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Liz Kendall vs Tower Hamlets - It is Rabina's Canvassers at the doors

Silvisionaire | 26.05.2015 10:09 | Analysis | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London | World

In two weeks time, the embattled Council in Tower Hamlets may have a new occupant in the post of Executive Mayor

In two weeks time, the embattled Council in Tower Hamlets may have a new occupant in the post of Executive Mayor

The removal from post of Lutfur Rahman by the Election (Commissioner) cum Election Court judge
Richard Mawrey has created this election.

On 30 April, Lutfur Rahman introduced Rabina Khan as his political successor and she told the
assembled members of their fans that she owed everything to the man.

She pointed to Lutfur Rahman who stood a few feet away as she spoke.

Rabina spoke of her passion about the 1971 Bangladesh war.
That was a very clever line as Rabina could not have known what actually happened.
She waxed lyrical too about her campaign for women's rights.
As she did on her fight for the rights of the Muslim womanhood.

Now, the latest indications on the ground are that Rabina has got a new designer involved and they have created a leaflet that shows Rabina posing with more white faces than she had done until now.
Given the tension over racism and allegations of racism labelled at Labour’s John Biggs and Biggs’ claim (September 2013) that Lutfur was biased in favour of Bangladeshis, this new whites-added
Image creates problems for Rabina Khan.
For starters
Why would white folk join her when she remains committed to the line that Lutfur Rahman was purged by a racist gang who used Mawrey as (to quote the defeated SWP-turned-G Galloway-Respect Coalition candidate at the 2006 Council vote in Bethnal green south) their ‘racist’ ‘ monkey’?
Rabina Khan has not answered Peter Golds’ consistent claim that he (Golds) has been a target of vicious harassment based on all sorts of things, including the fact that he is not a Bangladeshi or a Muslim and is an openly known gay man.

Dozens of unanswered Questions remain.

So what are her hundreds of supporters telling people at the door?

All reports say she has hundreds out canvassing for her



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