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The Murder of Democracy

17-03-2004 05:23

Democracy is only for the tyrants. For the normal person it has been consistently tormenting him and plundering his happiness. The democracy in Russia that started with a green bud perished before its bloom.

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The Usual Suspects, Fascists.

17-03-2004 04:20

Aznar's Popular Party (being the haven of the Franco fascists just as the Christian Democrats in Germany became the haven of Nazis after World War Two) more than likely contracted the men arrested through their handlers (the Bush regime) to plant the bombs that went off Thursday in Spain in an attempt to shift a weakening or possible loss for the Popular Party in the Spanish parliament to a resounding victory for the Popular Party by blaming the attacks on the militant Basque separatists, the ETA.

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G8 2004: Police crackdown begins in Savannah

17-03-2004 04:06

15 Savannah Metropolitan Police officers swarmed leafleting labor union leaders in historic Johnson Square. Threatened arrests.

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Fri 19 Mar: anniversary protest - IRAQ: STORIES OF INVASION AND OCCUPATION

17-03-2004 01:57

A theatrical protest and tour of Whitehall to mark one year since the US/UK invasion of

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M20: Why demonstrate on March 20 ?

17-03-2004 01:44

War vs Terrorism - Terrorism vs War
Why it is important to participate in the global day against the war :

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HAITI: CIA Backed Rebels Shooting Anyone With Dreadlocks

17-03-2004 01:34


US non-corporate radio programme Flashpoints is
broadcasting reports from correspondents who say that
Haitians are shaving off their dreadlocks from fear
of execution by CIA backed rebels.

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Who Can Best Defeat Salafi Terror in Iraq?

17-03-2004 00:45

A rapid response reflection on the US's excuse for staying in Iraq to fight Salafi/Al Qa'eda terror in the aftermath of the Madrid bombing.

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Audio interview about Caterpillar action on the 16th March

17-03-2004 00:32

Audio interview over phone to moving van on motorway (yeah the audios not great).
A couple of minutes, MP3 at 22khz mono.

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Labour Party Conference Pics

17-03-2004 00:18

Butcher Bush
Sorry: hopefully here's the pictures from Manchester's Labour Party Conference this time:

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Cambridge screening of "We Interrupt This Empire" to mark one year of occupation

16-03-2004 23:49

This Sunday (21 March), Cambridge Indymedia is re-screening "We Interrupt This Empire", a collaborative work by independent video activists which documents the direct action that shut down the financial district of San Francisco in the weeks following the United States' invasion of Iraq. This is an unflinching look at the city's radical resistance to an illegal and horrific war, the aftermath of which is still with us a year on, with no end to military occupation in sight.

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GM Danger to humans

16-03-2004 22:11

Interesting reference article from the Evening Standard because it has direct evidence of harm to humans from GM crops. (Though I don't think this is the first instance as the article claims.)

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Clearly Racist And Bigoted Skits On Clear Channel

16-03-2004 22:03

In the March 10 Bill Handel show on KFI AM 640, a pretend "Muslim" allegedly reading from the new Iraqi constitution refers to "hairy Iraqi women," "lovely Japanese schoolgirls," the "infidel custom of bathing on a regular basis," and "civil unions" between Iraqis and "loving camels and goats."

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Basta Bastardos! La Paz!

16-03-2004 21:47

The Spanish people have shown the way - they have refused to be cowed by terrorism either into inert nationalist fear or into supporting their corrupt, lying government. Let us follow...

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16-03-2004 19:31


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A New Anarchist FAQ!

16-03-2004 18:32

A new, short FAQ on Anarchism.

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Anti-capitalist bloc on March 20th demo - Meet up point

16-03-2004 18:30

Meet-up for Libertarian, anti-capitalist, pro-direct action bloc on the 20th March No More Lies demonstration will be at 12noon and before by Marble Arch itself on one of the two traffic islands next to Hyde Park - whichever one has the most space on the day.

Take exit 10 on the Hyde Park/Marble Arch subway and you'll see us. A map is included below. Bring your own flags, banners, placards, drums etc. and hope to see you there!

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Nazi Scum meeting in Exeter on 28th March - Anti WNP posse required

16-03-2004 17:37

The White Nationalist Party scumbags are organising to meet at Exeter Railway Station on March 27th, meeting on Platform 1. From there they intend to go onto council estates to peddle their racist filth in the hope of recruiting new members.

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Iraqi Opinion and the Western Media

16-03-2004 17:05

The national survey of Iraq conducted this February by Oxford Research International hit the news on the 16th of March. The poll of well over 2000 Iraqis was sponsored by the BBC in the UK, ABC in the US, ARD of Germany and the NHK in Japan. A news bulletin on the BBC's Radio 1 claimed that "most Iraqi's think their lives are better than before the war a year ago" according to the poll. In the US, the New York Times also covered the story, but gave it less prominence (1). They write that the poll finds "an upbeat sense among most that their lives were better than before the war" although "other questions about the invasion provoked more negative reactions". The BBC news website headlined with the story (2), musing that the poll will "make good reading for US President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair". This is no doubt true when viewed through the ideological bias of the New York Times and the BBC. A cursory look beyond their 'liberal objectivity' at the actual facts of the survey suggests very different conclusions.

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Dublin Mayday 2004: Against the Europe of Capital

16-03-2004 16:51

April 30th - May 3rd: Days of Action against the bosses EU

A weekend of direct action, protests and parties against the leaders of the
European Union

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ISM Reports: The Price Of An Orange. For Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall

16-03-2004 16:44

March 16, 2004

1/ The price of an orange - For Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall, by
2/Solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners
3/Praying for the land
4/UK protesters shut down Caterpillar