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protests against new Hong Kong protest laws

05-10-2002 11:04


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05-10-2002 09:51


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Defend democratic rights in Sri Lanka

05-10-2002 05:31

An international campaign to end the death threats and intimidation against the Socialist Equality Party of Sri Lanka. All Tamils urged to write the LTTE.

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05-10-2002 05:18

Movie Starring: Russell Crowe as the Butcher of Baghdad
and Woody Allen as the Wimp of Washington

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Ari Fleischer's One Bullet Theory

05-10-2002 02:51

Who's willing to shoot?

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Anti-israeli Voices Silenced In U.S. Congress

04-10-2002 22:53

Article in JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Angency) that tells of the silencing of anti-Israeli voices in congress by Israeli lobby.

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George Galloway speech at London demo

04-10-2002 22:43

George Galloway

I see out there the banner of the great British Fire Brigades Union

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Anti-smoking crusade SERVES US Cigarette Industry

04-10-2002 22:37

The Cigarette Cartel and the Corporate Globalization gangsters know that one of the Best Ways to limit protests, to control the debate and distract from their crimes Pretend To Be Their Own Enemy.

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No School Apartheid - Lobby House of Lords

04-10-2002 21:24

Not in the name of mothers, teachers and other carers: NO SCHOOL APARTHEID. Briefing and Lobby - House of Lords, Moses room, Tuesday 8 October, 6 pm. Hear speakers opposing segregation of refugees's children into separate schools and the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill.

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3 'sleeper' terrorists in portland?

04-10-2002 19:33

Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force arrests 3 'sleeper' terrorists in Southwest Portland, Oregon.

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PSNI harrasment and intimidation of Sein fein continues

04-10-2002 17:39

PSNI acting on the orders of british establishment political officials raid Sein fein stormont offices, in a bid to intimidate, harass and blacken republicans.

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Agora e Lula

04-10-2002 17:09

Former metal worker on the brink of becoming the President of the 8th largest economy in the world - Brazil.

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Another Reason to Boycott McDonalds:

04-10-2002 16:23


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04-10-2002 15:47

Fantastic site that allows you to fax your MP from your computer for FREE! 1 Type in your full UK postcode, then click "Go" 2 Write the letter you want to be faxed to your MP 3 Click the link in the email we'll send you 4 That's it! You have faxed your MP

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04-10-2002 15:19

21.2Mb 15 minutes long in Windows Media format. Video of the whole march from Embankment to Hyde Park. No comentary. Followed the band! I can do it in any other if you don't like Microsoft. You will need to download it, it won't stream unless you have broadband. Sorry it took so long to hack together. Orange smoke looks good. I think it would have benefited from interviews. If you want this on tape drop me a line.

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STOP FINI!!! Gianfranco Fini In London 22 October

04-10-2002 15:06

Italian Fascist leader Fini and director of police operations in Genoa is in town - time to get even!

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Milano-Glasgow Mc Strike!!!

04-10-2002 14:36

McDonalds workers, across the UK, Continental Europe,Russia, North America and Australasia, will take direct action against our employers on October 16th.

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The New Conformists

04-10-2002 14:28

The Coalition Against the War will probably not succeed, because its essentially made up of people who like things pretty much the way they are...

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04-10-2002 12:38

October 10th may see another coup attempt against the democratically elected President of Venezeula, Hugo Chavez, who refuses to bow down to US domination, At a time when oil & war are dominating the news, Venezuela, one of the worlds largest oil producers & a major supplier to the USA,is also vunerable to enforced regime change