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Larch Consulting

28-11-2002 11:26

help a beseiged workplace out!

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why we should support the firefighters

28-11-2002 11:01

excellent article from the Guardian on one families fears and hopes for the strike, says it all really.

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Picket of BP headquarters in support of Colombia Tuesday 10th December

28-11-2002 08:52

On Tuesday 10th of December international human rights day there will be a picket outside BP headquarters inFinsbury Circus from 4pm to 7pm in protest at human rights abuses in Colombia.

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The War against Reason

28-11-2002 05:53

There's an old story about Oliver Cromwell. After he had taken the Irish town of Drogheda the citizens were brought to the main square. Cromwell announced to his lieutenants: "Right! Kill all the women and rape all the men." One of his aides said: "Excuse me, general. Isn't it the other way around?" A voice from the crowd called out: "Mr Cromwell knows what he's doing."

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22 American Cities Have Passed Anti-War Resolutions

28-11-2002 04:10

To date, 22 American cities have passed anti-war resolutions.

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British ISM activists report from Palestine

28-11-2002 02:45

Reports from ISM activists in Palestine

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Free screening of anti war films in Bristol on Weds 4th Dec

28-11-2002 02:44

On Wed 4th December the Easton Community Centre & i-Contact Video Network are showing the films "Not In My Name" and "PROUD ARABS AND TEXAS OILMEN" followed by a debate / plan of action to stop the city on the outbreak of war with Iraq . Kick off is at 7.30pm and its all for free. ( No paper sellers - leave your party politics at home )

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28-11-2002 01:09


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Israeli refuseniks speak in Cardiff

28-11-2002 00:53

Israeli refuseniks speak in Cardiff
Tuesday 26th: Two Israeli refuseniks spoke to a packed audience in a lunchtime meeting at Cardiff University

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Cant Pay Wont Stay

28-11-2002 00:48

For a generalised strike in the Public Sector

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"Independent" inquiry into September 11th announced

27-11-2002 23:42

Laughed out loud when I heard the news tonight. Bush has ordered an independent inquiry into September 11th to look at possible foreknowledge of 911 attack.....

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Whitehall War Zone: Monday 2nd December 10:30am

27-11-2002 23:37

Block Whitehall in an act of civil disobedience and stage a war on Monday with TV activist/comic/prankster Mark Thomas, Voices In The Wilderness UK, and ARROW.

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Big Noise Demo at UEA against top up fees for higher education

27-11-2002 19:13

At 1pm today, there was a "big noise demo" at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, against the government's proposals to introduce top-up fees for higher education.

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The dodgy beeb

27-11-2002 18:19

Disgusting in its sublety.
BBC, whose side are they on?
They shouldn't be taking sides.

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Satire ads banned for Bush 'insult'

27-11-2002 17:07

bush ban

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NUT & UNISON London demo 26/11/02

27-11-2002 14:25

NUT & UNISON London demo 26/11/02
. (article 1)

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27-11-2002 14:19

by a London Firefighter with some imput by Class War

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Intolerance of dissent is the first sign of emerging totalitarianism

27-11-2002 13:25

German minister 'resigns' for likening bus to hitler, canadian official 'resigns' for calling bush 'moron', and now . . .

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Firefighters Strike and Solidarity with NUT & UNISON London demo

27-11-2002 13:16

Firefighters Strike and Solidarity with NUT & UNISON London demo
These pix were taken at Homerton & Soho fire stations on 22-23/11/02 and at the NUT & UNISON London Rally at the Oval Cricket Ground on 26/11/02.
They show firefighters preparing for and walking out on strike last Friday. They show a picket line union meeting, pickets relaxing in a makeshift shelter and collecting from passing motorists.
There are also a couple of pix showing FBU members from South London at the NUT/UNISON rally (article 1)

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Spread the Sanity!

27-11-2002 13:10

Spread the Sanity. Attack Global Warming Not Iraq!