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IMC UK Editorial Guidelines

UK Indymedia (Independent Media Centre or IMC UK) is an open-publishing platform for news, issues, actions and analysis reporting on grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial social justice, environmental and political issues. IMC UK is maintained by a collective of media activists. UK stands for United Kollektive.

IMC UK is dedicated to the open publishing ethos. This page explains how content on the site is generated and how you can contribute.

IMC UK volunteers moderate the site and collaborate in the production of features. Contents on the newswire are generated by anyone who wants to contribute (within these editorial guidelines).

We are likely to hide articles and comments that don't meet the open posting guidelines. Because of the 'real time' nature of the newswire, it is not possible to monitor its contents 24 hours a day. All articles, hidden and showing can be inspected via the View all posts page.

Concerns about editorial guidelines or queries about moderation are dealt with on the imc-uk-moderation list. These issues are not dealt with through the newswire, and newswire posts or comments on these topics will be hidden.

Please refer to the privacy policy for information regarding IP address logging, cookies and personal information.

Newswire Open Posting Guidelines

Articles may be promoted for the following reasons:

The promoted newswire highlights posts that meet the guidelines.

In general, posts meeting the following guidelines will be promoted:

We may also promote:

Articles and/or comments may be hidden for the following reasons.

These are neither mandatory nor comprehensive:

On very rare occasions, some content may be fully deleted. Past instances have included pornography and personal details.

Sections on UK indymedia

Legal disclaimer

IMC UK is an interactive site offering inclusive participation. All postings to the open publishing newswire are the responsibility of the individual authors and not of UK indymedia. Although IMC UK volunteers attempt to ensure accuracy of the newswire, they take no responsibility legal or otherwise for the contents of the open publishing site. Mention of external web sites or services is for information purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

Last updated 16 February 2014

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