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List of MI6 Agents

18-08-2003 21:49

On May 12, 1999, British officials issued a "D-notice" gagging order to prevent the press from reporting the contents of a list that they said former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson had posted on the Internet. Tomlinson's Swiss and American Internet service providers closed his sites at Britain's request. News accounts hyped the story. Now Internet surfers were getting interested, and thousands of people were looking for "The List." Enough people already had it, so that it proved impossible to stuff the cyber genie back into the bottle.

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World Bank Boycott

18-08-2003 21:44

Oxford City Councillors have been sent the attached letter asking for the City Council to pass a resolution to boycott world bank bonds until the World Bank agrees to 3 demands.
1. An end to structural adjustment and related policies of privatisation and austerity;
2. 100% debt cancellation for impoverished nations and illegitimate debt;
3. An end to World Bank support for environmentally destructive projects, especially oil, gas, mining, and dam projects.

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Elderly war tax resister loses court case

18-08-2003 20:48

Oxford war tax resister, Brenda Boughton, aged 78, was given 28
days to
> pay the £310 of taxes (plus £50 costs) she has been withholding in
> protest at their use by the military.

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Oxford women going to Ranallah

18-08-2003 20:45

Jenny Stanton, Ag MacKeith and myself are off to Ramallah from 3 to 13
> September, primarily to develop friendship links between the women of
> and Ramallah.

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Fighting the EU IP Enforcement Directive / Campaign for an Open Digital Enviro

18-08-2003 17:57

The proposed EU Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive is another nasty bit of big brother legislation. It will forbid Europeans from removing or deactivating Radio Frequency (RFID) tags embedded in clothing and other consumer devices, as well as giving intellectual property holders (ie CORPORATIONS) broad subpoena powers to obtain PERSONAL INFORMATION about ANY EU CITIZEN allegedly connected to an infringement of ip...

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Organize a Massive U.S. Boycott for Upcoming Christmas Season

18-08-2003 17:40

We have Buy Nothing Day. Canadian Mennonites have suggested Buy Nothing Christmas( This year we must send a potent message to Bush/Blair,Inc.-Get out of Iraq or face economic meltdown!

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FACING REALITY: Open letter to Blair from Barbados

18-08-2003 17:38

Dear Mr. Blair, I write to you on behalf of the members of the Clement Payne Movement, and the many other Barbadians who joined with us in taking to the streets to denounce your policy of war and destruction against the nation and people of Iraq.
Over the past three weeks, you have relaxed in the peaceful environment of Barbados, with your wife and children safe and secure, by your side.
I wonder if at any time during that period, you spared a thought for the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi women, children and men whose lives have been permanently devastated by the British bombs which you ordered to be dropped on the nation of Iraq?

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Concert in aid of healthy Africa

18-08-2003 14:58

Concert in aid of Healthy Africa at the Phil on 14th Sept.(click to see flyer)
TAYO ALUKO and Friends

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The Big green gathering

18-08-2003 13:31

Ive been waiting to see some news on the the Big green gathering, so i though i might write some...

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Israel Claims 'Lost Property' In Arab Countries

18-08-2003 13:25

The Jews are seeking ‘compensation’

In a bid seen as trying to get a bigger slice of the grand Iraqi cake, Israel has drawn up a file on Jewish property and money allegedly left by Jewish immigrants in Arab countries, particularly Iraq.

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Sun newspaper launches most intense campaign ever against refugees

18-08-2003 12:41

The Sun newspaper today launed the most intense ever campaign against refugees. It will also publish anti-refugee stories everyday for the next week in a week long campaign of whipping up hatred and racism against asylum seekers.

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UK Government Kicks Torture Victims Onto the Streets

18-08-2003 09:15

Defend the defenceless - protest the petty bureaucrats' scapegoating of refugees - and remember that it was the penpushers who oiled the wheels of the Nazism.

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EXCLUSIVE: Draft copy obtained of U.S. "Victory Act" [Orwellian Nightmare]

18-08-2003 04:57

Exclusive draft copy obtained of the "Victory Act," being championed by Utah Senator Orrin Hatch and Attorney General John Ashcroft. An Orwellian nightmare in the making.

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ISM Reports: Action Alert: Support The Balata Two

18-08-2003 02:50

The Latest ISM Action Alert, 17th August, 2003 Update

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Moral high ground?

17-08-2003 21:16

As the world proletarian revolution expired with a whimper, well-heeled Western radicals discovered the Third World - downtrodden, but, as stylish mythology would have it, spiritually superior.

(sound familiar, Tarquin?)

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Cardiff Disarm DSEi Day

17-08-2003 21:10

Cardiff Disarm DSEi Day - 31st August!

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Kids against clusters

17-08-2003 19:31

On Sunday, 17th August, a group of around 75 folk gathered beneath balloons in Parliament Square, London.

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Bristol-Stop-The-War News : 17th August 2003

17-08-2003 18:56

Coach tickets to the 27th Sept National Demo are now available.

Our LINKS PAGE has been updated. Please visit:

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Anarchist Workers Network (AWN)

17-08-2003 17:54

News of an organising meeting for the soon to be launched Anarchist Workers Network. We've chosen September 27th as it's the day of the anti-war/occupation march in London which will hopefully bring together people from across the country.

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America Justice in Iraqi Land

17-08-2003 16:32

'It was punishment without trial' - a fact many people face in Iraq today under American rule. From 13 year old boys to 75 year old men.

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? what ever happpened to every individual has the right to a fair trial? where are all those freedoms that americans cherish so much? and why is that democracy not available to the people they came to 'liberate' ???