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Solidarity with Spanish Anarchists

04-06-2015 14:45

Call for International Solidarity with those accused Operation Pandora, Operation Piñata

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B&NES Council, Curo Housing & the missing secure tenancy agreements

02-06-2015 14:34

Following investigations by the ICO B&NES Council claims it passed the paper copies of 13000 secure tenancy agreements to Curo Housing (formerly Somer Community Housing Trust) which Curo Housing denies ever having received.

On that basis the ICO states it cannot make a decision on which organisation is to blame for this loss as there is a lack of evidence to prove one way or the other ie: its the word of a senior B&NES Council Officer against the word of a senior Curo Housing manager !

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Anti "Austerity" Demo in Cambridge.

02-06-2015 01:43

Coalition of the Willing, in the Market Square, Cambridge.
Last Saturday (May 30th) about 200 local residents marched through the streets of Cambridge united in one goal: an end to "Austerity" politics.

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No Platforming of Radical Feminists - A talk by Julie Bindel

01-06-2015 17:07

No Platforming of Radical Feminists - A talk by Julie Bindel
Public meeting to be held on Saturday, June 6, 2015, 1:00pm 4:00pm, Sheffield (venue to be announced).

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ANTIFA: LONDON EDL MEMBER - KKK & SWASTIKA TATS @edlnews @slatedl @misscheeky666

30-05-2015 16:39

No surprise there. A tagged EDL thug was spotted yesterday in North London with EDL, KKK and Swastika tattoos. He was, as par for the course, wearing an electronic tag on his ankle.

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UG#708 - Facing The Failing Culture of Control - 1 (Drugs, Addiction and Health)

29-05-2015 07:27

We look at a culture obsessed with control, focusing this episode on the level of the individual. Charles Eisenstein briefly contrasts the old story of isolated individuals in competition with the emerging story of ourselves as parts of a larger self. Then we hear Tomi Gomory, co-author of "Mad Science: Psychiatric Coercion, Diagnosis, and Drugs" on the increasing efforts made to control and categorize people by classifying them as "mentally ill". After some thoughts from Ivan Illich on iatrogenesis, we hear Rebecca Tiger, author of "Judging Addicts", on how the public perception of addiction has been managed as part of the "War on Drugs".U

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GARY DAVIS UKIP'S WORST EVER HYPOCRITE @slatukip @edlnews @slatfascists @slatedl

28-05-2015 23:24

Gary Davis has been exposed as UKIP's worst ever hypocrite. A loather of Muslims and immigration, and a follower of bluehand, he decides to leave Britain and immigrate to a Muslim country - Indonesia, whilst bleating on all day and all night about stopping Muslims from immigrating to the UK.

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2nd International Antifascist Martial Arts Tournament

28-05-2015 15:46

Aiming to coordinate our actions against fascism there will be fights in boxing, kick boxing, mma and other styles as well as seminars about self-defense and street fighting, concerts and updates/discussions about the anti-fascist movement in each place.

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WHAT NOW FOR TOMMY TIT? @edlnews @slatedl @slatfascists @misscheeky666 @slatukip

27-05-2015 00:15

Since leaving the ranks of the EDL where he had arose to notoriety by assuming the identity of a real dead Luton football hooligan, stealing the MIG name for a new brand of crappy pseudo-hooligan gear, Stephen Yaxley Lennon has become an internet-only racist, logging onto facebook and twitter to racially abuse brown people outside of the media glare he craves, as as he tumbles arse-first into obscurity.

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Printable version of The Acorn

26-05-2015 11:44

A printable (and abridged) version of the latest Acorn info bulletin is available on the Winter Oak website.

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Liz Kendall vs Tower Hamlets - It is Rabina's Canvassers at the doors

26-05-2015 10:09

In two weeks time, the embattled Council in Tower Hamlets may have a new occupant in the post of Executive Mayor

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Europe’s share of the Arctic Pie

25-05-2015 12:49

When the United States bought Alaska from the Russian Empire nobody could foresee the pending importance of the region.

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Brainwashed Britain!

24-05-2015 15:10

Election result (tory) blues graffiti.

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ANTIFA fight club

24-05-2015 13:26


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24-05-2015 12:09

Burning Books Bahar stylee

I didn't invent the hashtag, although I did think of it on the bus (and I don't have a smartphone). As it goes, I'm most certainly not in favour of killing Bahar, and I don't even think that she should be sacked.

This is not the first time that she has been the subject of media attention at Goldsmiths, the university where my eyes were forced wide open on a Social Anthropology course a couple of decades ago.

I can't say that I am entirely comfortable with her style of politics, whether it is the burning of Socialist Worker, or telling white people that they are not welcome at a union screening of Dear White People, a movie which I ended up watching alone in my front room, but might have got more from if I had watched it with others and there had been a discussion about it afterwards.

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21-05-2015 14:09

As reported in the Express and Star newspaper, Jeff Marsh's cowardly Pie and Mash Squad have reinvented themselves into a brand new fascist street fighting group "All Football Fans/Firms Against Islamisation" (AFFFAI),
and are marching on Saturday June 13th in Dudley. Casuals United's previous actions amounted to throwing female anti-cuts protestors down stairs.

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"Democracy" - another stick to beat us with

21-05-2015 09:17

It was bad enough, for those of us who have seen through the lie of so-called “democracy”, to be constantly told we had some kind of moral duty to participate in the electoral farce.

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The 2015 Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester

20-05-2015 15:38

On Saturday October 17, the Northern Vegan Festival returns to Manchester city centre for a bigger event than last year which this time features 4 venues.

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The 2015 Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival in Leeds

20-05-2015 15:21

One Saturday June 13, the Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival returns to Leeds city centre for a bigger event than last year, which this time will be at the Town Hall.

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Manchester protests

20-05-2015 08:46

Two student occupations and a roving homelessness protest camp