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Free Murad Akincilar! Demonstrate Wed 2 June

26-05-2010 21:35

Murad Akincilar is a Turkish trade unionist and human rights activist, who is currently in prison in Istanbul awaiting trial on 3 June.
OUTSIDE THE TURKISH EMBASSY, 43 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PA
Wednesday 2 June 5-6pm - Called by FRFI and Gikder

Called by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and Gikder

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David Rovics Music Video 'Crashing Down'

26-05-2010 21:22

David Rovics singing in the heart of London his song 'Crashing Down', filmed for The Rattansi & Ridley Show

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The role of fear in the neoliberal plan

26-05-2010 20:11

The neoliberal plan needs the people to be frightened in order to succeed. Starting from the current situation in Greece, this article is about the background of neoliberalism and its blows on societies. The article was written by S. Seferiades, professor of politics at the Panteion University and was published (in Greek) with minor modifications at the weekly newspaper "Epohi" on 9/05/10

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Mexican Community Besieged By Paramilitaries Calls For Second International Humanitarian Caravan June 8th

26-05-2010 19:00

The Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala in South East Mexico has been under siege for several months by paramilitaries backed by the ruling PRI party in Oaxaca. Electricity and water supplies have been cut, schools shut and there are no doctors.

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Update on CS Glasgow strikes

26-05-2010 17:26

An update on the recently featured story, via CityStrolls.

Culture and Sport Glasgow workers from unions Unison, Unite, BECTU and GMB will be striking on Friday 28 May and Monday 31 May.  This is a continuation of the fight from the strikes on the April 30 and May 6.

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brian haw arrest yesterday - update

26-05-2010 17:26

brian haw and barbara tucker are back in the square after a night in the cells and a morning at westminster magistrates court

brian haw and barbara tucker were held for slightly longer than the full 24 hours allowed by law before being transferred to horseferry road magistrates court this morning.

there, they were held for several more hours in the cells, until a brief appearance around midday. brian refused to enter the courtroom in protest at his detention.

the magistrate gave them both unconditional bail to return in july.

it appears the police did not have a warrant to search brian and barbara's tents, and so it is difficult to see the legal case for the charges of "obstructing a police officer in the course of their duty" if indeed they were performing an unlawful search.

there is film of brian's arrest and pics (in the comments section) posted on indymedia uk, along with the usual mixture of comments from people that weren't there and only want to see whichever particular side of the story that suits them.

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Demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy 27th May - Free Gaza!

26-05-2010 17:17

MV Rachel Corrie - part of the flotilla
The Gaza Freedom Flotilla is under threat from the Israeli navy and other Israeli forces, including Israeli civilian yachts, all determind to terrorise the Human Rights Defenders, in order to keep under barbaric siege 1.5 million Palestinian in Gaza .

Given the recent Israeli threats and the fate of the Spirit of Humanity, when in June 2009 the Israeli navy terrorised and kidnapped all on boards, there will be worldwide protests at Israeli embassies: London: Thu 27 May, 12-2pm

We will be joined by the mother of Alex Harrison, who last year was kidnapped from Spirit of Humanity, but is not giving up and is now on the flotilla.

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Filming Showing - Pinelli Assassinato

26-05-2010 16:48

Bombs, Blood & Capital

Brighton Anarchist Black Cross present a film plus talk by an Italian activist about the infamous 1969 death in custody of Italian anarchist and ABC activist Giuseppe “Pino” Pinelli.

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Obama Continues to Bully Iran

26-05-2010 15:33

No policy of the Obama administration better illustrates its fundamental mendacity than its policy of bullying Iran.

In his very first press conference following the election, President Obama was asked his response to Iranian leader Ahmadinejad’s congratulatory letter. He replied, changing the subject: “Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon, I believe, is unacceptable. And we have to mount an international effort to prevent that from happening.”

It was a clear signal to the outgoing administration and its neocon masters of the Big Lie that he would persevere in their crusade to topple the Tehran government, using the convenient ploy of nuclear fear-mongering.

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Palestine Today 05 26 2010

26-05-2010 15:27

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

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National Anti-Vivisection Alliance Launched

26-05-2010 14:58

The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) has been formed as a united grassroots coalition of groups fighting to end animal experimentation in the UK. NAVA is made up of groups who campaign against a broad range of animal experimentation, including university and academic facilities, contract research organisations, commercial organisations and cosmetics testing.

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Rally against Middlesex Uni suspensions

26-05-2010 14:42

Middlesex University management have suspended four students and three staff members after student occupations in protest against the management's decision to close the philosophy department.

Come and show solidarity with students and staff suspended after the Middlesex University occupation. Rally tomorrow, Thursday, 27th May, from 4pm onwards at the Uni's Hendon Campus. There will be another rally the following day, Friday, 28th May, from 10am to 1pm while the hearings take place. NB. For those who came to the occupation, both rallies are at the Hendon campus (address below) and not at the campus where the occupation took place.

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Epaminondas Korkoneas the be released from the prison !!

26-05-2010 14:09

the Murderer Policeman KORKONEAS ..
Outside prison will be in next week the Epaminondas Korkoneas the Special Police force member that shot and murdered at December 2008 the student Alexis Gregoropoulos !! . On June 6 of 2010, the 18-month maximum-legal-limit for the temporary detention is ending and until that day that judges are not expected to issue a decision, so he is expected to be released from the prison !!

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Democracy Village youtube footage of Brian Hawe being arrested

26-05-2010 13:44

Youtube footage of Brian Hawe being arrested by police on 25 May during police search of Democracy Village camp.

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Murderer of Alexis Grigouropoulos will walk free

26-05-2010 13:21

The Greek judiciary will set free Epaminondas Korkoneas, the murderer of Alexis

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democracy village pixies direct action again - pic

26-05-2010 12:22

democracy village activists have scaled big ben and dropped another peace banner this morning

this morning, despite supposed alert security, activists from the parliament square democracy village managed to enter parliament grounds and scale big ben to drop a peace banner. more details later


pic by 'peaceful warrior' - copyleft - non-commercial use

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Freedom Flotilla ready to sail on Gaza this weekend

26-05-2010 11:14

A flotilla of 4 cargo and 4 passenger ships is preparing to converge in the mediterranean this weekend to break Israel's blockade on Gaza.

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The new EF! Action Update - full of of action news and analysis

26-05-2010 10:09

In the new summer edition of the EF! Action Update, read about coal trains blockaded, peat bogs defended, and gas terminals shut down. Find out about the dangers of nanotech, current state of nuclear GM trials in the UK, Tesco uprisings, golf course trashing, tar sands action and much more.

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David Rovics live in London this week.

26-05-2010 08:42

Last London date this year!

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Brian Haw in court- eviction Today

26-05-2010 08:06

Brian Haw in court- eviction Today