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Tense situation outsoide vermeda police station, Bcn 16.03

16-03-2002 19:24

Information concerning the people that are protesting outside the police station Vermeda (were the people arrested yesterday in Gracia are being held)

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7 buses stopped at the tolls of Martorell, Barcelona 16.03.02

16-03-2002 19:09

7 buses, from Valencia, Alacant, and the basquian country were stopped, searched and films confiscated etc at the highway tolls of martorell, barcelona earlier today (noon) saturday 16/03.

Translation from Legal team communique from from
Campaign against Europe of Capital and War

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The situation at the French - Spanish border 16/ 03

16-03-2002 18:22

Background to the current situation at the French - Spanish border. Saturday at 3.50 pm, the three belgian busses together with about 20 french busses were stopped at the border again.

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Situation at the French-Spanish border 16/ 03

16-03-2002 18:17

This morning more buses have been arriving from all around Europe. 20 + 6 buses stopped yesterday are confirmed that could not go further then Perpinya.

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Belgians over the border to Barcelona 16/ 03

16-03-2002 18:13

Belgians in buses earlier stopped at the border are now heading to Barcelona

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Vigil for Carlo Guiliani in Barcelona 16/ 03

16-03-2002 18:10

Vigil in memory of Carlo Giuliani in Barcelona

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communique by bcn-imc

16-03-2002 18:02

Communique by Barcelona IMC on repression of media activists

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Something to think about

16-03-2002 16:29

This is coming from an article in The Guardian, it's worth to think about.

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Reclaim your media! - Rome 16 March 2002

16-03-2002 14:59

A Street Media Party is taking place in Rome to support Radio Onda Rossa and IMC Italy for a free and independent information.

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Public Resource Links Update

16-03-2002 14:42

anarchist,animal rights,eco,anti war links ...

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16-03-2002 14:41

Best reason not to believe in Russian capitalism is very simple; even Russia would be capitalistic, it still has the same government officials running the State than they had in Soviet Union.

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Breaking News Reports from EU-Summit in Barcelona

16-03-2002 14:23

EU-Summit mobilisations

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2 Indy collaborators arrested in Gracia, Barcelona 15.03

16-03-2002 13:50

During yesterdays demonstration in Gracia, Friday evening, in which the police used indiscriminate repression, 2 people connected to Indymedia have been arrested in a violent way.

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9-11 Whistleblower Vreeland - Charges dropped, Refugee Status Granted

16-03-2002 13:45

"It was on these 2000 intelligence operations in Russia that Vreeland obtained the information which told him attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon -- among other targets -- were pending, and that US intelligence was aware of them." ...

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16-03-2002 11:59


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Report from Barcelona

16-03-2002 11:54

Report from Barcelona
Report from day 1 of the Barcelona protests, 4 events

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Palestinians in competion to kill Jewish civilians

16-03-2002 11:06

Palestinians in competion to kill Jewish civilians

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Amnesty International pressrelease Barcelona

16-03-2002 10:21

Text of Amnesty International press release on barcelona EU Summit

Spain: Free expression and peaceful protest must be protected during EU Summit
AI Index: EUR 41/004/2002

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Detentions Barcelona 15/03/02

16-03-2002 09:15

latest news on detentions in barcelona 15/03/02

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[video] VisionTV: the Pearl Harbour and 9/11 Lies

16-03-2002 06:21

Watch Barrie Zwicker's comments on the 6 month anniversary of 9/11. His comparison of the events of 9/11 and the allowed attack on Pearl Harbour is excellent!!