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The 300-350 Show: Kyoto2

21-11-2008 11:32

We start our coverage of this year’s UN Climate Change Talks in Poznan Poland with a look at an alternative proposal for a global climate deal called “Kyoto2”. The scheme would limit emissions by rationing the production of fossil fuels at source and would generate a trillion dollar fund to help poor countries adapt to climate change, to preserve forests and to help decarbonise the globe. There is also a strong component of direct regulation. We speak to the scheme’s architect, Oliver Tickell.

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Thousands to march for renewable energy

21-11-2008 03:45

Eco activist Captain Ozone to organise simultaneous marches on 12th September 2009 to raise awareness of renewable energy - To get involved contact

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The Scale of BNP Fundraising

21-11-2008 02:13

The membership list reveals the depth of the BNP Financial Black Hole.

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muTATE Britain has landed..

21-11-2008 00:47

preparations for muTATE BRITAIN, London. 2008
Thursday 20th November saw the grand opening of muTATE BRITAIN, the largest non-corporate art space in London, located in a disused warehouse on Curtain Rd, Shoreditch.

Forget Tate Britain, muTATE BRITAIN has landed, all 4 storeys of it.
And you heard it here first...

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BNP Member Lecturer at Plymouth University ?

20-11-2008 23:40

Doctor Bathurst EXMINSTER DEVON is a BNP member.Is this the same person who is a lecturer at Plymouth University ?

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Corfu - Lefkimi

20-11-2008 23:40
supporting materila about the issue of the conflict

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Sheffield University student councillor member of fascist organisation

20-11-2008 22:33

Sheffield University Union Councillor exposed as a fascist.

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live in fear

20-11-2008 21:30

to the BNP members
learn from the lesson

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20-11-2008 20:20

Some "Antiwar" Groups Excuse Obama's Pro-War Cabinet:
Kevin Martin, executive director of the group Peace Action, said. . . . "There's so much Obama hero worship, we're having to walk this line where we can't directly criticize him" . . . . Tom Andrews, national director of Win Without War, said that although he finds Sen. Clinton's views "very troubling," Obama should be given the benefit of the doubt.

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York BNP Members

20-11-2008 19:33

Graeme Wiles
The ones with pics!!!

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European Day of Action against War and Military Infrastructure - Reports

20-11-2008 19:19

Belgian Ministry of Defence splattered in "blood"
Reports and pics from various actions marking the European Day(s) of Action against War and Military Infrastructure (14-15 November 2008) are up on the European Peace Action website

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Eco-terrorism scandal in the Observer - 9/11/08. Expose the sloppy journalists

20-11-2008 18:10

On Sunday 9th November, the Observer ran a story written by Mark Townsend (assisted by Nick Denning) on a supposed terrorist threat from a lone eco-terrorist, associated with Earth-First, entitled "Police warn of growing threat from eco-terrorists", with the strapline 'fear of deadly attack by lone maverick as officers alert major firms to danger of green extremism'

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START HERE : Workshops for Activists : 22 November 2008

20-11-2008 17:36

OUDES Invitation Flyer
FINAL REMINDER for registration for the workshops on Change Activism in London on 22nd November 2008. We will cover some of the up-to-the-minute issues, and focus on ways of staying positive and engaged in our action responses.

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'The Anomalous Wave Rebellion in Italy' pamphlet (PDF)

20-11-2008 16:58

Some people in and around 56a Infoshop have put together a pamphlet detailing some history and analysis of the ongoing Italian Anomalous Wave rebellion. The point is to spread the word about this amazing social struggle.

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BNP list - first sacking more to come - UPDATE

20-11-2008 16:46

Even more good news, following my post earlier it seems that little pixies visited Ray's wifes place of business (a seedy shoe shop) and painted the windows to let everybody know what her husband is involved with. As you can see form the picture here it was quite artistic !

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Public Meeting: Nafeez Ahmed - Food Crisis and Peak Oil

20-11-2008 16:41

Food Crisis and Peak Oil
Monday - 24th November 2008 - 6pm

Sir Alexander Fleming Building
Lecture Theatre 2
Imperial College London
Exhibition Road

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Liverpool 25th November: Defy ID cards - No One is Illegal

20-11-2008 16:08

On 25th November, the government will begin introducing ID cards for non-EU nationals living in the UK. We invite all opponents of social control to join us at a protest in Liverpool outside Reliance House (the Border Agency’s offices and a short-term immigration prison) at 12 noon on that day. Reliance House is one of the six centres in the UK for ID cards processing. Other groups campaigning against ID cards on that day are Manchester NO2ID and Liverpool Defy ID and we hope to see Merseyside No Borders activists there as well.

We will travel there as a group, meet at 9am on the steps of the Student Union of Manchester University, Oxford Road. We will try to get everyone into minibuses leaving from there or take the train together from Oxford Road station (£6.20 return with railcard) if there are too many of us.
In Liverpool, assemble in Exchange Flats at 11am and then move around the corner to Reliance House, 20 Water Street, L2 8XU, for the protest from noon to 1pm.

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Sanctuary for [Removed]

20-11-2008 15:51

[Removed] are nationals of Iran and residents of Middlesbrough; they are currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Friday 21st November on BMI Flight BD931 from London Heathrow @ 17:15 to Tehran Imam Khomeini International, Iran.