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Couldn’t be arsed to vote! (The CBAV party) Election Analysis May 2006

09-05-2006 18:37

In the local elections I decided I couldn’t be arsed to vote and I have never felt more empowered on election day.

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Eliminate greed, introduce need!

09-05-2006 18:36

The world today is littered with greed and selfishness, from huge multinationals who want to please their shareholders to those who want to make a quick buck. A new website has just been launched to attempt to overcome this problem.

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kiptik library update

09-05-2006 18:32

The following films/documentaries are available for loan from Kiptik - zapatista solidarity group.

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Pulitzer Prize for Holocaust Denier

09-05-2006 17:20

A Pulitzer Prize winner made the most disgusting remark ever concerning journalism: "In agreement with the New York Times and the Soviet authorities, his official dispatches always reflect the official opinion of the Soviet region and not his own." - NYT's Moscow correspondent and Pulitzer Prize winner Duranty.

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09-05-2006 17:09

Listen to the daily news audio report from brought to you from the IMEMC radio Crew

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09-05-2006 17:08

After being threatened with arrest Southend-on-Sea (ESSEX) first critical mass came to a slightly premature end.

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Korean Troops Occupy Village for U.S. Base Expansion

09-05-2006 16:18

For three days, 1,000's of protestors have clashed with police and soldiers in a resistance to a U.S. base expansion. The expansion of Camp Humphreys (K-6) is part of the United States' Global Posture Review, following the agenda of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), and implemented by the Bush Administration to consolidate its military hegemony over Northeast Asia.

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Appeal for the liberation of the comrades arrested in Paris on May 1st

09-05-2006 14:56

Appeal for the liberation of the comrades arrested in Paris on May 1st

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no human being is illegal

09-05-2006 13:58

immigrant refugee protest in Cyprus, in the central square of the capital nicosia

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For bus campaigners

09-05-2006 13:09

Bristol's First Free bus

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France -how workers and students won -public meeting monday 15th May

09-05-2006 12:00

Monday 15th May, 7-45pm O’Neills, Great George Street, Leeds
Sacha Ismail –Solidarity Editorial Board, reports on the recent victorious protests and
strikes in France and will discuss what lessons they have for British workers and students?

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(video) Never trust on Ronald McDonald's. (by Latuff)

09-05-2006 11:51

"Never trust on Ronald McDonald's" video
Copyleft video by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Khoodeelaar! warns new Crossrail minister Douglas Alexander -

09-05-2006 11:10

Khoodeelaar! The Brick Lane London E1 area campaign against Crossrail hole Bill is already reissuing its legal claims against the New Crossrail hole Minister. This is due to the fact that it personally named Alsiuart Darling in its rpervious legal action claims papers and documents. Today's London EVENING STANDARD comments at page 12 that Crossrail is the new Transport Secretary's challenge. It makes another touting, illogical and uneconomic plug for CrossRail and concludes by saying that Crossrail has become a test for Gordon Brown 'as a future Prime Minister' and it is a test for the new Transport Secretary. What the EVENING STANDARD does not say is that it has acted as a touting outfit for the Big Business interests who want to pocket £Billions of public cash under cover of Crossrail. There is no economic case for the Crassrail plan as it is and the best thing that Alexander can do is to scrap it now. Not get mired in the CrossRail

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09-05-2006 07:42

for ease of finding info, i am adding regular breaking story updates to the situation in parliament square as comments and additions to the 'government wins appeal against brian haw's peace protest' piece at:

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Planet of Slums

09-05-2006 07:32

Planet of Slums
Political Islam continues to spread in power and influence from Cairo to Jakarta; the ascendance of its political parties - and their grassroots appeal - has received nervous attention from the Western media. Hindu fundamentalism ... has had an analogous trajectory in the bustees of Delhi and Mumbai. Pentecostal sects attract new adherents at astonishing rates from Brasilia to Johannesburg, altering political and community life in ways as yet not understood

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USA democrat Hilly Billy visits Tampere and Collects his Protection Money

09-05-2006 06:09

United States of America’s Hilly Billy visits Tampere Communist region today, May 9th 2006, and is the main speaker in a seminar handling leadership and future challenges. Seminar was situated into Tampere by Finish Top Socialists Corporations and their executives.

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Moussaoui Asks to Withdraw Guilty Plea

09-05-2006 02:03

Sounds like someone didn't get what they were promised ...

And another Frame-Up falls apart. A "confession" is no match for evidence, which, for some reason, Bush/PNAC can't seem capable of finding, four years on ...

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Iran President Offers Bush New Ways to Ease 'Nuclear Tensions'

09-05-2006 01:59

But since this is about Israel, oil, defense contracts, etc. and finding a "plausible justification" for a long-planned Act of Aggression, watch Bush/PNAC ignore this entirely.

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Supply Lines Cut, Hungry Marines Asking Iraqis For Food

09-05-2006 01:57

Let us set aside for the moment the US Government's obligation to provide for the troops in the field. Let us set aside for the moment that private companies are being paid vast sums of money to get food and water to the troops in a timely manner.

By leaving the troops so hungry they have to ask the Iraqis for food, the US Government has opened the door to mass poisonings of our troops by the resistance, now that it is known the US troops are going hungry.