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BNPtv newsreader 'sacked' from day job

02-05-2006 16:27

Previously advised on Indymedia-15 April- follow up to story about sicko BNPtv newsreader.

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02-05-2006 16:23

The Israeli security company in question also provided security for the London Underground on 7/7/05.

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 911 is classified" - White House, on Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli Spy Ring uncovered in America shortly before 911.

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Daily audio round up of today's events in Palestine 2nd May 2006

02-05-2006 16:10

Listen to an audio report of some of the days events in Palestine

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newcastle critical mass

02-05-2006 16:07

newcastle cm the 6th may at 12

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Squatted Art Exhibition

02-05-2006 16:03

Kicking & Screaming squatted art exhibition, this weekend (May 6th / 7th) In Leeds at a location to be anounced.

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Iranian envoy asks U.N. to stop U.S. threats

02-05-2006 15:17

This only makes sense, since we know that the Extremists in DC ( planned this War at the same time they planned for war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Given this, there is nothing in the world that can "legitimize" the planned US/Israeli invasion and subsequent occupation.

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Tesco post record profits

02-05-2006 15:08

Tesco have posted record profits of £2.25 billion. At what cost?

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Don't Attact Iran - Activists Meeting

02-05-2006 15:05

The plans for attack Iran are being laid. What are you going to do about it?

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Police Victory Party

02-05-2006 14:49

On May Day in London, Space Hijackers staged a 'Police Victory Party' in the centre of the city at Bank.

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May Day Autonomous Bloc

02-05-2006 14:32

At Clerkenwell Green
Between 500 and 1000 people marched at the back of the London May Day march in an 'Autonomous Bloc' behind an anti-capitalist banner from The Square Occupied Social Centre. Report with pictures.

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Philippines: Agrarian violence claims more lives under Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

02-05-2006 14:19

Eric Cabanit
The killing of Adeva and Cabanit are clearly agrarian reform-related. Indeed, we expect more cases of violence because CARP is already in its last – and arguably most difficult – stretch. The government has already distributed non-controversial public and private lands, while controversial and large haciendas remain untouched. Big land owners have cultivated a sense of impunity hardened by the government’s coddling of landed interests, private armies, and the lack of political will to redistribute lands.

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London May Day Parade Photos

02-05-2006 14:02

Turkish trade unionist Süleyman Yeter died in police custody
Pictures and text on the May Day March in London, 2006.

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volunteer medics, conflict, wellbeing/trauma & legal peeps & food growers needed

02-05-2006 13:57


The Safety and Wellbeing group would be really happy if you would
like to volunteer for any of the following at the Climate Camp:

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Police Mayday Victory Celebrations

02-05-2006 13:57

Man warning a mask of George Bush standing in front of Bank of England
2pm Monday 1 May 2006
Bank of England

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Official inquiry into the conduct of the Icelandic authorities

02-05-2006 13:48

One of many illegal arrests
An official inquiry into the conduct of the Icelandic authorities and police during the protests against the multinational corporate invasion of Iceland and the destruction of its pristine nature in the summer and autumn of 2005 is underway.

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Fight Against Deportations

02-05-2006 13:41

The Komar family are Hindus from Kabul in Afghanistan who fled the country in late 2001.

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Manchester Mayday celebrations against capital

02-05-2006 13:33

trying to find shelter for the picnic
Rain spoiled a picnic against capitalism in Manchester on Sunday, but Mayday celebrations went ahead despite the bad weather with samba, soundsytem, a small demonstration and lots of dancing.

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Video - Naked Protests 1999

02-05-2006 13:18

'Freedom to be Yourself' campaign from 1999.

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02-05-2006 12:53

The above film was shown yesterday to a small crowd in the delightfully bohemian bonhomie of Tchi Ovna, Otago Lane, Glasgow

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Four Mapuche Hunger Strikers - fight for life,

02-05-2006 12:33

Today, Tuesday May 2nd, marks the 50th day of the hunger strike for the Mapuche political prisoners Patricia Troncoso, Juan Huenulao, Patricio Marileo and Jaime Marileo. Their health is now seriously deteriorating.