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Vidéo: "There is no poverty in France"

19-11-2005 00:55

balkany interview

In an exclusive interview given for a broadcast on US-american TV channel "Capitol One", Patrick Balkany, deputy-major of Paris suburb Levallois-Perret, explains the situation in French suburbs just before the uprisings. He said: "There is no poverty in France. (...) The poor live very well."

Download the video of the interview from the samizdat site

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news on peace activist milan rai in prison

19-11-2005 00:20

last november in the run-up to the assault on fallujah, author and activist milan rai sprayed anti-war slogans and poured fake blood on the foreign office building in whitehall. found guilty of criminal damage, he has refused to pay compensation of £2000. now he is in prison and we should support him.

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Spodden Valley asbestos: Tony Blair lost for words...

19-11-2005 00:00

At Prime Minister's Question Time, Tony Blair was asked if he could guarantee that the Environment Agency and Health & Safety Executive (HSE) can protect the public against asbestos from the Spodden Valley

The Prime Minister replied:
"I am looking around the Chamber, but I am afraid I am not getting a great deal of help. [Laughter.] "

The Save Spodden Valley campaign explains why this is no laughing matter...

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Freedom from the Oil Pirates

18-11-2005 21:40

Review of Sustainable Technologies for Renewable Energy, Eliminating Waste, Recycling and for Real economic Progress.

Many Links to sustainable technology, Recycling, organic gardening-farming, renewable energy, Permaculture and disaster relief web sites.

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18-11-2005 21:40

Bagdad Irradiée
Depuis les essais en grandeur nature d’armes à uranium appauvri (UA) dans le Golfe en 1991, chaque nouvelle « guerre » est l’occasion de tester ces armes à des puissances de plus en plus grandes. C’est ainsi que des milliers de tonnes d’UA sont déversées sur Irak par la coalition anglo-américaine depuis 2003. Un véritable génocide se déroule silencieusement en Irak, à une échelle jamais connue à ce jour.

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18-11-2005 21:03

We have just received the following horrifying news from the Peace Community of San Jose, Northern Colombia, which I have translated (very quickly). Letters of protest will at least let the extremely violent Colombian State know they are being watched… Also if you cc. any letters you send to the San Jose offices, your solidarity will give heart… and Please return their bombing with a bombardment of letters! Thankyou. Below this is a suggested letter of protest in Spanish to the President of the Republic, composed by the San Jose community. Rather than me waste time in this urgent situation translating it, please accept that it says all the right things and send it off! (Addresses at end of letter.) Love to everyone, and thanks, Jenny James

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MON 21ST edo court case adjourned - support demo cancelled

18-11-2005 20:53

the edo mbmb court case has been adjourned to allow for an abuse of process hearing regarding the conduct of edo's legal team

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New group replaces al-Muhajiroun

18-11-2005 20:47

Neo fascist muslim group set up to replace old one....

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EDO High Court latest

18-11-2005 20:25

The High Court will learn about EDO lawyer Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden's abuse of process in a 3-day pre-trial hearing next week.

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The oil party is over now it is time for a better world

18-11-2005 18:45

We have all been enjoying the greatest party the world has ever seen: the great oil party, but we have to sober up and face the fact that the party is coming to an end.

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Government to launch new study into oil depletion

18-11-2005 18:18

The Government wakes up to peak oil? Well maybe not yet

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CKUT: An Hour with Noam Chomsky

18-11-2005 16:46

CKUT Radio in Montreal special presentation: "An Hour with Noam Chomsky" (Audio link)

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THE END OF SUBURBIA: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream

18-11-2005 16:33

In an ongoing showcase of contemporary filmmakers who are finding new forms of cinema to show resistance to globalization throughout the world, indymedia London presents...

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FACC – November 2005

18-11-2005 16:10

The dysfunctional Farnborough Airport Consultation Committee met at BAE Systems HQ, adjacent to Farnborough Airport, at 2pm Thursday 17 November 2005.

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Surprise HLS-clients with a message

18-11-2005 13:55

Send a fax to a company doing business with HLS. For free. Simple.
In support of international campaigns to close down Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) Europe's largest commercial contract research laboratory killing up to 500 animals.

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US Govt Admits Lyme Disease a Bioweapon

18-11-2005 13:47

The existence of the Lyme disease epidemic is officially covered up in the UK, its myriad presentations routinely misdiagnosed as everything from "M.E." to MS to hypochondria. This is the first admission by a US government body that the cause is an incapacitating biowar agent.

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CAE: Artist released from pretrial supervision

18-11-2005 11:54

One and a half years ago, Steven Kurtz from the Critical Arts Ensemble was detained by the FBI as a "potential bioterrorist", because he had some legal chemicals in his house for an art project on genetic engineering. Here are the latest news:

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Support peace activist Milan Rai in Lewes prison!

18-11-2005 11:22

This is an update of an earlier posting giving more details about Milan Rai's imprisonment and how you can support him.

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Rumsfeld not welcome in Adelaide

18-11-2005 11:06

Calling him a war criminal and demanding that he go home
Anti-war activists protested in Adelaide against United States Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, calling him a war criminal and demanding that he go home. With Adelaide in a security lockdown for the visit of Donald Rumsfeld and US Assistant Secretary of State, Robert Zoellick, for the annual Australian and US ministerial consultations (AUSMIN), the protest was allowed to go ahead on the steps of Parliament House.

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Why "migrant riots" do not lead to a May 68.... A view from Belgium

18-11-2005 10:56

This article was orginally written by two women from the feminist network NextGENDERation (Nadia Fadil, Sarah Bracke en Meryem Kanmaz) and titled "Why "migrant riots" do not lead to a May 68...". The intervention is originally written is Flamish and published as an opinion piece in the major Flanish dailiy de Standaard.