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G8 UK NGO Campaign 'Your Voice Against Poverty' (london demo june 2nd)

29-03-2007 08:20

After the Make Poverty History 2005 Scotland G8 campaign the uk NGOs are calling on people to protest in london on June 2nd ahead of the G8 summit in Germany.

Meanwhile in Germany planning continues for massive protests and blockades of the summit. German NGOs have challenged the G8 on having done too little to meet the promises they made on poverty alleviation at the Gleneagles summit in 2005. This year's G8 falls mid-way in the period for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and it's clear that countries are also a long way off from achieving these goals.

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Merciless Savagery from the Skies

29-03-2007 07:27

Gen Petraeus
THE FUTURE OF BOMBING: General David Petraeus, Commander of the Multinational Force Iraq, continues the proud Military tradition of launching air strikes on areas populated by civilians.(In 1920, the British dropped 97 tons of bombs on Iraq, killing 9000 Iraqis). This month an additional US AVIATION BRIGADE with more than 2,600 troops will be deployed to Iraq. It will unleash attack aircraft, transport helicopters, destruction and death; most of which will be not be reported. This is an extract from a photo-poem published an on the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq:

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BBC News 24: Craig Murray on British marines captured by Iran

28-03-2007 22:47


Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, was on BBC News 24 this evening speaking about the British marines captured by Iran, attached is a video clip of this, the very start is missing, but it illustrates the points he has been making in his blog about this dispute.

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Audio from Indymedia Global Report on Resonance fm 26/03/07

28-03-2007 22:19


The audio reports from this weeks Indymedia Global Report which was broadcast on Resonance fm between 10.30pm and 11.30pm on Monday 26th March.

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SOCPA - serious 'contempt of court' hearing tomorrow, thursday

28-03-2007 21:37

2pm horseferry road thursday 29th march
brian haw and barbara tucker face possible imprisonment for contempt of court.

earlier this week they challenged the right of district judge evans to enter pleas for barbara after summonses had been sent to the wrong address for offences she couldn't even recollect.

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Smash EDO Court Victory For The Right To Protest

28-03-2007 21:10

23rd March 2007

Smash EDO Press Release


Contact Andrew or Sarah tel 07875708873,

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Nottingham (and Leicester) demos against deportations to Congo

28-03-2007 20:36

Video Photo at Bridewell, after demo and march from Nottingham's new Market Square
Today in seven UK cities including Nottingham and Leicester, the Congolese community and their supporters held demonstrations to focus attention on government plans to categorise the 'Democratic' Republic of Congo as a 'safe' country to return people who have been fleeing the violence to the UK in search of security. In Nottingham people rallied and marched, highlighting that the Congolese who have already been deported face a very uncertain fate.

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Occupation against academy in Brent

28-03-2007 20:00

Sponsored by a tax exile
Over the weekend anti academy protesters occupied and camped out on the Wembley Park Sports ground, site of a proposed academy. They have erected tents and intend camping on the site permanently until the proposal is dropped. The protesters include local residents, sports ground users, teachers and parents.

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Refugee family forcibly taken by police in bullet proof vests - urgent action!

28-03-2007 19:54

Jannatul Chowdhury and her family
At 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning (27th March) Jannatul Chowdhury and her children were suddenly and violently arrested at dawn and taken by van to a cell in Reliance House Water Street where they were held until they were again taken by van to Yarls Wood detention centre where they are currently imprisoned and facing imminent deportation on Sunday April 1st. Such treatment is outrageous in a so-called ‘civilised’ society.

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Stay at home Gaddafi

28-03-2007 19:50

Is afraid to show his face.

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Article: African Anarchists - The Peoples Parliament, Kenya

28-03-2007 17:42

Taken from Left Turn magazine in the USA this is an advoacy piece about the non-heirarchical Kenyan social movement Bunge La Mwananchi (Peoples Parliament) . Bunge shot to prominance at the Nairobi WSF after organising a free paralell conference and daily get-in-free actions at the WSF. They also inspired a food reclaimation/re-distribution action at a restaurant owned by the Kenyan internal security minister at the wsf itself, described below

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Erasing Afghan terror camps makes Canada safer: PM adviser

28-03-2007 17:19

Erasing Afghan terror camps makes Canada safer:

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Cambridge GM Crop Trial

28-03-2007 16:35

Public Meeting

7.30 pm Monday 2nd April
Emmanuel United Reform Church, Trumpington St.

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Craig Murray on the British Marines Captured by Iran

28-03-2007 15:55

Craig Murray has written several articles on his blog about the British Marines captured by Iran and in his latest post he says that "I have been unpopular before, but the level of threats since I started blogging on the captured marines has got a bit scary". 4 of his blog posts are reproduced below.

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Spring into Action programme now online

28-03-2007 15:38

The programme of events for Spring into Action is now online.

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Easter Surprise: Attack on Iran, New 9/11... or Worse

28-03-2007 15:31

The Bush administration continues moving closer to a nuclear attack on Iran, and we ignore the obvious buildup at our peril.

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Microsoft's Steve Ballmer to Speak at Oxford Students Union Next Week

28-03-2007 15:28

Ballmer: To speak on the impact of technology and the effects on media/politics.
Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer takes time out from his busy schedule to talk to students and members of the public on the subject of technology and its effects on the modern media, and in turn politics.