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The Bush Staff Goes To Morals Class

10-11-2005 04:03

Ethics and morals and the under reported Larry Franklin.

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remember saro-wiwa

10-11-2005 01:05

in november 1995, nigerian writer and activist, ken saro-wiwa, and 8 of his colleagues were executed by the military regime for campaigning against the devastation of the niger delta by oil multi-national shell. yesterday, demonstrators dropped nine nooses infront of the shell uk headquarters on the south bank to highlight the anniversary and highlight the current struggle on the north west of ireland, where shell is set to transform a remote conservation area into an environmental disaster zone with public health and safety implications.

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Welcome to Iraq

10-11-2005 00:15

Amongst the bloodshed, continued occupation, high levels of illiteracy and malnutrition among Iraqi children, it has now been decided that Iraqs future lies with a wide range of Mickey Mouse ideas, which are being projected by the US backed Iraqi government.

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12th consequent night - evaluation

09-11-2005 23:22

It's a strange experience, but I'm sure quite familiar to many: a hidden war, one you constantly hear about without seeing.

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Second strike by Parliament cleaners.

09-11-2005 23:01

Image starting work at 5 in the morning and your first task is to clean up Charles Kennedy’s vomit from the floor of the bar. Then you have to collect the stained tissues scattered around Tony Blair’s office. Followed by sweeping up the intoxicating powder left in the toilet by David Cameron. This is the reality faced on a daily basis by the House of Commons cleaners.

To add insult to injury they are paid shit wages without any holiday or sick pay or pension provision. The chief executive of the agency that employs them is on six figure salary. The cleaners went on strike for the second time on Wednesday.

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US govt lies over deadly virus handling

09-11-2005 21:47

Officials seem to have quietly reversed an assurance they gave last month -- that a killer virus recently recreated by scientists would stay in a secure government facility.

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Petition to Queen Exposes slavery and is Verified by Canadian Treasury

09-11-2005 20:57

This petiton to the Queen you will read below was replied to by her majesty's Royal Secretary and caused the Treasury Board of Canada to be sat down and breifed as to it's explicit accuracy by the senior analyst for the Canadian Treasury Board. Since Slavery is implied in this petition and it was verified as correct by treasury we can all wake up to the truth we are indeed slaves.

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International day of action against the Wall

09-11-2005 20:54

Despite the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling in July 2004, the building of the wall around Palestine, or through Palestinian land, is speeding up.

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WORK TO DEFEAT THE BLAIR Agenda, not just one form of one Bill

09-11-2005 20:35

The future of society as we want it to be depends on defeating all darkageist anti-humanitarian, pro-fascistic moves by Blair or anyone that may succeed him and occupy the post at No 10 Downing Street...

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Zimbabwe - Behind Bars For Fighting Poverty - Call for Solidarity

09-11-2005 19:38

Yesterday was a day of action against poverty, a day the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions declared a day to march against the poverty killing workers. Activists demonstrated at High Glen Shopping Centre, toyi toying and distributing revolutionary pamphlets against poverty while hundreds gathered in town to march. Over 24 hours after the arrest of about 120 demonstrators in the city centre and the lawyers are still told that arresting officers have not finished preparing papers for the arrested. Last night most of them were transferred from Harare Central to Chitungwiza and Dema holding cells 25 & 30 km outside Harare.

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09-11-2005 17:20

MP's vote against 90 days detention - first government defeat!

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09-11-2005 16:54

World Development Movement offer Free International Campaigning Workshops this Saturday

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09-11-2005 16:44

“Agir local, pensar global”, Jacques Ellul

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Climate Camp, Late Summer 2006

09-11-2005 16:26

With the government failing and unable to take action on the greatest issue facing our planet, climate chaos, we have to create a grass roots solution

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Cafe + Film Night, Friday Night 11th Nov

09-11-2005 16:25

Benefit @ the squatted St Matthias Centre
Bullivant Street E14 0ER

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A strategy for the antiwar-camp and other ramblings

09-11-2005 16:23

A little piece on the terrorism bill set to be voted on soon and how I think will should respond to any inquiry into the handling of the war.

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Climate Camp, Late Summer 2006

09-11-2005 16:17

With the government failing and unable to take action on the greatest issue facing our planet, climate chaos, we have to create a grass roots solution

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Oxford Arms Trade Investments Exposed

09-11-2005 15:40

Outside St Johns - A College with Almost £2,000,000 in the 6 Biggest Arms Firms
The Oxford University Socially Responsible Investment Campaign today took a walking tour of the top University Arms Trade Investors to expose the millions of pounds of University money invested in Arms...

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Hangings outside the Shell Centre for Ogoni Day

09-11-2005 15:15

Activists from Rising Tide today hung a row of 9 nooses in front of the Shell Centre in London, to represent the companies complicity in the killings of Ken Sarowiwa and eight other Ogoni activists ten years ago.

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Film makers Against War & Indymedia cinema

09-11-2005 14:47

Filmmakers Against War 'FALLUJAH film night';