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Groups and Contacts

Groups and Contacts

Indymedia UK was a network of groups and volunteers across the country. It split in two on May 1st 2011, and this site is one of the fragments from that split. The collective that runs this site is has been known as the Mayday Collective.

You can get in touch with local groups and project subgroups, or check out the general lists for the whole site.

Please be aware that most lists are publicly archived, which means that anyone can read your mail online.


Please submit your reports using the Publish Page after reading the Editorial Guidelines.

Technical problems

If you are experiencing technical problems you can ask for help on the Tech list - please give as much detail as you can about the problem.

General Discussion

To take part in general discussion please subscribe to our publicly archived Users list. But be aware most of running of Indymedia UK takes place elsewhere. .

Private Mails

If you don't want your mail being read online for any reason you can write via our Contact list (see section "more contacts"). Only members of the list can read the archives.


This is the list to write to if you want to propose a feature for the middle column of the website. This list is also used to discuss proposals and make suggestions for improvements etc. Join this list to work collaboratively with others on preparing middle column features for the site.


moderation at

This list is for reporting and discussing the moderation of the UK Indymedia Open Newswire at

Please post to this list if you have any complain to make about an article or comment posted to the site or if you would like a article or comment promoted.


Tech issues including tech resources, development, documentation and troubleshooting. Also co-ordinate work on templates for MIR content management system the site uses.

Project Mailing Lists

There is collaboration on several work lists. If you want to contribute to print, text, audio or other specific projects, you can contact the subgroups directly on their email lists. All of them are publicly archived. Click on the list of your choice to see details on its contact page.


Work list where video projects and public screenings (cinemas or other places) are worked on. More resources on the video page


Work lists for radio projects, broadcasting on FM, streams etc. More resources on the radio page.

Local IMCs in the UK

You can get in touch with local Indymedia groups through their email lists. Most of them are publicly archived. Some groups have their own Indymedia website on imc-uk or elsewhere, some are just developing. Click on "website" to check them out.

More IMCs coming if people get involved to make them happen.

Cross-communication in the 'United Kollektives'

There was a time when all IMC-groups in the UK would discuss things together on several mailing lists. Some lists remain:



Other lists have been archived:


More Contacts

Getting involved

If you want to get involved but this page isn't helping much in making up your mind, check out Getting Involved at global Indymedia. If you register to the page, a trust-worthy person (probably one of us :-) will contact you privately and try to give a better idea.

The world's imc-mailing lists

The global Indymedia project operates through a system of email lists, dedicated to geographical areas or specific projects. See the world's complete list of imc mailing lists.

Private Mails

If you don't want your mail being read online, mail to contact at to contact those that admin Your mail then goes to a privately archived list, only volunteers of imc-uk can read it online.

Also there you can email imc-uk-contact at which will go to admins from several Indymedia collectives in the UK.


Email, if not encrypted, should be thought of as a postcard. Even postings to private lists that are not publicly archived can be read by the authorities. For internet privacy tools check Postings to publicly archived lists can be found through a search engine (like google) very easily. Try this Google search to see how Google indexes list archives.

To prevent spam, email addresses on this page are given in the format name at, not in the usual format.

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