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Scumbags getting a well deserved treat

08-08-2006 08:28

A pie in the face
Frank Loy, chief negotiator for the U.S. delegation at the Hague climate change talks, was hit in the face with a cream pie, in a protest demonstration staged by environmental NGO observers. The protestors disrupted negotiations throughout the conference center by charging into closed sessions, climbing to the rafters, strewing litter around the meeting rooms, and running through the halls shouting "people, not profits!"

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Behind Bush’s “truce” plan: the drive towards a wider Middle East war

08-08-2006 07:53

US President George W. Bush on Monday declared his full support for a US-French United Nations resolution that dictates Israel’s terms to the Lebanese people while allowing the Israeli military to indefinitely continue its occupation and devastation of Lebanon.

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More from Hiroshima Day in Melbourne - part 1

08-08-2006 06:20

Hiroshima Day in Melbourne
The annual commemoration of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in effect merged with the fourth week of protests over Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza ...

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Moore's Law Ending Is Threat to MSFT--Indymedia Connection

08-08-2006 04:48

Indymedia was born of necessity in Seattle in 1999 as a way to bypass the corporate media and report on a WTO conference. As an Indymedia founder (quoted below) stated, it was also necessary to bypass corporate software -- Windows. What most don't know is how much trouble the Windows/Microsoft/Intel monopoly is in, and what THIS means for computing and the economy. For one thing, it means that such bypasses as that of the Seattle IMC will be easier and commoner.

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Pictures from August 5th demo (part 2)

08-08-2006 02:08

The second part of my pictorial story of the August 5th demonstration.

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Body Count of Olmert Extremists Passes 1000, US Under PNAC Threatens UN Truce

08-08-2006 02:03

Every time the Zionist Extremists tell another LIE about the situation to their citizens, they expose the Utter Contempt for the average citizen in Israel, and within the wider Jewish community.

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Pictures from August 5th demo (part 1)

08-08-2006 01:59

This is the first part of my pictorial narrative of what happened on Saturday August 5th, when several thousand people came together in London in outrage at what the tinpot imperialist Israeli government is currently doing to Lebanon.

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Third Strike for Prestwick as Weapons Inspectors Again Gain Access

08-08-2006 00:26

International Weapons Inspectors
Hot on the heels of three Trident Ploughshares Weapons Detectives getting into a US Air Force plane on Monday, another team, also searching for evidence of War Crimes, got into another US military plane at Prestwick in the early hours of this morning.

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Choosing Sides

07-08-2006 23:38

Capitalism hiding behind the veil of democracy, herding people into capitalism hiding behind veil of religious etremism - the black vs white division, the call to war - a battle that deletes any possibility of humane and socialist principles to find a voice and momentum either in the West or Middle East.

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What If...The Population Stopped Growing?

07-08-2006 23:24

Population growth is the most pressing environmental problem we face, or is it?

Would the planet really be saved if the population stopped growing?

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Pride (Bono's Game of Blood)

07-08-2006 22:53

A parody of a U2 song--about Bono's involvement with the company behind Mercenaries 2--a video game about overthrowing the democratically elected government of Venezuela.

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Day of Rage against Brighton Arms Dealers Supply of Weapons For War Crimes

07-08-2006 22:06

Smash EDO Press Release
Embargo – For Immediate Release
8th August 2006
Press Contacts – Andrew Beckett and Sarah Johnson
Tel 07875 708873
Email –
See for more details

Day of Rage against Brighton Arms Manufacturers’ Supply of Weapons For War Crimes in Gaza and Lebanon

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Bono buys a slab of Forbes empire

07-08-2006 19:41

Arch activist and side kick of Slob Geld Wolf (as known in Holland) Bono has bought himself a slice of the Forbes media group. maybe him and geldwolf will be able to organize their own psuedo G8 protests in future instead of hijacking the real thing. This creep should be pelted with rotten eggs and seasonal veg as often as possible.

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Also stop the City of London's social war on the local communities

07-08-2006 17:59

Thousands of people, families, individuals, are being made poorer. Many are being made destitute.

Others are being driven out of what small shops or businesses they had managed to set up to survive

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National Extremism

07-08-2006 17:25

The updates to the NETCU (National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit) Watch website just seem to keep on coming as the agents of the state try desperately harder to brutally suppress the rights of people legally protesting within the UK.

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Bombs are not the answer

07-08-2006 17:09

short anti-war film

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israel-lebanon war: 35.000 tons of oil polluted the coasts from lebanon to Syria

07-08-2006 16:29

israeli airstrikes hit a lebanese power plant weeks ago.
up to 35.000 tons of oil polluted the mediterean see.
lebanon and syria are already affected by the catostrophe.
soon the oil will reach turkey.

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Launch of new climate change project

07-08-2006 15:40

The Akashi project, looking to explore climate change issues with a diverse range of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community groups and faith groups was launched in Cambridge on Friday 4th August 2006.

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Skidrow-on-Sea approves tower block on Brighton Marina

07-08-2006 14:46

Skidrow-on-Sea, or Brighton and Hove Council as it is sometimes known, has approved plans for a 40-storey tower block on Brighton Marina.