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Assange and Asylum: What's next?

16-08-2012 16:13

The struggle between the authorities in Sweden and the US to arrest Julian Assange, the figurehead of WikiLeaks, has taken yet another turn. What are the real motives behind this pursuit and what are the possibilities for further developments?

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Julian Assange granted asylum by Ecuador

16-08-2012 14:00

In a strongly worded statement today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño Aroca has announced that Julian's request for asylum has been granted.

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Craig Murray: America's Vassal Acts Decisively And Illegally

16-08-2012 12:02

From Craig Murray, on the possibility of the UK seizing Julian Assange from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

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Stop G8 Planning Meeting - Birmingham 22nd September

16-08-2012 11:51

In 2013 the UK is once again host to the G8 Summit for the first time since 2005, eight world leaders from the most powerful capitalist nations are meeting here on our home turf.

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Crowds set to Flock to Huge Vegan Extravaganza

16-08-2012 10:25

Early press release below for this year's West Midlands Vegan Festival on Saturday 27th October.

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Learn about community shares from record-breaking solar farm

16-08-2012 10:20

Westmill Solar Farm by Adrian Arbib
Community enterprises offered the chance to learn from Westmill Solar Co-op Ltd, which raised £4m through community shares in a record-breaking six weeks.

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16 Aug: Timeline from Ecuadorian Embassy vigil for Julian Assange

16-08-2012 10:17

Current livestreams from Ecuadorian Embassy:

The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister has said in a press conference that a decision regarding Julian Assange’s asylum application will be announced on Thursday 16 August 2012 at around 1pm UK time. There was an increased police presence including TSG at the Embassy from yesterday evening.

Following threats from the UK government to storm the embassy, WikiLeaks issued this statement:
and a spokesperson for the Ecuadorian government said:

A call has gone out for people to come to the Embassy now:

3 Hans Crescent, London SW1X 0LS
Nearest tube: Knightsbridge
For more information, call Ben at Veterans for Peace 07866 559 312
Twitter hashtags: #assange #stand4ja

See also:

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Breaking News : Support needed at Ecuadorian Embassy for Julian Assange

16-08-2012 02:17

The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister has said in a press conference that a decision regarding Julian Assange’s asylum application will be announced on Thursday 16 August 2012.

There is an increased police presence outside the embassy overnight and support would be appreciated if people can get there now. Otherwise, as soon as you can.

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Bristol Company Profits From Syrian Violence

15-08-2012 21:19

One of the more than two million emails from Syrian political figures, ministries and companies which WikiLeaks began exposing in June reveal that Finmeccanica, an Italian defense giant with extensive interests in Bristol, supplied communications equipment and expertise about helicopters to the Syrian regime, even after it had launched a violent crackdown on protests.

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4,000 Oct 20 leaflets handed-out at Durham Miners Gala

15-08-2012 21:15

4,000 Oct 20 leaflets handed-out at the Durham Miners Gala

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U.S. Republicans Own The "Voting Machine" Count Falsifiers

15-08-2012 20:39

As more and more countries are going back to paper ballots because of electronic machine vote fraud, the US continues to allow the plutocratic political party to
control virtually every easily hacked 'voting machine'.

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A Scandal on the Moors

15-08-2012 15:51

A campaign recently launched - Ban the Burn! - highlights the degradation of peat bogs due to draining and burning on moors used for grouse shooting. As peat is burnt, a carbon sink becomes a carbon source. As mosses dry out and die, the moors stop acting as a sponge in heavy rainfall and localised flooding occurs. Taxpayers' money is being used to fund large estates who claim to be stewarding the land but are actually damaging it.

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Disabled mother 'banned' from sitting with family

15-08-2012 12:55

Due to a draconian anti-disabled policy LOCOG is BANNING families with wheelchair users from sitting together in Paralympic venues. 


Beth says:

"Like millions across the UK, I was inspired by the London 2012 Olympic Games. I decided I wanted to take family to the Paralympics to sample the once in a lifetime showcase of disabled sport in London.

"I am a wheelchair user, with a four-year-old autistic son and a nineteen-month-old baby. Naturally we wanted to sit together and, particularly as it’s the Paralympics, I assumed there would be adequate provision for this to happen.

"I was stunned to hear that there was no way that this could happen as there is a [LOCOG] policy that wheelchair users can only be accompanied by one other person. I cannot believe that this event, designed to inspire a new generation of athletes, has a discriminatory ticketing policy.

"It’s essential that my husband sits with me as he helps me with things I need to do and clearly my kids can’t sit separately. Quite apart from these practical considerations, I want to share this special occasion with my family, but I’m being prevented from doing so just because I am in a wheelchair.

"Please join my campaign to get the organisers of the Paralympics to change this ticketing policy for these and future Games - so every family may share the Paralympics together."

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Twisted Progeny Of Babylon

15-08-2012 11:45

"Private Corporations Feeding On The Nations, People On The Street Eating Chicken And Meat"

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Corporate collaboration lets Mugabe continue abuses

15-08-2012 09:29

Zimbabwe’s political-economic crisis continues because dislodging decades of malgovernance has not been achieved by either a Government of National Unity that began in early 2009, civil society activism, or international pressure, including this week’s Maputo summit of the main body charged with sorting out democratisation

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Desperation at Morton Hall

15-08-2012 08:55

There was more unrest at Morton Hall Immigration Removals Centre yesterday, when a detainee got on the roof and threatened to commit suicide. According to other detainees the man got on the roof soon after 8am. The centre was put under lockdown and we have been unable to get any news of what happened to the man.

This event comes only a few weeks after a mass protest by detainees over being "treated like dogs" by the UK Borders Agency and prison authorities. Reports from inside Morton Hall indicate that at least two of those involved in that protest were sent to prisons in the aftermath and a man who was informing the media about what was going via the internet was marched out by a group of guards and hasn't been seen since.

Morton Hall has seen almost constant unrest since it opened about a year ago. Two detainees escaped soon after it opened and there was a significant protest about the arbitrary actions of the prison authorities in December last year, following which 18 detainees were transferred to prisons or other detention centres.

As politicians battle with one another to look the toughest on immigration and asylum, flouting EU human rights legislation by detaining people indefinitely, the tensions will continue to rise and the desperation of those locked up with no release date will continue to boil over behind the prison walls. 

In solidarity with migrant struggles. Free movement for everyone!

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TrapWire - surveillance system used in UK

14-08-2012 21:54

trying for the final time to get this information on indymedia

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Look on the TUC march as an opportunity

14-08-2012 19:42

Look on the TUC march as an opportunity

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War Without Mercy in Syria

14-08-2012 19:03

If wars had labels, Syria's conflict would be called Made in America. Paul Wolfowitz and other Project for the New American Century (PNAC) ideologues planned it years ago. They also targeted half a dozen or more other countries. PNAC's Statement of Principles called for "shap(ing) a new century favorable to American principles and interests." Doing so it said requires:

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Illegal eviction resistance tonight in Queen Square, Bristol

14-08-2012 01:46

66 Queen Square, site of tonight's illegal eviction by Avon & Somerset police
Roughly 15 young squatters aged from 16 up to about 22 were illegally evicted late last night - unfortunately cannot upload this to Bristol Indymedia as stories there take about 24 hours to appear