and Friday, May 20 and 21, 2004 - 9AM
Where: Court room of Judge Valdez, Mathison Court House

Once again a felon, allowed to live the illegal lifestyle of polygamy, is in court for the maltreatment of children. This particular criminal has been in Utah courts before, pleading no contest to child abuse and serving only 28 weeks in county jail.

The state of Utah continues to harbor these criminals who exploit, harm and violate the human and civil rights of the most vulnerable. Tax payers continue to fund their lifestyle while the court system is sapped again and again when they get caught doing what is known to occur.

Like cases in the past, these children are only a few of the numerous children abused by this man and many others like him every day in Utah.

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Pictures from Uzbek embassy protests, May 20th and May 21st

22-05-2005 15:37

This first photo was taken on May 20th.

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Human Dignity is Inviolable

22-05-2005 14:14

The Christian faith is obviously losing ground. Disorienta-tion and superstition spread. The merciless religion of the market has long replaced faith in the humanitarian God.. Act so you always treat people as ends in themselves and never merely as instruments or means to an end (Kant).

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22-05-2005 13:04

Finland’s Paper Union has been having and still is having a strike at the moment.

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Secret UK troops plan for Afghan crisis

22-05-2005 05:20

are these destined to fight in Iran? is afghanistan a smokescreen?

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surveillance camera growth in NYC

22-05-2005 04:16

graphic from Sunday New York Times, 22 May 2005

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Worcester Evening News scratching the backs of the vivisectors

21-05-2005 21:28

The local Worcestershire evening newspaper The Worcester Evening News is currently advertising jobs for haematoligists, histopaths, animal technicians and other placements for the animal testing concentration camp Sequani limited in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

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21-05-2005 15:50

Poor Norm Cole must be feeling rather isolated...