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New Report Proving Torture at Guantanamo Here

10-07-2006 15:01

Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?

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Press Release: 3 Arrested at AntiG8 Protests in Russia

10-07-2006 14:02

2 Germans and 1 Russian arrested at St. Petersburg anti-G8 protests in Russia

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Another expert says we've reached peak oil production

10-07-2006 13:20

Dr Ali Samsam Bakhtiari, a former executive of the National Iranian Oil Company has said this week that he believes global oil production is now at maximum production and can only decline from this point on.

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Outfoxed - the war on journalism

10-07-2006 12:02

London indymedia film festival continues this evening on a 'media' theme...

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Green Open Forum Wed 12th July

10-07-2006 10:43

The second Green Forum will take place in Cambridge at the Friends Meeting House on Wed 12th July at 8pm. The forum provides a space for groups and individuals concerned about green and environmental issues to come together. The aim is to help people get active to protect the environment.

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10-07-2006 10:36

NO BORDER CAMP 2006, a summer of freedom, Gorizia, north-east Italy, from 19 to 23 of july.

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Liar V Liar, War Criminal V War Criminal

10-07-2006 10:29

Because dictators don't stop dictating do they? Not unless someone has to call the undertaker or the humanity police send them off to the Hague for their war crimes.

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Six Billboards "Liberated" in Bristol

10-07-2006 10:15

Taken from Bristol Indymedia :

Last week 6 billboards were felled in Bristol

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10-07-2006 10:09

raditionally, British media reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been heavily biased in favour of the United States’ major ally in the region, Israel. A 2002 Glasgow University Media Group report found that television broadcasters were six times as likely to present Israeli attacks as “retaliating” or in some way hitting back as Palestinian attacks. This caused many viewers to believe that the Palestinians were to blame for the conflict. (Greg Philo and Mike Berry, ‘Bad News from Israel‘;

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10-07-2006 08:24

Oxford World Development Movement (WDM) will be staging the "G8 Olympics" in Oxford City Centre on Tuesday 18th July at 1pm to draw attention to the fact that the promises made at last year's G8 Summit by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have not been kept. Oxford WDM members dressed as Bob Geldof and Bono will be judging others dressed as Blair and Brown in a triathlon of debt, aid and trade.

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WOT: Eight Theses on the Destiny of the Concept of Workers' Rule

10-07-2006 06:46

These eight theses are the first installment of
"Seventeen Theses on the Destiny of the Revolution
in Communications and the Concept of Workers' Rule".
... brought to you by the "Weapon of Transparency" channel.

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U2's Bono and Anti-Venezuela Video Game

10-07-2006 04:53

...from the Venezuela Solidarity Network:

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SOCPA - serious police assault once again outside downing street

10-07-2006 01:30

is this a demo?
i have been covering the issues around the 'serious organised crime and police act' for some time. what i saw on sunday afternoon sickened me.

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Alcohol harder on teen brains than thought

09-07-2006 22:46

Studies note neurological degradation
He said in an interview that he had no way of knowing exactly how drinking affected his overall brain function. But on one point, he is clear.

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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Roma Culture

09-07-2006 20:12

A Brief Description of Roma Culture, Traditions and Politics. Romas are possibly one of the most mis-understood and mis-represented peoples on the planet. This article attempts to shed a small beam of light on what is an extremely fascinating yet persecuted way of life.

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Demo in Solidarity with Chile's Students - Report & Pic

09-07-2006 16:36

On Monday 3rd July, a few activists held a short demonstration outside the Chilean Embassy. This was in response to an 'urgent call' (see: from Chile, asking for solidarity actions to take place at the embassy due to the increasing repression being handed out to striking Chilean students (see: Leaflets were given in to the embassy explaining why we there, and more than 200 leaflets were given out to the general public, people visiting the embassy and passing diplomats (!). The text of the leaflets distributed is copied below. Cheers! :)

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School Students Picnic for Peace!

09-07-2006 15:45

Discussion and Banner Painting
On Saturday 8th July, 10 school students from around Liverpool met in a city center park, to picnic for peace! The picnic, which was organised by newly set-up Liverpool School Students Against War (SSAW), began at 1pm and was based around the slogan "Hands up for Peace".

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Don’t Attack Iran – CASMII Meeting

09-07-2006 14:39

Activist Planning Meeting, 6.30pm, Tuesday 11th, National Film Theatre, South Bank.

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The Cottage of Content Occupied Social Centre is reclaimed!

09-07-2006 14:06

valuable community resource to be auctioned by birmingham city council
A boarded up Community Centre in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, called the 'Cottage of Content' has just been occupied for use as a Social Centre. The Community Centre, which includes a garden and a large hall, was closed by Birmingham City Council back in May 2005. It has since been boarded up and left to rot whilst local people have lost a valuable community resource.

The 'Cottage of Content' was used by the local community for social events, a youth club, english lessons for Asylum Seekers, Adult Education and a Yemeni Cultural Centre. Without any consultation with the local community, Birmingham City Council are planning to auction the property off on July 19th for 'commercial use'. They also claim it has 'development potential'.

The occupation of the property, which has been enthusiastically received by local people, seeks to prevent this happening and aims to return the Cottage of Content to community use.

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Plan to attack New York tunnels: Yet another dubious "terror plot"

09-07-2006 12:13

New Yorkers awoke Friday morning to lurid headlines in the New York Daily News proclaiming that a “Tunnel Bomb Plot” had been foiled. That afternoon, Federal Bureau of Investigation Assistant Director Mark Mershon, flanked by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, told a press conference that the FBI had disrupted a plan to carry out suicide bombings in the PATH train tunnels that carry hundreds of thousands of commuters between Manhattan and New Jersey.